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Best Electric Blanket in South Africa

How can you make your favorite hobby even more pleasurable? You double-check that you have all of the necessary equipment. And an electric blanket is required for sleeping. This article aims to help you find the best electric blankets in South Africa.

As with any item, getting the best electric blanket on the market is beneficial. You may be sure it will serve you well and endure a long time. But how can you know which one to choose?

That is why this article contains an easy-to-follow manual for you. Below are reviews of some of the best-heated blankets available. We give extensive information so you can quickly evaluate any electric blanket you see in a shop.

You may now assure that your next winter will be warm and secure whenever you get into bed.

Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Electric Blanket

Before we get warm and cozy, there are some things you should consider before buying the best electric blanket. The following are features you should look for in an electric blankie:


You may not appreciate using your heated blanket as much if it is warm yet scratchy. Silky microfiber fabrics, which feel lovely to the touch, are used in producing many heated blankets on the market today, as are the fluffy and warm sherpa-style blankets. In addition to comfort, most of these polyester microfiber blankets are machine-washable for simple cleaning.


Think about if you want an electric blanket for your bed or for lazing around the home. Although useful for sleeping, a comforter-size electric blanket may crowd your sofa or sitting area and be less energy efficient. Many heated blankets the size of a standard throw are available. If you want an electric blanket to warm the whole bed, sizes range from twin to king on the market.

Automatic Shutoff

Most heated blankets on the market now include an automated shutdown option. It implies that if you fail to turn it off, it will turn off after a specific time. Some electric blankets cut off after two or three hours, while those meant for sleeping last much longer.

Dual Temperature Control

If you will be sharing your electric blanket with another person, it is a good idea to search for one with dual temperature control. It means you and another snuggler will control half the blanket, ensuring neither is overly hot or cold. Dual temperature controls are becoming increasingly popular, although they are often more expensive than single temperature zone ones.

Preheat Option

Choose an electric blanket with a preheat setting if you want your bed to be pleasantly warm before you get in. It will guarantee that the mattress has attained the temperature you like before you retire for the night.

Rechargeable Battery

While most electric blankets must plug in a while in use, you may choose a rechargeable battery-operated option if you want the freedom to feel comfortable wherever you choose. This style is more expensive, but if being cord-free is essential to you, it’s worth spending a little extra on your new heated blanket.

Electric Blanket Prices

Electric blanket prices do vary depending on the type and brand of blanket you choose. Most blanket prices vary from R1,500 – R3,000. However, some of the most expensive blanks can go up to R12,500 – for example the CosyQuilt Electric blanket.

Best Electric Blankets in South Africa

After our editors’ intense research, they consolidated the best electric blankets in South Africa.

Best Electric Blanket In South Africa
Biddeford MicroPlush Electric Blanket

1. Biddeford MicroPlush Electric Blanket

WebsiteBiddeford Blankets | Fabric Type: Polyester | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 6 | Auto Shut Off: 10 hours | Available Sizes: Throw, XL Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King | Available Colors: Black/Red Buffalo Plaid, Black/White Buffalo Check, Blue, Claret Red, Cream Red Plaid, Grey, Grey Snowflake, Leopard Reversible Tan, Navy Blue, Navy Fair Isle, Taupe, White/Grey | Product Warranty: 5 years | Price: R 2,695

The Biddeford MicroPlush Electric Blanket is an elegant method to save money at home. Use this heated blanket instead of your heaters to stay warm. The Biddeford line is available in various colors, so you may choose one that matches your taste. Use it outside of your bedroom for the best results.

Thanks to its digital controls with six (6) settings, you will discover the ideal heat setting. Due to its 10-hour use restriction, you will feel comfortable utilizing it. Additionally, it will shut off automatically if you leave it on for too long.

The thinner wires of this blanket provide more comfort while also increasing safety since they are less likely to bend. Several customers say that the digital controls quit functioning after a short period. However, we did not experience this during our tests. Besides, Biddeford offers a lengthy 5-year limited warranty. So you can expect its longevity. Hopefully, this is something that the corporation can correct in the future.

Best Electric Blanket In South Africa
CosyQuilt Electric Heated Blanket with Foot Pocket by Zircon

2. CosyQuilt Electric Heated Blanket with Foot Pocket by Zircon

WebsiteZirco Online | Fabric Type: 100% Cotton | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 60 inches x 50 inches | Heat Settings: 3 | Auto Shut Off: 4 hours | Available Colors: Brown | Price: R 12,035

A dedicated foot pocket for your feet keeps the heat caressing your toes wherever you go! Finally, you can put an end to squirming and fretting about tucking the hot throw under your feet. Your partner may be content and cease putting her feet beneath your body for warmth. 

