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FNB Black Card Review

The FNB Black Card is a credit card that offers an unlimited amount of rewards points for every dollar spent. The best part about the card is that the points never expire. You can redeem it by buying merchandise or traveling anywhere in the world. FNB Black Card also provides an extra perk, including discounts on hotel stays, airfare, car rentals, and more with big brands like Marriott, Hertz and others.

FNB Black Card Review
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The FNB Black Card Review takes a thorough analysis of what makes this credit card so unique, including its credit facilities, perks, features, and benefits. This will help you decide if it’s right for you. Let’s look at why this card might be perfect for your lifestyle.

FNB Black Card History

The history of the FNB Black card dates back to before 1900. Initially, banks could only offer services in areas where there were rich white people. This did not include black Africans who made up most of the population. It did not take too long for banks to realize that if they wanted more people coming through their doors, they would have to make their services available to everyone. That is whether they had money.

The solution was simple: open accounts for free and give credit cards for purchase instead of charging interest on outstanding balances. This was still too pricey for some South Africans, especially those living in poverty.

In 1916, FNB bank created a way around this problem by an exclusive service only available to the wealthy. South Africans used the Black Card as an account. It also served as identification for many people during apartheid when other forms of ID were scarce because of discrimination against black Africans.

Today, owners use this card with cheques and credit cards where it serves as a symbol of status for those with money.

How FNB Black Cards Work

First National Bank offers FNB Black Cards. They offer different credit cards, in which you can choose the card that best suits your needs. The benefits these cards offer include

  • Low-interest rate
  • No annual fee for primary users when specific criteria gets met
  • Exclusive offers when using the credit card at merchants associated with FNB, and much more

Each type of FNB Black Card also has its specific benefits and disadvantages to meet consumers’ varying financial needs. However, the cards are only available to wealthy South Africans with a thirst for luxurious life.

Types Of FNB Black Cards

FNB has different cards that are available for its customers.

Debit Black Card

The main FNB black card is the debit card, which comes with a PIN device to make transactions easier. With this debit card, customers can access their accounts and easily transact money without carrying cash around or writing checks.

The Private Wealth Debit Black Card

FNB also boasts a private wealth debit black card. This type of card can either be black or platinum, depending on what the customer wants. It comes with no transaction fees and free credit alerts via SMS services. Customers who own this card can request additional cards. That is if they’re going to help family members, they trust to transact business using their accounts (customers).

FNB Business Black Card

The card allowed business owners to pay all their purchases without worrying about transaction fees until 10 June 2021. After this date, a flat rate of 3% on debt orders gets charged at the point of sale (POS). Customers also benefit from free credit alerts via SMS. The card boasts no annual fee on the interest-free overdraft, but once funds go below zero, there will be a charge.

The Platinum Debit Black Card

The Platinum Debit Black Card, like its name, implies glossy and beautiful color. It has no annual fee. For customers who need an extra PIN device or want a replacement PIN via courier service, there’s a charge. There are no cash withdrawals through ATMs, and also there are no transaction fees for any purchases. Also, there are free credit alerts via SMS services available for this debit card.

FNB Personal Black Card

The FNB Personal Black Card is an excellent investment for people who want to make their money work harder or want their salary paid directly into the account. This type of card enables customers to access their accounts and easily transact business without carrying cash around or writing checks when making transactions at shops and businesses (third parties). Customers also enjoy

  • Free extra cards
  • Discounts on selected products
  • Various rewards programs, including air miles and travel insurance. There is no annual fee charged on the interest-free overdraft, but they will charge a fee once funds go below zero.

FNB Private Clients Credit Card

The FNB Private Clients Credit Card is a VISA credit card. It allows its holder to make purchases anywhere in the world as long as you transact in Rand. You can use your credit card to

  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Make utility and insurance payments
  • Buy groceries and household items
  • Buy airline tickets and train ticket
  • Book hotel accommodation or car rentals

The bank deducts upcoming purchases from your credit limit. This happens with your billing cycle closing date being the next day after buying.

Joint Black Card

Customers who own a joint black card will transact business easily. That is by eliminating the need for carrying around cash or writing checks whenever they need to pay for something. You can do transactions with this debit card at over 3000 points of sale (POS). The good thing is that there’s no annual fee charged on the interest-free overdraft. But once funds go below zero, the bank charges a fee. Customers also benefit from free credit alerts via SMS and no transaction fees for purchases or cash withdrawals.

FNB Black Card Features

The card is a luxury item. You get a lot of your money for FNB’s Black Credit Card. Some of the key features include:

  • 24/7 worldwide concierge service
  • Private banker to assist with credit enquiries and support
  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Access to VIP events around the globe
  • Travel insurance, among other things
  • Access to the SLOW Lounge – SLOW Airport Lounges can be found in the domestic terminals of the O.R. Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports. You will also find a lounge at O.R. Tambo International Airport terminal
SLOW Airport Lounge

The annual fees vary from R39 100 per annum for ‘Elite’ status down to R13 500 for ‘Classic.’ This doesn’t even consider any rewards earned, which can be anything up to 2% cashback on purchases made using your card. You will need to have a current bank account with FNB to apply for the card.

