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FNB Internet Banking – Features, Online Registration Process

First National Bank (FNB) is the oldest bank holding the title as one of South Africa’s “Big Five” banks. FNB holds about a couple of subsidiaries across the continent, including but are not limited to Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, and many more. FNB online banking platform is reputable across the world for various reasons. Read below to learn more.

Features of FNB Internet Banking

Basic Online Banking Features:

  • Detailed Balances and transaction history Online users can view their balances and their transaction history 24/7. It shows every transaction from the moment of its online registration to the present time anytime and anyplace. Aside from having a preview of an account’s activities, the user can also download and recreate account statements. This feature is essential to businesses and professionals for tax purposes and more. 
  • Account management  A holder can have multiple accounts in one bank; unfortunately, managing all of them can be a hassle. Rather than going the extra mile for canceling accounts and cards, online banking offers cancellation, order, and activation of FNB cards easily. If one wants to open a new account, it can be done within 10 minutes.
  • ATM and Branch locator – As to those who instead want to transact and manage their accounts personally with a bank clerk or withdraw their money in an ATM, one feature of online banking is locating the nearest ATM and branches.

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Payment Features:

  • Recipient management – This feature can be beneficial when payments or transfers are recurring with the same accounts. The holder can register, edit or delete its recipients.
  • Payment management – One of the most impressive features of online banking is its management of payments because it does not limit the user to its location and timeline. You can make payments in South Africa like Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, etc. Besides paying across the continent, you can send and receive payments globally, as well. The holder even has a choice of either immediate payment or by scheduled payment by setting up a transaction to be placed on your specified account automatically on a definite future date. Aside from that, payments can also be made at other participating banks.
  • Prepayments – Prepaid airtime, data, SMS bundles, and even electricity can be made using online banking.

FOREX Features:

  • FOREX management – Foreign exchange is a tricky investment to make, but with the right tools, it will be a great asset. The institution’s online banking offers the holder a chance to buy FOREX and be delivered. With buying, it also lets the client view FOREX rates so that, tracking the investment’s gains and losses are easily done.

Debit Features:

  • Debit orders management – Having debt in your pockets is almost inevitable. It’s typically used for collecting monthly payments, such as insurance and premiums. Mostly, banks don’t have this type of function. FNB’s debit features give you access to view the list of debit orders so that the holder will know what recipient has automatically deducted an amount against a specific account within a given time. Aside from that, the user can dispute and stop debit orders.

With FNB online banking’s vast development and its rapid growth of features, some say that they would still prefer going on their local branch than trying its digital version.

So what differentiates internet banking?

Here are some benefits but are not limited to of FNB’s Internet banking:

  1. Convenience – The beauty of online banking is that users don’t have to wait. Period. It gives you the freedom to control the time and place to manage your bank account. The absence of lines makes it easier transact.
  2. Accessibility – It takes about at least one hour to get to a bank from home, disregarding traffic, and other external sources involved and an estimate of days to fully process a bank transaction. An account holder would even have to consider the banking hours to decide whether or not to go. With online banking, WIFI or mobile data, and a gadget that can access the website or app are the only things you need. The access a user has to online banking gives them almost no limits as to what they have to transact.
  3. Cost-efficient – The cost of online banking doesn’t even scratch a customer’s pockets. Laptops or mobile phones and WIFI are already available to the account holder with just a cost of a cup of coffee in a cafe. Even downloading the app is free. Rather than spending money on transportation and other things with considering its underlying opportunity costs, online banking gives you the chance to optimize your money’s worth without spending a buck.

How to Register for FNB Online Banking?

The process of opening a FNB bank account is nearly the same as that of the other banks in the country. If you are not a member yet, you should need to open a bank account first at FNB.

To register for FNB internet backing, you need to click here and follow the online application processes. You can register using one of of the following ways:

  • Register with Your Card and ATM PIN Details.
  • Register With Your Account Number
  • Register PayPal for Your and Your Business (non-FNB customers)

Download FNB Internet Banking Apps:

Online banking, in short, is the quickest and easiest process of accessing your daily financial needs. It may seem like it is a lot to comprehend by one person within just a compact device, but with the right tools and a compelling bank to support the customer, online banking will a holder’s own personal bank assistant.

How to unblock FNB Online Banking

You can unblock your card via the FNB app or online. Both follow the same process below:

  1. Log on to your FNB Online Banking profile.
  2. Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab
  3. Select “My Cards” 
  4. Find the card that is currently blocked and click on the “Unblock Now” link
  5. You will then be sent an OTP code
  6. Enter the code that has been sent to you and click ‘Submit’ 
  7. The card should now be unblocked

See also how to reverse FNB eWallet payments.

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