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Dreadlocks Style for Ladies

Dreadlocks, or dreads, are a natural hairstyle made by matting a section of hair and tangling it without brushing or combing. This hairstyle dates back to early 2,500 B.C. and has had historical significance throughout the ages, such as the symbol for the pan-African political identity. In modern times, when consciousness around equal opportunity and diversity is gaining traction, dreads has become increasingly popular. It is also an easily preferred choice due to the numerous benefits that come with it.

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It was believed that dreadlocks could prevent energy from escaping your body through the top of your head. As a result, this facilitated a healthy spirit, mind, and body. Although this claim is arguable, dreads indeed promote healthy hair. Since the hair is twisted and tangled into the dreadlocks, it preserves hair’s natural moisture, preventing it from drying out and thus becoming weak. Dreadlocks also promote hair growth by protecting the hair strands from breakage resulting from daily styling or combing.

The adoption of dreads as a hairstyle is still in top gear as individuals across gender, age, and race continue to wear this style with pride. If the increasing adoption of dreads is anything to go by, it is safe to assume that people will wear this hairstyle many years into the future.

Dreadlocks require much patience to grow long enough to style. However, when it does, you can style it according to your preference to give you a new, refreshing look every day. Although it might take a while for your hair to reach your shoulders if you are just starting, you may opt for extensions to enjoy the diverse dreadlocks hairstyles. So, let’s dive into the dreadlocks styles of today.

Up-Do Bun

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One of the easiest ways to style your dreadlocks is by keeping them neatly tied in a bun. This style is convenient for anyone looking to keep the hair away from their faces. It also brings your beauty to full glare by giving you an instant natural facelift.

Double Fishbone Braids

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Double fishbone braids are a trendy dreadlocks style for ladies. To make it, you must create a dividing pattern and braid your dreadlocks in single, at an angle, around your head. This hairstyle keeps your dreadlocks away from the face, making them easier to manage.

Half Cornrows

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Half cornrows dreadlock hairstyle is not limited by the volume and length of your hair. You can pull this trendy hairstyle by braiding your dreads into neat cornrows going towards the back half. More importantly, anyone with short and long dreadlocks easily wear this style.

Flat Twists and an Up-Do Bun

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A flat twist is a protective hairstyle for your dreadlocks. This dreadlock hairstyle combines two styles, flat twists and an up-do bun, to achieve a trendy look. The flat twits are held into a bun, giving you an instant natural facelift. 

Tampered Ends dreadlocks

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Styling your hair may sometimes be a lot of work, especially if you are in a rush or perhaps you don’t want to be bothered with everyday styling. Tampered ends dreadlocks offer an easy way to wear your dreadlocks. With your dreads falling over your shoulders, the curly ends on tampered dreadlocks give you a bohemian look effortlessly. This dreadlock hairstyle is particularly perfect for anyone with curly hair.

Two-Strand Twists

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People with long dreadlocks love two-strand twists. This is a protecting hairstyle for thinning or weak dreadlocks. You can pull this look by combining twists and locs. Your dreadlocks strands are twisted in twos giving them a thicker appearance. Twisting works best with hair that is texturized, encouraging your dreadlocks to form fully. You can hold the twisted dreadlock strands in an up-do bun if you don’t want your hair to sit on your back. 

Half Up-Do

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When your scalp is clean and your dreadlocks neatly waxed, you can part a section of your front hair and hold them in an up-do hairstyle. You can style this section in cornrows for extra flair. The remaining section of your hair is left hanging. You can also leave two strands of your front hair hanging for an edgy look.

Half-Up Bun Wavy dreads

This is more or less similar to the half-up-do dreadlock style but with wavy dreads. If you are a half-up-do enthusiast, you may twist the style by including a single fishbone braid. You can curl the remaining section of hair to achieve a wavy, bouncy look. This hairstyle goes an extra mile to get you out of your comfort zone, bringing out your bold side.

Chunky Locs

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Chunky Locs is an easy hairstyle that doesn’t require much. It is ideal for a minimalist who has thick hair. It is common to form chunky locs at the beginning of your dreadlocks journey. For you to set this style, you use thicker strands of hair. They are effortless to manage and style.

Victory Roll

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Victory roll is one of our favorites. This bold dreadlock hairstyle gives you a refreshing look that is hard to miss. Achieve this victory roll dreadlock style by twisting your dreadlocks to one side. It doesn’t have to be a twist; you could do a braid. Use pins to secure the twist or braid to your preferred side, and you’re good to go.


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The versatility of dreadlocks is endless. Mohawk dreadlock style gives you a chic but playful look that is magnetic enough to make you stand out in a crowd. It has numerous variations allowing creativity with the designs you desire to pull off with the cut. Not only can you pull off front bangs with Mohawk, but you can also achieve side bangs beautifully.

Pussy Cat Buns

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Pussycat buns is a playful but unique dreadlocks style best suited for outgoing and fun-loving individuals. You set this style by parting the hair into two sections and holding it up in buns. 

If you are contemplating starting your dreadlock journey, you are on the right track. Not only will you do good with your hair, but you will also have numerous styles to pick from, making your dreadlocks experience fun. The versatility of dreadlocks is remarkable.


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