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Drivers Licence Renewal – Online Guide & Cost 2023

Renewing your driving license in South Africa through Natis Online platform isn’t as challenging as people think. However, it is important to know that every province has a unique process for issuing and renewing licenses. The timescale for drivers licence renewal will depend on the licence type, that is, learner’s permit, provisional, or full-time driver’s license.

Drivers licence renewal
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Drivers Licence Renewal Permit on Natis Online

Have you ever wondered how to renew a learner’s permit on Natis online?

As a South African citizen, you should know the rules and regulations governing the acquisition, use and renewal of your driving license. These rules differ for different people and provinces in South Africa. For instance, if you are an international student with a foreign license, the first thing that you need to do is get your license exchanged at the local licensing agency.

But there could be instances where an international student might have forgotten to convert their foreign driver’s license over into a South African license. In such cases, what options do you have, to complete your learner’s permit renewal? The easiest way to manage your driving license renewal is by registering on the National Driver License Information System (Natis) website. Here, you will not only be able to renew your license but also carry out other essential traffic functions.

If you have been a South African citizen for at least three years, there is no need to visit the licensing centre in person. You can register online instead. However, if you are new into the country, or if it has been over three years since purchasing your last learner’s permit, then all you need to do is visit the office of motor vehicle services. There you can complete the registration process for learner driver’s permit renewal on Natis.

So why should I register on Natis online for my driving license renewal? Essentially, you need to register with Natis because it will help reduce a lot of your workload. For example, if you are working abroad or even out of the country and do not have time to visit the licensing center in person, all you need is internet access to complete this task online.

To renew your license on Natis online, you have to follow strict instructions.

All successful applicants for learner driver’s permit renewal who have registered on Natis receive an SMS containing a new PIN that they must use as their password. This allows you to access information on their new driver’s license.

The first thing that you need to do is to visit the Natis online website. You will then need to enter the details of your current driver’s license such as:

  • Your surname and initials
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Category code (R = private motor vehicle)
  • Leave out the – sign
  • Last three digits of your ID number if known or leave it blank

Once you fill in this information correctly, click on the “click here” link which will redirect you to another page where a drop-down menu will appear. It will ask you to select whether this is a renewal application for learner permits or learner drivers permit conversion. You must be a South African citizen to renew your learner’s permit online. Besides this, the driver’s license for which you are going to apply for renewal must be expired for over three years. You must also have a valid driver’s license within the past five years.

After filling in your details correctly, you need to enter your PIN. Once done successfully, it will lead you to another page. The system will then auto-generate a credit card payment slip with the amount listed right at the bottom of the screen.

Now, what happens after doing so? You pay R165 (for learner driver’s permit conversion) as opposed to paying R195 if you were applying for a fresh learner’s permit. Should the transaction fail, then you will receive another SMS containing the same PIN and once again try to pay R165 (learner driver’s permit conversion).

But if you have already paid their renewal fee online at this stage; all you need to do is print out your receipt and your learners permit credit card slip. After that visit any of South Africa’s licensing centers to complete this process.

After successfully completing this process, the next step is for you to visit your nearest licensing center. You will need some original documents such as:

  • An identity document or passport with a photo on it
  • A valid driver’s license
  • An old learner’s permit
  • Proof of residential address issued within the last 90 days
  • A credit card as you will need to pay an R80 service fee

But the process won’t be complete until you have passed your practical test. You do this by visiting one of South Africa’s licensing centers and taking an eye test, as well as completing a medical assessment. Once this has been successful, you will receive your new driver’s license. You can display the license on your vehicle’s windscreen.

Provisional Driving License Renewal using Natis Online

Are you moving from one province to another or even out of the country? No problem. You can renew your expired license through Natis Online as long as you have an account. Log on using the old credentials and then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: If you are in South Africa, go to the Natis online website. The site opens up and asks if you want to go to Natis Online or Natis OFV. Click Natis Online.
  • Step 2: Read the terms and conditions and click ‘yes’ to continue if you are happy with them.
  • Step 3: Fill in your login credentials (or create a new account) and click continue. The site will ask what province you need a driver’s license for. Choose one from the drop-down list. It could be your current province or where you intend to move to, depending on when you want to renew your license. Note that you only have access to your own provincial driver’s license e-services portal and cannot view other provinces at this stage. Your Natis online homepage opens up after successful login.
  • Step 4: Go to My Dashboard. Your Natis online account dashboard opens up. You can see a list of transactions and activities done in the past year. This includes, if you’ve renewed your Natis online before, all that information will be at your fingertips. You will see information such as transaction history, payments made for Natis online, and so on.
  • Step 5: Click ‘Renew Driving License’ and follow the instructions given. Note that you need to capture an image of your license using a camera/mobile phone – front and back view (the barcode too). You may renew your Natis three times before it becomes necessary to re-apply for one. After paying via EFT or credit card, Natis will email you confirmation that your license is ready.
  • Step 6: Take a printout of the Natis online renewal receipt and keep it in a safe place. This is proof that you have indeed renewed your Natis online. Also, are on time with any Natis online renewal.