FNB Black Credit Card Forms

The card comes in two forms: flexible plastic and metal alloy. Both will set you back R3 400, or you can pay just under half that price by opting for the Classic version instead.

How to Apply for an FNB Black Card

You can apply for this card on a branch or online. Also fill in the application form, which you can find at any FNB branch near you. If you’d prefer to apply online, you will need to have a minimum income of R20 000 per month and produce supporting documents with your application. Once we’ve reviewed your documents, the bank will contact you within 30 days to let you know whether they have approved your application. You’ll then be able to activate your card if it is successful.


The requirements for this card are strict, and there are many hoops to jump through to get the card.

  1. For starters, you have to be an existing customer with FNB or one of their subsidiaries that applies for the black card. If you meet these criteria, then you will need to provide your proof of income, which can include but isn’t limited to:
  • Payslips from employers
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns

Government documents stating pension benefits or grants received etc., all within six months

  1.  you will need to give proof of address (an official letter from your local council) and proof of existence (a copy of a recent electricity bill).
  2. Next step is to find a job with a company that has a good history with FNB Black cards. This company will have to sponsor you for this card. So you must choose wisely on who to apply for the black card through. After an interview, the bank sends you an application form. You must complete and return either by email or fax before the process can continue.
  3. Once this stage is complete, the bank asks for more documents, such as
  • Payslips from your new employer within three months of signing the contract
  • Further bank statements
  • A letter from your employer stating if you have to boast employment for over six months
  1. Not only is a credit check involved, but the bank also conducts a comprehensive affordability study. This is to ensure that you will afford the monthly repayments. It also proves that you can meet their spending requirements on time. FNB must see evidence that you are aware of using this card responsibly. That is by indicating “YES” that you have read all legal documents in full compliance with FNB policies before signing it.
  2. The bank requires a minimum deposit of R15 000 when applying for this black card. It also needs annual membership fees of more than R600 per year.
  3. You must boast a minimum gross income of R750,000.00
  4. Keep R75,000.00 for three months in your gold or premium account.
  5. Boast 18+ years and not older than 75 years

This card comes with a 5-year interest-free period on purchases. It boasts no application or annual fees, giving the cardholder more value for their money. The card also comes with a MasterCard service provider. This means you can use it worldwide where MasterCard boasts acceptance.

Besides, you receive five complimentary lounge invitations from FNB each year. This is to access over 800 lounges worldwide through Lounge Key Airport Lounges. Last but not least important is that this credit card also comes with a concierge service. The service provides a comprehensive list of special privileges at national and international

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Car hires companies, etc., are all exclusive to the FNB Black Card Holders only.

How Can I Use My New FNB Black Card?

Your new FNB Black Card gives easy access to the best hotels, restaurants, and shops in South Africa. You can choose from a range of benefits when you activate your card, such as

  • Cold towels at the airport
  • Fast track access to security
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • Priority boarding
  • Exclusive offers on flights
  • Exclusive discounts for dining

FNB Black Card Activation Steps

To activate this card, you need to:

  •  Dial *175# on your mobile phone
  • Select “Activate FNB Black Card”
  • You will receive an SMS with activation details that you must activate within seven days . The SMS will contain a 15-digit PIN that you’ll need to input when prompted by the system
  • Enter 1 for English or 2 for Afrikaan
  • After this process, the bank activates your card and you can now use it as you please.

FNB Black card Benefits

FNB Black Card benefits are many and include

  • Travel
  • Luggage insurance
  • Road help
  • Purchase protection
  • Extended warranty cover for items bought with the card, along with other special features

Life at Your Fingertips Services

The benefit that stands out above all others is what FNB refers to as “life at your fingertips.” This provides world-class concierge service via a hotline you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service even helps arrange any event or activity you desire within South Africa or abroad. It’s safe to say this service alone qualifies as a beneficial benefit worth having.

FNB Black Card also has no annual fees. It offers complimentary access to over 1 million ATMs worldwide. No interest in foreign transactions, and provides generously extended warranty cover for items bought using the card.

Travel and Luggage Insurance

FNB automatically covers travel and luggage insurance when you purchase with your black card at home or abroad. This policy covers the value of the purchases against loss, theft, or damage anywhere in the world up to 90 days after purchase. It also includes 24-hour emergency services while you’re traveling.

Should your flight get delayed or canceled because of circumstances out of your control, this benefit compensates for hotel accommodation. The amount depends on how long your flight becomes delayed. But if it were over 12 hours, FNB would pay up to R2 000 per night for two nights’ accommodation or R4 000.

