Updated 23.02.2023

Disney Plus South Africa – What You Need to Know

A good entertainment package should provide both the utmost pleasure and add educational value to its viewers and Disney Plus South Africa seems to be the best in the market so far. With its wide variety of channels, it is suitable for both the older and younger generations. Here is what you need to know about this enticing package and why you should be having it in your home.

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Launch Day

The launch date of Disney+ was scheduled for the winter of Wednesday, 18th May 2022 at the Kyalami racetrack in Johannesburg. One can access the Disney plus South Africa package by logging on to on their browsers and then using their email addresses or phone numbers to register. They would then be able to download the app through the apple store or google play store.


Disney plus South Africa gives its subscribers two options when it comes to payments. The first option, which is a monthly subscription cost R 119 while the second one, which is an annual installment will cost R1190. This price is considered a little bit higher when compared to the Netflix subscription plan, but it’s a small price to pay considering the fact that Disney plus South Africa allows for four streaming at ago. Furthermore, one can download movies and series from up to ten devices with the same login credentials. A person is also allowed to have as many as seven different profiles. This allows you to have access to your entertainment at your fingertips.


The Disney plus South Africa edition, in collaboration with various movie-producing companies from around the globe, has ensured that their viewers get nothing but the best from their wide range of products. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, a fan of action or drama or science and thriller, be assured of getting some of the hottest shows at the comfort of your television or tablet- all at your disposal. Some of these movie companies include Disney world, Pixar, National Geographic (highly recommended for lovers of nature), Marvel, and Star Wars. These renowned movie-producing companies are working tirelessly to ensure their viewers get ice-chilling movies and series. For lovers of general entertainment, remember to log into Star hub for an exclusive viewing of shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Blackish.

As a resident of South Africa, one will probably be looking for content that is African in nature. Worry not, Disney plus South Africa package has you covered with series such as Kizazi Moto and Iwaju which are animated. As days progress, be assured that Disney will be adding more Africanized movies and series so stay alert so that the best of the best shows does not pass you.

In conclusion, Disney plus South Africa is your best entertainment package as it is not only cheaper but also has a wide range of content ranging from reality-based entertainment and fiction for one’s full enjoyment, so go ahead and get yourself one.


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