You can also complete other functions through Natis online, such as updating personal information and making payments for various services, including Natis Fees.

Full Driving License Renewal On Natis Online

Before embarking on the full-time driving license renewal process, there are things you need to know. They include:

  • Make sure you have the correct documentation and visit your preferred service center/depot. You can check which one to go to according to where you live/own or possess a vehicle. The process at each centre may differ slightly, so make sure you call ahead too.
  • Find out from the service staff how much your fee will be if paying in person, or how much it will cost if paying online on Natis (if available in your area).
  • Once you have this information, you should open your browser and load the official Natis website and follow these steps:
  1. Click on ‘Renew Driving Licence.’
  2. If you have a renewal code, key it in and click ‘Apply.’
  3. You should now view your renewing application by clicking ‘View Application’. If you are unsure of the accuracy of your information, click ‘Change Details’ first. Here you can change the following details:
  • Field 01 – Full name (information must match your ID). It will automatically update when using the renewal code.
  • Field 02-03 – Number of full-time license (s) you want to renew.
  • Field 04 – Date of birth (information must match what is on your ID).
  • Field 05 – Gender (select either ‘male’ or ‘female’).
  • Field 06 – First name and surname; this will automatically update when using the renewal code. It will also auto-fill in the address details based on your ID details. After verifying that it is correct, click ‘Save Details.’
  1. If you do not have a renewal code but have a letter with numbers and letters, use the online code generator.
  2. Click ‘Apply,’ and the application will get processed. You can track the progress of your application online once you click ‘Track Application’ (you might have to wait a few hours for it to show).
  3. After a successful application, you will receive an email from Natis confirming all the information regarding what to do next (if paying by Internet banking or at a service center). If you are paying in person at a service center/depot, follow the instructions given there. Pay attention to ensure a smooth application process. Sometimes, you can be told that your license has been approved even though it isn’t ready. Now sit back and wait for your license to get delivered directly to you.

How To Renew a Temporary Driving License On Natis Online?

To renew your temporary driving license on Natis online, ensure that you follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the online renewal form with your details. Enter all information correctly, as mistakes will lead to delays in processing.
  2. Upload digital copies of two identification documents; one must be a recent passport photo (must not be over three months old). You also need to upload copies of the expired driver’s license and identity card (front and back) if you still have it. Once uploaded, pay R564 for each via debit card.
  3. Attach photocopies of supporting documents, including proof of residence, ID number, signature, and educational qualification (s). You must attach these to your online application.
  4. Wait for the email confirmation and print out your temporary license.

Note: Natis will only mail the temporary driving license to non-business residential addresses in South Africa. Suppose you are not living at a physical address (e.g., a student staying with family friends or a business address like an office or apartment). In that case, they cannot deliver the temporary license to you. This is because it must come through the post office and sorting depot (depending on where you live).

Visit any RSA traffic services offices across the country with your:

  • Knowledge test certificate
  • Two identification documents
  • Passport photo (if available)
  • Proof of residence document (must show name and physical address); They sometimes call these N2/N3 forms. Ensure that you visit the closest office to your home, as this will reduce travelling costs (i.e., if a student lives in Durban but needs to visit Pretoria, park your car and go by taxi; otherwise, drive from Durban to Pretoria and back).

Apart from that, if you are visiting for other reasons (e.g., need to extend/renew international driving license), then you can complete it at the same time since both services operate under the same N2/N3 form. This will give you a discount of R45 when paying R109 on each service (extension + renewal = R164 instead of R420).

How to Check the Progress of your South African Drivers License Renewal on Natis

Over six million drivers in South Africa need to renew their driver’s licenses once every five years. Many of them don’t know how to check the progress of their application online and whether it has been approved or not. This piece aims at helping you learn all you need to know by providing you with a clear and easy guide on how to check the progress of your South African driver’s license renewal online using National Department of Transport Interactive System (NATIS).