Constant heat dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, and it helps to “open up” painful muscles and joints, allowing them to relax. The CosyQuilt Electric Heated Blanket is ideal for athletes looking to speed up rehabilitation or people with physically demanding jobs.

You get to decide how toasty warm you want to be while sleeping. There are three different heating levels to choose from. We realize that some of you like it and want to save money. Switch off your home’s heat at night and snuggle beneath this heated throw blanket. Then you’ll wake up to a lower utility bill.

Whether using it in your bedroom, on an air mattress, camper, or carpet, you won’t even see the 6-foot power cable since it blends in so well. The 3-foot controller cable is neatly positioned and can be quickly grabbed and tucked away.

Best Electric Blanket In South Africa
Dowin Electric Throw Blanket

3. Dowin Electric Throw Blanket

Fabric Type: Polyester | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 3 | Auto Shut Off: 4 hours | Available Colors: Blue, Brown, Camel, Grey, Red | Price: R 1,900

The Dowin Electric Throw Blanket is a soft and cozy flannel heated blanket. It measures 60 x 50 inches. You may enjoy the electric blanket’s full-body pleasant warmth on the sofa, in bed, at work, or anyplace else.

Moreover, this heated blanket has four heat settings (95°F – 114°F) controlled by a single button. Its quick heating capability may assist you in combating chilly conditions and achieving comfort in a short time.

With consistent temperature protection and ETL certification, the Dowin Electric Throw Blanket is safe against overheating. The automatic shutoff feature on these heated throw blankets means you won’t have to worry about falling asleep. When you use this best electric blanket, you will be warmer while also being safer and more dependable.

Cleaning the Dowin Electric Throw Blanket is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Unhook the controller and power cords and toss the whole electric throw blanket into the washing machine. Dowin recommends you use an all-purpose cleaning detergent and not bleach or other fluids to clean this electric blanket. Next, dry it in a dryer set at a low temperature or hang it outside to dry. 

The Dowin Electric Throw Blanket is a one-of-a-kind present for parents on their birthdays, mothers’ days, father’s days, or other special occasions, a thoughtful gift for husbands or wives on significant anniversaries, and an unexpected gift for individuals of all ages.

Best Electric Blanket In South Africa
APPOLYN Electric Heated Throw Blanket

4. APPOLYN Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Fabric Type: Flannel and Sherpa material | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 10 | Auto Shut Off: 12 hours | Available Colors: Beige, Brown, Grey, Navy Blue, Red | Price: R 2,135

Appolyn’s heated blanket is ETL certified, ensuring its safety. This heater provides warmth and peace of mind with a 12-hour auto-off timer and overheating protection. Appolyn’s electric blankets heat up rapidly and provide immediate and pleasant warmth.

The LCD screen controller controls this heated blanket’s ten heat settings (87°F to 107°F). It is pretty simple to choose a suitable temperature that meets your requirements. The up-to-12-hour auto-off timer can keep your body toasty for as long as you like. Its quick heating capability may shield you from chilly conditions and rapidly bring you into a relaxed state.

Enjoy this Flannel and Sherpa material mix, which provides excellent warmth, softness, and smoothness. It is your decision where to enjoy comforting touch and relaxing warmth: sofa, bed, or bring it with you. Ideal for watching TV, reading books, and doing daily tasks.

After you remove the controller, the APPOLYN Electric Heated Throw Blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. Disconnect the electric throw blanket and machine wash separately in cold water.  

Homemate Electric Heated Throw Blanket

5. Homemate Electric Heated Throw Blanket

WebsiteHomemate Malta | Fabric Type: 220 gsm Flannel and 200 gsm Sherpa Mix | Machine Washable: Yes, Dry Clean Only | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 5 | Auto Shut Off: 4 hours | Available Sizes: 50 inches x 60 inches, 62 inches x 84 inches | Available Colors: Beige, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red | Product Warranty: 5 years with 24/7 customer support | Price: R 2,695

The fabric of the Homemate Electric Heated Throw Blanket is extraordinarily soft, thicker than regular blankets, and warmer than standard blankets. The Flannel and Sherpa fabric is long-lasting and does not easily shed. The diameter of the heating wire is 2.2 mm, and its presence is hardly noticed during usage, making it more comfortable.

The Homemate Electric Heated Throw Blanket uses sophisticated temperature adjustment technology. When the temperature rises, the heated blanket will automatically adjust the temperature based on the surrounding environment, providing users with a comfortable experience while conserving electricity. 

Using a heated blanket instead of an air conditioner is more energy efficient, and you may save money on heating expenditures in the winter.

Homemate Electric Heated Throw Blanket has five heat settings and a 4-hour auto shutoff timer. Furthermore, its temperatures vary from 86 to 122 °F. The controller has just one button to set the temperature, making it incredibly easy to use for the old, the ill, and the hampered. 

