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FNB Car Insurance Review & Calculator

FNB car insurance is one of the products offered by the FNB bank. FNB remains one of the fastest-growing banks in South Africa. It also remains one of the fastest-growing insurance brokers. It continues to expand its insurance portfolio. The company offers expansive auto insurance that is considered one of today’s most competitive markets. The packages offered are diverse and cut across traditional South African insurance cover.

FNB Car Insurance
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What’s more, many users love that the cost of auto insurance is tailored to match the different user’s needs. Customers can explore various offers because the prices of the packages are different. This article explores the other available options offered and reviews the insurance offered by the company. Find out if this is something you would want for yourself.

FNB Car Insurance Explained

Before subscribing to any service provider, it helps to understand what is in the offing. Most insurance companies have rules and guidelines, and FNB is no different. The bank offers solutions that cut across different insurance needs, making them one of the most reliable insurance brokers. The insurance company also covers both new and used vehicles, which offers an alternative for those who need it. Customers love that the premiums are affordable and competitive since they provide a more affordable package for most South Africans. The FNB car insurance package covers both damage and loss of motor vehicles.

Also, note that the products offered to differ. Some products cover a wide range of incidences, while others are limited. You can even find covers that flow to the third party. What you go for depends on the needs you have. It all boils down to diversity when it comes to the packages offered by FNB insurance. What’s more, it covers different motor vehicles, including 4×4, motorcycles, bakkies, and even private cars, to mention a few.

The unique thing about FNB insurance is that the number of drivers covered by a policy is not limited. However, the drivers being covered must have a valid driver’s license, and that authorization is sought before adding any new drivers to a specific policy.

Products Offered by FNB Insurance

Drivers are not limited to specific covers offered by the company. FNB has a variety of packages that drivers with diverse needs can choose from. Some of the most popular covers include comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, third-party-only insurance, and fire &theft car insurance. It is important to understand each package or product in detail before deciding to settle for one. Product needs are different, and tow drivers may not opt for the same cover.

The Comprehensive Car Insurance

This type of car insurance provided by the FND covers a variety of incidences. You expect to get compensation for the following issues if you take this cover:

  1. Accidents
  2. Natural Occurrences
  3. Intentional occurrences

A lot can be covered under these three categories of issues. These include hijacking, road accidents, attempted hijacking (the insurer covers the damage that may have occurred during the attempt), and car theft. It also covers earthquakes, explosions, lightning, hail storm, damage caused to third-party vehicles,  and anything else that may be categorized under the three sections.

Once you choose this type of insurance cover, you are assured of roadside assistance. Users and customers are also entitled to round-the-clock access irrespective of where they are in South Africa. If your vehicle needs to be towed, the FNB insurance cover caters for it.

The Third Party, Fire, and Car Theft Insurance Cover

This is the second type of insurance package offered by FNB. It is also one of the most popular because it covers elements that are likely to happen to car owners. You may never know when your vehicle may be stolen, especially if it is a business vehicle. It is best to have it insured to avoid such issues by taking this type of insurance cover.

This is a specific product available for vehicles that are being paid off or for those exceeding 15 years. It is better for someone working on a budget and who cannot afford the comprehensive cover. While it may not have the perks of the complete package, it is equally good for when there are emergencies.

Users get coverage for theft, hijacking, attempted robbery, attempted hijacking, damages caused to other people’s vehicles, and fire-related damages to your car. You should note that accidental damage is exempted from this kind of coverage, and you will have to find a way of handling this differently.

This insurance cover makes it possible for motorists to get insurance without spending too much money. It works by cutting off some of the coverage offered by the insurer. However, it also leaves motorists or car owners exposed. Accidents and natural disasters that are not covered may mean more risks when these issues eventually happen.

The Third Party Only Car Insurance

This is a perfect insurance package for people who want to cover themselves against any third-party damages. It covers the person to the extent to which they are legally liable to pay for third-party damages. This means that FNB will only pay for the third-party damages. All other costs that your vehicle may suffer from will have to be paid in the pocket. You may need to foot the bill for all repairs and replacements.

FNB Car Insurance Calculator

When looking at a car insurance policy, it can help to try and calculate the price depending on the variables. The price will vary significantly depending on the vehicle you are insuring, remember to compare any insurance policy with at least two or three other companies to make sure you are paying the best price for you and your situation and vehicle.

Why you Should Consider Taking the FNB Insurance Cover

Regardless of the package you go for, you can hardly go wrong with FNB insurance. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to make FNB insurance your go-to solution for all your auto insurance needs.

  • You are assured of getting affordable premiums. Additionally, you also can negotiate the best prices because they are flexible.
  • FNB has an excellent reputation. They will link you to some of the best service providers in entire south Africa and give you value for money
  • You are assured of basic waivers, which is a great deal for anyone looking to get a good cover
  • They have a cover for natural disasters. You can rest easy knowing that you are covered in case of natural disasters, which are almost always unexpect4ed and unplanned.
  • You get to enjoy an open driver policy. This means that you can add as many drivers as you need to one policy. All you have to do is adhere to the terms and conditions.
  • Customers are assured of free roadside assistance in case of issues. This can be a life saver, especially if you are stranded in an unknown location within South Africa. You can always count on FNB as your trusted partner.
  • You get to enjoy free evaluation services on specific products
  • You do not have to take several policies to get all you need. FNB is capable of handling all your issues under one policy. All you have to do is discuss with the relevant agents to know which package best suits your needs. You will be surprised at the customized deal you get at an affordable rate.
  • You get to enjoy free advice on what is worth investing in. Not everything is to be insured, and other things you could be ignoring are crucial. If you are stuck or unsure, trust the insurance agent to assist you in making the right choice. They will guide and advise you on what steps to take.
  • You get assistance from a claim broker who comes with your chosen policy. The said broker will attend to all your insurance needs, offering you convenience when you need it.

How to Apply FNB Car Insurance

Like every other insurance company, there are specific things needed to qualify to apply for the FNB insurance cover. Everyone interested in getting this cover should thus follow the said steps.

  • They must be a licensed driver with a driver’s license that is not less than a year old. Alternatively, they must have an international permit
  • It would be best if you also were a South African with an ID book, a passport, or a smart card
  • It would be best if you had an insurable asset, in this case, your motor vehicle
  • If you are a foreign national, you must have proof of residence of more than three months at the time of your application.

The Downside of the FNB Insurance

This review will be incomplete if the challenges of FNB insurance are not explored. Every good thing has a few hurdles or demerits. A good or smart driver seeking an insurance package must compare the pros and cons to be safe. In this case:

  • The FNB cover is said to experience many complaints on the claiming procedures. These complaints are found on Google and Hello Peter Reviews. You may want to check these out and weigh your options based on the experience of those before you.
  • You may suffer long turnaround times since the service delivery is said to prolong.

Final Thoughts

FNB car insurance is generally a good cover. With the different packages on offer, motorists have a lot to choose from. The customized packages make it even more interesting. However, it is always advisable to compare the good and the bad before deciding what works for your current needs.


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