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Best Gas Heater in South Africa

A gas heater is the cheapest alternative for keeping your room warm during winter. Unlike other heaters, it can readily cover extensive areas. It may even be an excellent option to heat your campsite in the wilderness. Our editors pit a bunch of gas heaters to find out which is the best gas heater in South Africa.

However, not all heaters are excellent and will serve you well. It would help if you chose a high-quality gas heater for optimal performance. If not, you might end yourself losing your hard-earned money. In such a case, read on to discover which option best suits your needs.

Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Gas Heater

It would help if you spent as little as possible while getting enough warmth by selecting the most efficient heater likely. Because most newcomers lack expertise in gas heaters, choosing one becomes difficult. So here are some pointers for you.


Consider the heater’s heat production while shopping for the best gas heater. The higher the heat production, the quicker you can warm the room. So, if you want to heat up quickly during the winter, a larger BTU is required, and 10000 BTU is sufficient for rapid heating.

Area Coverage

You should be aware of the heater’s coverage area along with the quick heating. It depends entirely on the size of your room or the location you want to heat. The greater the region, the more coverage you will need.

The Capacity Of The Cylinder

The gas cylinder determines the heater’s operating time. It will provide excellent run time if it contains more gasoline and vice versa. If you want a heater with a longer working duration, consider one with a giant cylinder. Remember that a bigger cylinder will be challenging to transport.


Always prioritize safety. You may keep the gas bottle on a small shelf in the trunk, making installation and ignition a quick process. It should have an oxygen sensor that switches off the heater to avoid overheating or to protect you from carbon monoxide gas.


It is difficult to start the heater in chilly weather. However, if your heater has an electric ignition, you may quickly switch it on with a single push. So be confident you have it.


If you are searching for a heater to use when camping or outdoors, you should choose a portable one. To guarantee mobility, consider the heater’s weight, design, and size.

Best Gas Heater in South Africa

Look no further. Here are the best gas heaters in South Africa:

Best Gas Heater in South Africa
Mr. Heater F23200 Portable Propane Radiant Heater

1. Mr. Heater F23200 Portable Propane Radiant Heater

WebsiteMr. Heater | Heat Output: 4,000 to 9,000 BTU | Heat area: 225 sq. ft. | Power Source: Propane | Ignition: Piezo | Auto-Shutoff feature: Yes | Tank Size: 1 lb. cylinder | Fuel Consumption: 0.044 Gallons per hour at 4,000 BTU, 0.099 Gallons per hour at 9,000 BTU | Run time: 5.4 hours on low / 2.4 hours on high | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 7.7 x 13.4 x 15 inches | Available Colors: Black and Red | Product Warranty: 1 year | Price: R 5,360

Get the Mr. Heater Radiant Heater if you want a portable gas heater that does a good job without taking up too much space. It may supply you with more efficient heat wherever you go. It is excellent for camping, touring, and home usage since it is permitted both inside and outdoors.

The Mr. Heater F23200 Portable Propane Radiant Heater can easily cover up to 225 square feet and provide 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs of radiant heat. Furthermore, it assures clean burning for 100% efficiency, lowering energy costs.

Furthermore, it has an auto-shut-off feature that works in a variety of ways. Your machine will shut down safely if you take it higher than 7,000 feet, if it turns over, or if the pilot light goes out. Because it senses the oxygen level, it heats the space when left on for an extended period. It immediately switches off to minimize overheating and energy waste.

The Mr. Heater F23200’s materials come from steel, plastic, and nickel, making it an ideal gas warmer for both camping and interior usage. At 4000 BTU, its fuel consumption is 0.044 gal/hour. It is easy to see that it is relatively low compared to many other models. Additionally, its 1-pound cylinder has a run time of around 3 hours.

Transporting the Mr. Heater F23200 is straightforward due to its portability and size. It has a small footprint and a fold-down handle and takes up less storage space because of the folding handle.

Even in icy conditions, starting the heater is easy. You need to twist the knob to pilot and then press, and the heater will perform the remainder of the tasks. As a result, this might be the best camping gas heater for you. Our editors guarantee you will never be disappointed if you go for this gas heater.