It comes with a power chord that is 10 feet long, making the blanket more flexible. It can use on the bed, couch, study, and workplace, making it extremely handy. The heating wire utilized in the Homemate Electric Blanket is more extended, resulting in a greater heating area and more even heat distribution.

YAKEE Electric Heated Blanket

6. YAKEE Electric Heated Blanket

Fabric Type: Polar Fleece | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 72 inches x 84 inches | Heat Settings: 4 | Auto Shut Off: 10 hours | Available Colors: Red, Blue, Grey | Price: R 2,165

The YAKEE Electric Heated Blanket is made of polar fleece fabric, which is both comfortable and lightweight, and provides an excellent sensation of softness and coziness. Electric heating blankets are ideal for daily usage and are large enough to wrap around the whole body for total relaxation.

The controller has four heat levels and a simple, 10-hour auto-off timer. It also has a preheat mode to warm up chilly sheets so you can fall asleep in toasty warmth.

To assure safety and dependability, the controller contains two automatic shutoff protections. Third-party (ETL) testing and approval ensure that the heated blankets fulfill industry safety requirements.

The YAKEE Electric Heated Blanket’s high-quality electric heating wire is uniformly spread, detecting temperature, attentive heating element overheating prevention, and adjusting to maintain steady heat throughout the night, substantially promoting its security and service life.

Westinghouse Electric Heated Blanket

7. Westinghouse Electric Heated Blanket

WebsiteWestinghouse Electric Corporation | Fabric Type: 220 gsm Flannel and Sherpa Mix | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 10 | Auto Shut Off: 12 hours | Available Sizes: King, Queen, Throw, Twin | Available Colors: Beige, Charcoal, Teal, Navy Blue, Red | Product Warranty: 5 years | Price: R 3,160

The Westinghouse Electric Heated Blanket has a 1 to 12-hour time setting and overheating protection that safeguards you while in routine usage. Our editors advise that you carefully read the directions before using to prevent local overheating caused by inappropriate usage, which may result in burns and burned blankets.

Moreover, it has ten (10) heating levels to meet your specific needs. The remote also allows you to revert to the previous comfort level setting after 15 minutes to improve blood circulation for therapeutic heat relief and to warm and relax your body to reduce weariness.

Both its flannel and sherpa layers provide a sensation of softness. It is suitable for use at work, on the couch or sofa while watching TV, reading books, resting, and providing a warm and pleasant living experience.

The Westinghouse Electric Heated Blanket allows you to detach the controller and chuck it into the washing machine. As a result, cleaning it is that simple and handy. Its auto-off feature does not substitute for manual turning off this heated blanket. Lastly, it has a limited 5-year warranty.

Cure cure Electric Heated Blanket

8. Cure cure Electric Heated Blanket

Fabric Type: Double-sided Flannel layers | Machine Washable: Yes | Blanket Dimensions ( L x W ): 50 inches x 60 inches | Heat Settings: 4 | Auto Shut Off: 10 hours | Available Sizes: 50 inches x 60 inches, 62 inches x 84 inches, 72 inches x 84 inches, 84 inches x 90 inches | Available Colors: Blue, Brown, Grey, Linen, Red | Price: R 2,930

With its 62″ x 84″ size, the Cure cure Electric Heated Blanket is big enough to surround the body, and the skin-friendly substance considerably enhances heat penetration and preservation. Note that it is also available in smaller and larger sizes. It is also thin and breathable, which will keep you dry and toasty even in chilly weather.

To attain the desired temperature, you can swiftly heat the blanket by its four heating settings (90 °F – 107 °F). Fast heating may help you get warm quickly. The automated shutdown time (up to 10 hours) is safer and more energy-efficient, enabling you to enjoy every peaceful winter night.

Cure cure made this electric blanket in two parts: a mantle and a hand controller. Removing the heating controller may be used as a regular blanket in chilly weather. It is hand-washable or machine-washable, simple to care for and maintain clean, and has a long service life.

It may be a cloak blanket, sleep blanket, travel blanket, knee blanket, ornamental blanket, and other similar applications. Use this hot flannel heating blanket to make winter bearable.

The ETL and FCC certifications ensure your safety, and the built-in overheating prevention system keeps you safe. It makes it an ideal present for family and friends.

Final Verdict

Your sleeping circumstances will improve if you get one of these electric blankets. Manufacturers understand what customers need, and thus they have improved their goods throughout time. You may now be confident that you are secure and comfortable.

We recommend that you try the Biddeford MicroPlush model. It is reasonably priced, yet it has valuable functions like the auto-off feature. You may also purchase an aesthetically pleasing one since you can choose from five different colors.

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