If you lose your luggage, the insurance policy will reimburse you up to a maximum of R25 000 for each item lost. If your luggage gets delayed by over 12 hours while traveling, FNB will cover the cost of emergency clothing and toiletry items up to a limit of R1 500 per day while it’s delayed.

Road Help that Comes To You

Another great benefit offered by FNB Black Card is their road help service. This covers you when you need roadside help anywhere in South Africa or abroad. So, if your car breaks down, gets a flat tire, or runs out of petrol during regular business hours (7 am-9 pm or on public holidays), FNB will dispatch a service provider to your location. While this benefit only covers work done on the spot. The card covers you for up to R1 500 towards temporary repairs or towing charges if necessary.

Extended Warranty Cover

FNB Black Card offers an extended warranty cover of 3 months besides any existing manufacturer’s official warranty period. But, this benefit does not include consumables such as batteries and earphones. So if you need these items returned at some stage, you can contact the card-issuing branch where you made the purchase.


Comfort is also another benefit that comes with owning an FNB black card. You can purchase comfort items such as groceries, fuel, and an FNB Black Card Gift Pack. The ease of using the black card for these transactions is beneficial, especially if you need some reassurance or relief after experiencing bad luck with your most recent transaction.

Tailor-Made Cards

The card comes tailor-made to cater to your industry needs


You get eBucks rewards when using your car at Engine, Gautrain, ShopRite, Takealot, and other stores.

Cash Withdrawal from Any ATM

Finally, the FNB Black Card also allows you to make cash withdrawals at any ATM anywhere in the world. This means you do not have to worry about accessing money while traveling outside South Africa.

FNB offers several benefits with their Black card; however, many customers are not aware that these offers exist. For example, customers who opt for its insurance products rarely know those cheaper ways to receive cover on both travel and luggage. Another example is that customers could consider other cards offering higher foreign exchange rates through a special deal or a steady low rate.

It’s beneficial to have certain benefits, such as accessing cash via FNB’s Black card at any ATM in South Africa and abroad. The annual fee of R389 may also be reasonable. However, this should not deter customers from shopping for better value for insurance products and other services provided by FNB.


In spite of all the advantages of the FNB black card, there are some cons that you need to know about the card. They include:

  • Inability to purchase stocks through internet trading – higher overheads when buying stocks in person
  • You can only redeem Black card receipts towards purchases made at certain stores rather than all purchases made using the black card. This makes the card less valuable as a reward system for higher spending.
  • High annual fees make the card less valuable for those not working or possessing a high net worth. For example, advisers perceive Black Cardholders as more prosperous than they are. this is because of their use of this credit card (they appear to be wealthier than they may be)
  • The bank conducts a credit check once annually rather than upon application. This means that your credit score will only change at the end of the year. That is when you miss out on other promotions available during the year. This is because of having a low credit rating at any point throughout the year. You can overcome this disadvantage by performing an additional monthly credit check, resulting in unnecessary expenditure and missed opportunities while waiting for this information update
  • FNB subjects black cardholders to fewer promotional discounts, offers, and benefits than Gold Cardholders. Gold Cardholders receive access to special promotional discounts at retails. For example, FNB customers benefit from 1 extra day of credit on purchases made
  • Higher overheads when purchasing stocks in person rather than online through internet trading can make the difference between receiving a significant return on investment or no return at all during the short term.

FNB Black Cards FAQs

How do I activate my FNB Black Card?

You can activate your card by using *175# on your mobile phone or by visiting any of our branches.

How much do FNB Black Cards cost?

There is an initiation fee (once-off) of up to a maximum of R175. Then there are monthly service fees of R419 (as per the July 2021 – June 2022 fee guide –

As a benefit, if you would like to add your spouse or partner to your FNB Private Clients Current Account, they will have 50% discounted monthly fee of R210 and will receive the same banking experience and benefits that you have, without any income requirements.

Can I add additional users to my account?

Yes, you can add many people to one account. But, the bank recommends that the primary cardholder gets an individual account. So they appear as the primary user when making purchases with their FNB Black Card. If you would like additional users added to your account, visit any FNB branch.

Who accepts the FNB Black Card?

FNB partners accept this card, so you can access various benefits no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The FNB Black Card is a credit card issued by the First National Bank of South Africa. It has many features that make it an attractive option for people with high income and low debt. Still, this card also has aspects you can consider helpful depending on your lifestyle. For example, use your black card at international locations, like restaurants or hotels abroad. The disadvantage is that the currency conversion fees will apply and other various processing fees, like foreign exchange rates. If you frequently travel outside of Africa, it may not be worthwhile to get the FNB Black Card. However, if most of your transactions happen in South African Rand (ZAR), then getting one would work best for you.


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