Best Gas Heater in South Africa
Totai Retro Red Gas Heater

2. Totai Retro Red Gas Heater

WebsiteTotai South Africa | Power Source: Propane | Auto Ignition: Yes | Tank Size: 9 kg cylinder | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 46 cm x 40 cm x 77 cm | Available Colors: Red | Product Warranty: 1 year | Price: R 1,940

Gas heaters are often hit or miss for various reasons, not the least of which is that anyone gas heater may be incompatible with a variety of gas cylinders. It may make utilizing the heater more challenging for individuals who need to use it for extended periods and must often change the gas cylinder.

It will not be an issue with the Totai Retro Red Gas Heater, and this unit does not include a gas cylinder. Still, you can easily find one that works since it is compatible with a wide range of cylinders up to 12 kilograms in weight.

The Totai Retro Red Gas Heater has three distinct power settings that may adjust for the heat. The lowest setting is entirely suitable for a small space. Furthermore, the heater is inexpensive. Thus, warming up a single room on the lowest level allows for continuous usage for an extended period before the gas cylinder has to be changed.

The device comes in a robust, conveniently portable protective shell due to its low weight and high-quality castors on the bottom. With its practically quiet operation, this gas heater will be an excellent companion for individuals who want to save money on heating while being warm in cold weather.

Best Gas Heater in South Africa
Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater

3. Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater

WebsiteDyna Glo Grill | Heat Output: 15,000 to 30,000 BTU | Heat area: 1000 sq. ft. | Power Source: Gas Powered | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 20.94 x 10.08 x 24.02 inches | Available Colors: White | Price: R 16,105

The Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU gas heater is a good option for a natural gas wall heater that can boost the temperature in an ample space. One explanation is that this product heats an area with a blue flame. A blue flame heater radiates heat outward and upward, resulting in a broad dispersion. Heaters may use this technique to increase the air temperature first, then the surrounding items.

Aside from that, the Dyna-Glo has a 30,000 BTU output and can heat a room to 1,000 square feet in size. Additionally, since this device only heats where it intends to warm, you may save money by keeping it isolated.

Furthermore, there is no requirement for electricity to run this natural gas wall heater. As a result, it can provide dependable and effective backup heating in the event of a power loss or other emergency. The fact that it’s so easy to use is perhaps the best feature. To trigger the igniter, press a button, and you may also adjust the heater’s knob.

If you wish to place the heater on the floor, you must buy them individually. An extra fan is available if you want your heater to cover a larger area.

Alva Single Panel Indoor Gas Heater

4. Alva Single Panel Indoor Gas Heater

WebsiteAlva South Africa | Heat Output: around 9,000 BTU | Heat area: around 530 sq. ft. | Power Source: LPG | Ignition: Piezo | Auto-Shutoff feature: Yes | Tank Size: 3 kg or 5 kg cylinder | Fuel Consumption: 165 gr per hour at max | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 150 mm x 380 mm x 320 mm | Available Colors: Black | Fits all 3/8” cylinder L-shaped valves | Product Warranty: 24 months | Price: R 1,199

The Alva Single Panel Indoor Gas Heater is an excellent example of a residential gas heater. This one warms up your vast basement quickly and efficiently. Since it lacks ducting, it reduces heat loss and provides constant equal heat distribution.

It has a BTU production range of 8,000 to 22,000 per hour. It may be a viable alternative for both a small and a big house — a great option for extra heating in room extensions, sunrooms, and basements.

You may adjust the output from 8000 to 22000 BTU to suit your needs. The machine has an oxygen sensor that switches the unit off when the oxygen level falls below a certain level. As a consequence, it avoids any more energy loss and extends the heater’s life.

The tilt push button enables smooth electrical ignition. Consequently, you will be able to start the heater in no time and eliminate the inconvenience of manually beginning.

The heater’s safety is a significant concern, particularly if your children touch it while running. However, since it has a cool-to-the-touch cabinet, you are safe with this heater. It will keep the outdoors cool even in intense heat, keeping your family safe.

The Alva Single Panel Indoor Gas Heater has a simple installation procedure. This vent-free fan convector is simple to install. Do it yourself; you can do it even if you have no experience. The verdict is, that if you live in a cold region and need to warm a space quickly, this is an excellent option to consider.

Russell Hobbs 3 Panel Gas & Quartz Heater

5. Russell Hobbs 3 Panel Gas & Quartz Heater

WebsiteRussell Hobbs South Africa | Tank Size: 9 kg cylinder | Run time: 150 hours | Available Colors: Black | Product Warranty: 2 year warranty (1 year retail + 1 year extended upon online registration of product) | Price: R 3,829.50

Anyone who has ever endured the winter in a frigid climate can attest to the need for a good gas heater. Russell Hobbs gas and quartz heaters are more economical than electric heaters, providing less money for comfort. Many smaller ones are great for workstations where you can rapidly warm up a small space.

