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FNB Easy Account Review

FNB Easy Account is a basic account with low fees. As such, it is an ideal saving and daily transaction account. It is FNB’s first tier account tailored for people earning between R0 to R179999 per year.

FNB Easy Account Review
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FNB Easy Account Type Summary

Account TypeTarget/UseEasy Account FNB FeesNotable Features
FNB pay as you useEveryday useInternal debit order fee: R0.00
Till Withdrawal Fee: R1.00
Monthly Account Fee: R4.95ATM
Withdrawal Fee: R2.85 per R100
Charges per transaction
Customer is billed for all transactions
Low cash @ till and Cash withdrawals charges
FNB easy zero accountTargets studentsNo-fee accountMoney protect with partial or full refund of up to R5000
Instant access using an app or cellphone banking
Unlimited card swipes with no additional cost
Free inContact messages
Receive cash at till® through Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer, Pick ‘n Pay and select Spar stores
Get cash at Usave till at no additional cost
Maximum account balance of R14000
FNB easy smart accountIdeal for studentsInternal debit order fee: R0.00
Till Withdrawal Fee: R1.00
Monthly Account Fee: R59.00
Unlimited electronic transactions
Withdraw cash at select stores using Cash@Till® for free
Money protect
Deposit or withdraw up to R2000 every month at FNB ATM
You get back eBucks up to R150p.m when you use the FNB easy card at Shoprite, Checkers, Intercape, Clicks and Usave.
Unlimited card swipes at no additional cost
You can send 2 eWallets every month using the FNB app for free

Who Qualifies for FNB Easy Account?

Unlike most accounts, any South African or foreigner with a student or work permit who has attained the age of 16 and above can apply for the Easy Account. Additionally, this account does not require you to meet certain minimum income requirements.

Documents Needed to Apply for FNB Easy Account

You need the following documents to successfully apply for FNB easy account:

  • South African ID card/book
  • Study or work permit for foreigners
  • Proof of address (residential). This includes verifiable telephone/council bills featuring your guardian’s, parent’s or your address and name.

How to Apply for FNB Easy Account

You can apply for the Easy Account in one of two ways. One is through the FNB website, and two, on your mobile app. When you apply through the website, you need to:

  • Click on this – FNB Easy Account
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you’ll provide your personal details. Follow the instructions to complete your application process

When you apply through a mobile app, you need to:

  • Login to the app
  • Go to “apply now”
  • Choose “for me” option
  • Select “Easy Account”
  • Feed all the relevant information, and
  • Submit your application form

How does FNB Easy Account Work?

It’s easy to use and work with the FNB Easy Account. You swipe the FNB easy card many times at no additional cost to you. Other than this, you can also buy data and prepaid airtime through the FNB app, cellphone banking, and online at no additional cost.

Account holders can easily track their accounts. You can track the money flowing through your account with FNB’s inContact SMS at no additional cost. 

Reasons to Switch to FNB Easy Account

If you’re wondering what the FNB easy account offers, then you need to learn the reasons why you should switch to the easy account by FNB. These reasons are:

Get Easy and Fast Loans

This account allows you to access fast loans whenever you need it. These loans are approved within minutes of your loan application. You can use the FNB mobile app to apply for these loans without providing additional documentation.

You can also easily determine your eligibility for a loan and get quick access to loans. You can do this by changing the loan amount you wish to apply or accept the amount provided to you. FNB will then use its AI technology to evaluate your eligibility for the loan amount you apply for.

Savings Account

The easy account comes with an optional saving account for people who’d want to save money using this account. This account offers interest rates that compete with other savings accounts in South Africa’s banking industry.

Funeral Cover

The easy account offers funeral cover of up to R400000 for you and your spouse. Like loans, claims of this cover have a fast processing time with a 24hr maximum waiting period after submission of all the necessary documents. 

However, the funeral cover premiums are reviewed upwards yearly by 5% to mitigate inflation. You can add a maximum of 21 members to your plan and everyone will receive lifetime coverage as long as premiums are paid religiously. 

Other reasons for you to switch to easy account are:

  • Rewards: Get rewards for using your card at Checkers and Shoprite stores
  • Connect: You’ll receive FNB Sim card to use for communication
  • Bank your change: Save money with every swipe
  • Send money overseas: Use your cellphone banking to send money across the border

What are the Benefits of FNB Easy Account?

This is a table of the advantages and disadvantages of FNB Easy Account

eWallet services with no monthly fees
Has zero free account 
No minimum income requirement
Get scheduled transfers and free transfers via FNB banking app & online
Easy migration to the Gold account
Free access to historical statements online
Different types of accounts
Charges unsuccessful transactions at R8.50
Charges for assistance by FNB consultant when inquiring your balances
Charges for extra monthly bank statements
Charges for assistance by FNB consultant when making linked account transfers


What Type of Account is FNB Easy Account
Is FNB easy account a savings account? FNB account types vary from saving to current account. The FNB easy account offers an optional savings account that allows you to save money at no additional fee. You can save easily and conveniently. There are three account types under the easy account, including FNB zero account, FNB easy smart, and FNB pay as you earn. It also has an FNB easy account card.

Does FNB Easy Account Earn Interest?

The FNB easy savings account offers competitive interest rates.

FNB Easy Account is an ideal account for students and low-income earners. Through its unique packages, account holders can save and transact securely at affordable prices. You can also access loans faster and get a dependable funeral cover that’ll protect you when you are at your lowest moment.


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