If you’ve applied for a license renewal through Natis, then the first thing that you need to do is to wait until they send a confirmation email. This confirmation email tells you that your renewal application has been successfully submitted, and the process can begin. The second step in this process can check where exactly in the system your application process has reached. This will require you to visit Natis website and go through a couple of steps to check your driver’s license status or progress online.

Visit Natis website once again. Next, enter your ID number, click next, enter some basic information about yourself, and click next. Please provide your email address and mobile number, then click send. We are almost there. You will receive a text message with a code to unlock the PDF. Unlock it using the provided code and read the information about your application. Make sure that all your details are correct. If everything is good, then you can track your application by clicking on “Track Your Renewal.”

How much is Drivers Licence Renewal

To renew your Natis license, you need to pay a non-refundable R600.00 for the first year and an annual renewal fee of R150.00 after that. You can make payment by credit card or debit card, cash at any Standard Bank branch in South Africa, or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). If you are making a payment with a credit or debit card, you must have the PIN for the account linked to the credit/debit card, as they will require this upon submitting your online application form. It is also best not to use expired cards since they may not work even if they appear valid.

You can also process a Natis cheque (within 30 days of banking) at a Standard Bank counter or send an EFT to Natis, quoting your client ID number or Natis reference number and expiry date:

  • Natis Registration Renewal Account (NatisRR): 00000000 
  • Standard Bank Newlands BRANCH CODE: 088 150 001 441

Branch Code is essential as the account details in the Natis system do not show physical branch link. Send an email to to confirm your payments. Provide your full names, client ID number, and expiry date for verification. Natis keeps all information strictly confidential.

Advantages of Renewing Driving License on Natis Online

There are many advantages of renewing your license on Natis Online or updating your information with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They include:


Updating your license from home via Natis Online is much easier than going in person to the DMV office or paying for a third-party workaround service like Fast Easy DL, which can be expensive. It saves you time and money by saving you a trip to your local DMV office, which could be far away or difficult for some people to get to. If you live out of state, this may also save travel costs if you have to take time off of work, hitch a ride with someone or fly/drive back and forth across state lines.


Another advantage of renewing on Natis Online is that you don’t have to wait in line. DMV lines are notoriously long and boring, so why not avoid it by doing this process online? You can also do it at your convenience and from anywhere as long as you have a computer or other device with internet access. The final advantage of renewing your license online is that there is no fear of human error because of the program’s built-in spell checker, which corrects mistakes before submission. 

Easy Application

Many people may think it is difficult to update their information on Natis Online. Still, in reality, it takes only about 5 minutes per task if you have all the documents and know exactly what to do. The website is extremely user-friendly, prompting you to take action with each step of the process to avoid getting confusing.

Reliable Customer Services

If you are having any problems or issues while trying to renew your license online, customer service agents are available 24 hours a day via phone and email for help. You can call during standard California business hours Mon-Sun from 8:00 am–5:00 pm PST at 1(800) 777-0133. Their automated system will direct you through some simple troubleshooting steps outside these hours to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. For all other inquiries aside from technical problems, please email them at

Using Natis Online for your license renewal is highly recommended if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of renewing your license in person at the DMV office or third-party work in services like Fast Easy DL. It is a convenient, cheap, easy, and quick way to get your information updated as long as you follow all the procedures included within this guide.

Disadvantages of Renewing Driving License on Natis Online

  • Need a computer with internet access which everyone might not have access to.
  • Security risk – no one can guarantee the safety of your information as it passes through cyberspace. But Natis has made this an optional service–so continue lining up at their physical offices if you prefer not to use Natis.
  • Natis may not apply to computer illiterate South Africans. However, they can still apply offline or ask for assistance from tech savvy people. In some cases, they can come across cyber cafes that offer license renewal services at a small fee.
  • Sometimes, the Natis site becomes overloaded with too many logins and hangs a lot, reducing the sites speed and efficiency.

The Department of Transport (DoT) has a website where South Africans can renew their driving licenses online. It’s called Natis, and it allows you to apply for your license renewal electronically and pay the fees via credit card or electronic funds transfer. You will need to provide some personal details about yourself when applying for this service. So make sure you have these on hand before starting the process, if possible. This also provides a good opportunity for people who may not access physical government offices because of distance or disability issues to renew their drivers license hassle free.


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