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FNB Smart Devices Promotion

FNB is a South African bank that has been in existence for over 150 years. The bank has managed to survive harsh economic times in its lifetime because of its innovative approach to banking services. One of these innovations in recent times is the FNB smart devices promotion offered to its customers. This piece helps you to understand what the FNB smart device promotion campaign is, what is in it for you, and how to take advantage of the promotion.

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To enter this giveaway, sign up with FNB and opt-in for the promotion. The prize includes a free Huawei Mate 20 Lite Smartphone and a 2-year contract from Cell C. This provides unlimited data access on your phone.

What is the FNB Smart Device Promotion?

FNB Smart Device Promotion is an offer that provides you with an opportunity to get a smart device with your FNB account. It has been introduced to promote FNB Connect as a top telco provider in South Africa. The devices are usually smartphones. However, the device can also be tablets or laptops as well as other entertainment devices and fitness devices. The deals have a set repayment term with 12 or 24-month repayment periods

They usually offer the promotion to people with a bank account and a cell phone contract, but getting a device without a contract is also possible. The email informs those who qualify for this offer about the details of the specific promotion. This allows you to order your device online without going through a salesperson. This saves you both time and money.

You can finance or buy the devices outright in cash, depending on which option works best for you. Sometimes, the FNB Smart Device Promotion website will allow you to pick up your new smartphone from an FNB branch near your home.

How Do You Qualify for The FNB Smart Device Promotion?

FNB’s Smart Device Promotion is an excellent opportunity for people who want to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note8, and Google Pixel 2.  But first, you have to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for the promotion. These requirements are:

  • You must be an FNB customer (current or new).
  • You must open an account with FNB
  • You can only buy one of the eligible devices per household/person/account holder at the time of application. If you already have one of these three smartphones, then you’re not eligible for this promotion.
  • You must buy your device from any of FNB’s branches, equity stores, or any allowed retailer for correct validation.

If you meet all the requirements mentioned above, then congratulations. You’re now eligible to buy a qualifying Android or Apple smartphone at a reduced price.

What does this mean? It means that if you buy an iPhone 8 64GB on contract and sign up for 24 months, it will cost: R199 pm x 24 = R4,776. The normal contract amount would be: R6,299 (R199x24mths) = R149 pm x 36 = R5,364. That is a saving of approximately 60%. As always, there are T&Cs which we’ll list below:

  1. You must buy the device from an FNB branch, an FNB owned Retail Store, a Mobile Shop, or an authorized dealer of FNB for proper validation and record purposes. CPO devices may not qualify under the promotion.
  2. All qualifying customers will receive one month’s free data from Vodacom worth R500
  3. All customers who buy their device from Equity stores will receive three months’ free data from Vodacom worth R1,000
  4. You can only claim your smartphone once you’ve signed up for a 24-month contract; you cannot pay this amount upfront
  5. If you bring in your device and want to sign up for a 24-month contract – you’ll need to pay the remaining handset amount.
  6. FNB reserves its right to amend these terms and conditions without notice
  7. A copy of the full Promotion Terms & Conditions is available at all FNB branches or online
  8. The Promoter is First National Bank Pty Ltd. Please refer to full T&Cs for:
  • Prize draw rules
  • Acceptable devices
  • Accessible data eligibility criteria
  • Offers that are not valid with any other promotional offers running on Vodacom’s network unless stated otherwise
  1. You must make all purchases within the specified period, and customers must sign up for the 24-month contract to qualify.

How Do You Apply for The FNB Smart Device Promotion?

You can download the form from the banks’ website. Fill it out and submit it together with proof of identity documents such as

  • ID book
  • Driver’s license
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Proof of FNB account ownership

What Deals Are There in The FNB Promotion? 

