Updated 04.11.2022

FNB Aspire Account Review

First National Bank (FNB) provides different account options for those looking to bank with them. According to recent reports, when looking at the accounts ideal for middle-income earners, FNB Aspire Account takes the lead. FNB Aspire Account was rebranded from the FNB Gold account in 2021 and has since become one of the most affordable and preferred banking accounts for average earners. With a fixed fee of R99, the FNB Aspire account is a bundled account that includes a free transaction series. Customers derive even more value for their money from their combined FNB connect rewards and Bucks earn.

FNB Aspire Account
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The FNB Aspire account is a packaged product designed for those earning incomes between R180,001 to R450,000. The account was redesigned from Gold account to enable consumers to get more value from transactional banking. For a mere R99 per month, you get free Cash@Till, unlimited debit orders, free cash deposits and withdrawals of up to R3 000, as well as free prepaid purchases on the FNB App. 

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How Does EBucks and FNB Connect Rewards Work? 

FNB Aspire account clients get access to multiple zero-rated transactions. These include Cash@Till, InContact SMSs, third-party payments, and 24/7 secure chat. While these rewards may seem inconsequential minute fees at first glance, over a month, they pile up and you will begin to see their significance. For instance, while a 40 cents transaction cost that is imposed by competing banks may appear modest at first, for a client with eight withdrawals, eight debit orders, and fourteen card swipes, this will total up to a whopping R12 a month additional cost.

FNB Aspire’s product Bucks Rewards Program is another significantly distinct feature between the defunct Gold account and Aspire. With Gold accounts, customers were required to achieve specific spending and transaction requirements for them to qualify for various reward levels and earn eBucks. FNB Aspire account allows customers to spend in four categories to earn R150 monthly limit in eBucks. To top it off, you can use eBucks to cover your banking costs. FNB also asserts that clients receive three times the value for the monthly price plus additional benefits like data and airtime related to FNB connect.

Other Benefits

FNB Aspire Account members enjoy the following additional rewards and value-added benefits:

  • Your spouse or partner may get an FNB Aspire Current account of FNB Fusion Aspire Account at a discount of up to 50% off the monthly account fee. They will equally enjoy the same banking benefits and experience that you have, regardless of their income.
  • When you book with eBucks Travel, you will receive two SLOW Lounge visits free off charge.
  • 30 voice minutes, 30 SMS each month on FNB connect, 500MB data, plus an additional 500 MB data if you top up at least R100 to your FNB Connect sim throughout the month.
  • Save and spend with FNB Aspire account, if you meet the conditions, you may receive a R1,500 shoe voucher per year. Applying terms, norms, and criteria for earning are stipulated.
  • Easy Smart customers get a R500 Checkers/Shoprite/uSave voucher every year when they save and spend with FNB or have FNB life insurance or FNB funeral cover.
  • Unlock an Avis Car Hire discount of 40% when booking flights with an FNB App.

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FNB Aspire Credit Card

With FNB aspire credit card, you receive more benefits, and you will enjoy your peace of mind and comfort knowing FNB has you covered. You get:

  • Automatic debt protection
  • No charge for global travel insurance
  • Access to exclusive deals at top partner stores at competitive interest rates
  • Move emergency medical expenses to a budget at competitive interest rates

You can protect your aspire credit card against fraudulent use online. FNB online secure uses a one-time PIN of OTP that is sent to a customer at no extra cost. To activate online secure on your FNB Aspire credit card, you must be an online banker. Activate your credit card by logging on to your FNB online banking profile and follow the prompts. You can also report a stolen or lost card within 24 hours of the incident to a 24 hour hotline, toll free.

Documents Needed

  • A copy of your recent pay slip
  • Three month’s bank statements
  • South African card/ID book
  • Proof of residence

Other FNB Aspire Account Products

FNB Aspire App

Bank on the go securely and safely with FNB Aspire banking App. As a registered online banking customer, you may access the FNB banking App without paying any data fees. Managing your money is also made easier as the App allows you to:

  • View detailed balances as well as your transaction history 
  • Download your statements
  • Manage your daily transaction limits
  • Apply for a credit limit increase

If you have a card, you can

  • View and change your pin
  • Temporarily block and unblock your credit card
  • Cancel your card and reorder a new one

Online Banking

With online banking, you can carry out your day-to-day banking at the comfort of your home:

  • Send money
  • Make payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View detailed balances and transactions
  • Reverse/stop debit orders on eChannel and Mobile
  • Download account statements

You also get additional features that include:

  • Managing eBucks account and finding partners
  • Getting personalized offers for limit increases and upgrades
  • Opening new accounts in less than ten minutes
  • Buying and selling Krugerrands
  • Ordering new tablets and smartphones.

FNB Aspire is the account of choice for middle-income earners. It offers affordable fees, a series of free transactions, great rewards such as Bucks and Connect, and voice and data bundles on FNB connect SIM cards. Additionally, with your everyday banking, you get the help of credit all at a fixed fee.