The Russell Hobbs 3 Panel Gas & Quartz Heater is one of the most efficient gas heaters for heating a small room or area, such as a garage or workshop. It allows you to choose various available power modes depending on your needs and the environment. A complete installation only takes 5 to 10 minutes, allowing you to have it up and running fast and effortlessly.

The heater has three different power levels that you may adjust to fit the space of the room you are using it in. Small places, such as a small room or workshop, will benefit from the lowest power level since the heater will warm up rapidly and last more than 150 hours.

The device features a strong case that keeps it safe while being light enough to transport, thanks to the high-quality castors readily. Refilling the gas cylinder is easy, so you can keep it toasty for days without planning any downtime. This gas heater is an excellent method to add warmth to your daily life.

Mr. Heater F299831 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater

6. Mr. Heater F299831 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater

WebsiteMr. Heater | Heat Output: 30,000 BTU | Heat area: 1000 sq. ft. | Power Source: Natural Gas | Ignition: Electronic | Auto-Shutoff feature: Yes | Fuel Consumption: 0.030 MCF Gal/Hr | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 23.75 x 11.25 x 27 inches | Available Colors: White | Product Warranty: 1 year | Price: R 18,980

We think you will agree that Mr. Heater’s Natural Gas Heater is one of the most impressive blue flame gas heaters available. Instead of emitting heat, it heats the air. Consequently, you may place the heater in a small location and circulate warm air throughout the house.

It generates 30,000 BTUs of heat in your room, which may cover up to 1000 square feet. You may use this gas heater outside or in spaces that do not generally warm up nicely.

Since it works effectively at 4500 feet, you may take it trekking, hiking, or camping to receive warm weather. The heater will turn off automatically if the oxygen level drops below a certain threshold.

Its fuel consumption rate of 0.030 MCF Gal/Hr lowers your heating costs while providing excellent heating. You will also have a thermostat to monitor your heat measurement.

The heater comes with legs and wall mounting gear for simple installation. As a result, you do not have to worry about installation, making it a good gas heater for indoors. There is also an electric ignition to eliminate the inconvenience of manually starting the heater. It also contains the ignition battery in the package.

Overall, this heater can use to warm your room or camp quickly. The heater requires no external electricity to operate, making it an excellent choice during power outages.

Alva Gas 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater

7. Alva Gas 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater

WebsiteAlva South Africa | Heat Output: 2500 to 6300 BTU | Heat area: around 530 sq. ft. | Power Source: LPG | Ignition: Piezo | Auto-Shutoff feature: Yes | Tank Size: All 9 kg cylinder | Fuel Consumption: 305 gr per hour at max | Product Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 285 mm x 485 mm x 750 mm | Available Colors: Grey | Fits all 3/8” cylinder L-shaped valves | Product Warranty: 24 months | Price: R 2,077

Since gas heaters also need the use of a gas cylinder, they may be out of reach financially for certain people. In such circumstances, most people prefer a cheap unit that is simple to operate yet strong enough to provide excellent warmth. 

The Alva Gas 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater is robust, affordable, and easy to use. This unit fits the requirements above and has a beautiful design that will look great in any environment while keeping you warm. The heater features the standard three power options featured on most other gas heaters and is simple to set up.

The device’s versatility in accepting either standard or liquefied gas makes it a helpful tool for those who prefer different fuel acquisition methods. It can easily and swiftly heat a vast area, even on the lowest power level. 

You may keep the gas bottle on a small shelf in the trunk, making installation and ignition a quick process. Unfortunately, the pilot light on this device is not of high quality. Therefore customers should be aware of this before lighting it. Aside from this disadvantage, this low-cost gas heater is an excellent alternative for lowering your heating bills.

Final Verdict

In the winter weather, a decent gas heater will keep you warm. It will heat the space quickly and cover a large enough area. You may also promptly start the heater while protecting yourself from fire hazards and carbon monoxide. You must choose the best gas heater to reap all of these advantages.

That is why we have shown some of the best gas heaters on the market to help you make a selection. As a bonus, we have included some helpful hints for selecting the right one. So, take our advice and acquire your desired one right now.

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