The FNB smart device promotion has various electronic devices or deals that include:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 at the cost of R69 pm for 24 months
  2. Apple iPhone 8 at the cost of R12 50 pm for 24 months
  3. Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM LTE at R15 pm for 24 months
  4. LG G5 SE Limited Edition Titan Silver LTE at R47 pm for 12 months
  5. LG K10 LTE 32GB Black Diamond Edition at R45 pm for 12 months
  6. BlackBerry DTEK60 16GB Titanium 5 4 “Blackberry OS” – Non-Contract Price: R7 999,99 /24M or Full Retail price: R8 999,00 /24M
  7. BlackBerry KEYone, 32GB, 4 GB RAM, Black at the cost of R5 999,00 on a contract or full retail price at R8999
  8. Apple iPhone 7 32GB LTE – Space Grey/Titan Black/Silver/Gold for 0% installments at the cost of R399 pm for 24 months
  9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F 32GB Chrome Gold LTE at R1799 pm for 12 months
  10. Vodacom Smart Platinum 7 16GB Dual SIM LTE Special Edition–Titanium Grey/Arctic Silver for BWP1699pm or BWP2299pm over 24 months with 1GB tablet data and 100 local minutes for calls on the tablet plus 1GB of full-speed data and 200 local minutes
  11. Fitbit Inspire 2 for R 79 for 24 months
  12. Xbox series wireless controller for R99 pm for a contract of 24 months
  13. Epson Ecotank Printer Mono M1170 (Prints in Black Only) + Keyboard, Office 365 Home, and Mcafee Antivirus for R99 pm for 24 months
  14. Fitbit Charge 4 for R99 pm for 24 months
  15. Apple AirTag (4 Pack) for R109 pm for 24 months
  16. ABP Hornet Multi-Format Headset + NAC: PS4 Asymmetric Wireless Controller + Minecraft Dungeons – Hero Edition (PS4) for R119 pm for 24 months
  17. Xiaomi Redmi 9A 32GB + Top Up XS for R119 pm for 24 months
  18. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for R119 pm for 24 months
  19. Beats Studio Buds for R119 pm for 24 months
  20. Jabra Elite 65t EarPods for R119 pm for 24 months
  21. Vivo: Y1S 32GB for R119 pm for 24 months
  22. Poly Voyager 4220 Wireless and Noise-canceling Headset – UC Series for R129 pm for 24 months
  23. Mecer 2000VA Line Interactive Ups for R129 pm for 24 months
  24. Garmin Forerunner 35 for R139 pm for 24 months
  25. ABP Skyhawk Multiformat Headset + NAC: PS4 Asymmetric Wireless Controller + The Last of Us II STD + (PS4) for R139 pm for 24 months
  26. Epson Ecotank Printer L3111 for R139 pm for 24 months
  27. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for R139 pm for 24 months
  28. Lenovo 7’’ 32GB 4G LTE Tab (M7 – 2021) for R139 pm for 24 months
  29. Connex Serenity 10.1’’ Tab (Includes Cover to a value of R299) for R149 pm for 24 months
  30. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0’’ Wi-Fi Only 32GB for R149 pm for 24 months
  31. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones for R159 pm for 24 months
  32. Lenovo V7 6.9’’ Dual Sim 4G-LTE for R149 pm for 24 months
  33. Poly Voyager 5200 Wireless Office Headset UC Series (including Portable Power Charging Case) for R169 pm for 24 months
  34. Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS Watch for R199 pm for 24 months
  35. Vivo Y91C + Vivo Wired Headset + Top Up XS for R179 pm for 24 months
  36. Epson Ecotank Printer Mono M2170 (Prints in Black Only) + Keyboard, Office 365 Home, and Mcafee Antivirus for R199 pm for 24 months
  37. Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case for R199 pm for 24 months
  38. Sony PlayStation 5 Accessory Bundle (PULSE 3D™ wireless headset + Media remote + DS Charging Station for R209 pm for 24 months
  39. Hisense H40 Lite + Value-added Accessories and services worth R2,799 for R229 pm for 24 months
  40. Garmin Vivoactive 4S White Rose Gold GPS Smartwatch for R269 pm for 24 months
  41. Garmin Approach S42 Gunmetal with black silicone band for R289 pm for 24 months
  42. Poly: Voyager 8200 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset – UC Series for R289 pm for 24 months
  43. Garmin Lily (Assorted colors available) for R219 pm for 24 months
  44. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones for R319 pm for 24 months
  45. Samsung A12 Dual Sim & Galaxy Buds+ Bundle for R349 pm for 24 months
  46. Huawei P40 lite + Free Bluetooth Speaker for R369 pm for 24 months
  47. Garmin Venu 2S (Assorted Colors) GPS Smartwatch (2021) for R379 pm for 24 months
  48. Apple Watch Series Nike SE (GPS) 44mm for R379 pm for 24 months

Advantages of FNB Smart Devices Promotion

The most significant advantage by far is that you can buy these devices with an FNB loan. This allows customers to get the laptops, tablets, and smartphones they choose without having to come up with the total cash value in one shot. It can be very beneficial for those who are seeking financing options to buy these items.

When it comes time to renew your loan, you can do so in-branch to avoid any extra costs or service fees (albeit you will not receive the same discounts on accessories when paying out of branch).

When customers buy their smartphone with an FNB loan through their branch, they also get easy access to Digicom’s Nowupdates application software updates. Nowupdates ensure your device is up to date and secure at all times by notifying you immediately when a software update is available. Nowupdates also provide technical experts with the tools needed to assist customers if they have any issues or concerns with their phone after a customer has installed an update.

Disadvantages of FNB Smart Devices Promotion

Only a handful of these devices are available for purchase through FNB Smart Devices Promotion compared with other retailers. However, these products are still quite popular despite the limited selection. Also, some people dislike financing agreements because it can make them feel “trapped” in their current financial situation – which leads me to my next point.

Customers who take out loans to purchase items will spend more money throughout the loan period. When you are paying off a device for over 24 months, you are paying for that device and interest in your loan. So it is important to understand what this payment scheme will cost you before agreeing to anything.

Customer service is another crucial factor because customers may choose to buy their devices anywhere other than FNB. This is because they have yet to establish themselves as a prominent retailer in the electronic devices market.

If something goes wrong with your smart device after purchasing or during repayment, FNB cannot do much about it because they aren’t the original manufacturer. This responsibility falls on whoever manufactured the unit, resulting in a lack of customer service if a said manufacturer cannot cooperate with FNB’s customer service.

In closing, it is up to you to judge whether going through FNB Smart Devices Promotion is beneficial to your financial situation. If you are a current customer, then financing may be a desirable option for you and should give you peace of mind knowing that the tech support/updates provided by Now updates will always be available if needed. Alternatively, ask yourself if purchasing these devices over time will benefit your lifestyle, considering your monthly income and expenses? Don’t forget to include how much interest costs on an average loan.

With so many smart devices to choose from, you can find a device that works best for you. The FNB smart device promotion makes the decision-making process more easier and manageable if you may qualify for the FNB Smart Device Promotion. Ask your nearest FNB branch to assess your eligibility for the promotion. Whether you want a tablet or smartphone, this promotion allows South Africans to buy conveniently buy smart devices at an affordable price.


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