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Dischem Medical Aid Review

Dischem medical aid review let’s you in on this product.

It is important to take care of your family’s medical needs at all times. Unfortunately, medical care can be expensive, especially if you do not have a medical cover or insurance. Most people struggle even more when they have medical emergencies. Dischem Medical Aid is one of the most common medical aids in South Africa. This article explores the different perks and reviews the aid in detail. Keep reading to find out why you should choose it for your family.

dischem medical aid

Top Covers Offered by Dischem Medical Aid

Each Medical Aid comes with a lot of different covers to cater for the varied needs of different individuals. The payment rates and benefits of each of these covers differ. It helps to understand what options one has so as to make the right choice. These include:

The Day-to-Day Cover

This is the cover that allows users to access affordable private healthcare. The payment options also come in a range beginning with R450 per month for adults to R315 per month for kids. 

The cover takes care of access to doctors, medicine, dentists, optometry and extra medical care. The extra services include accident cover and medical emergency illness buy-up. Dischem value added services include counseling and a unique service known as Dischem extra.

The day-to-day insurance cover is divided into two sections. These are MyHealth Core and MyHealth Plus. MyHealth Core remains the standard primary health care insurance that offers cover for the broad spectrum health problems/ issues. It is available at a rate of R450 per month for adults and R315 per month for kids.

On the other hand, the MyHealth Plus plan is the more comprehensive option that costs R620 per month for adults.It comes with all the benefits you find in MyHealth Core. The only difference is that it has unlimited doctors’ access. You also get virtual consultation, access to chronic medication for up to 27 conditions, and specialist visits.

Gap Cover

The Gap cover plan takes care of all shortfall costs for in-hospital treatments as well as procedures. This is available in Base or Summit plans.

The Base plan for the Gap Cover is the Standard Gap Cover plan covering tariff shortfalls going up to an additional 500%, dental reconstruction, and sub-limits. It also covers family and hospital booster gains. The payments start from R134/month.

The Summit is the Gap comprehensive cover that includes all the gains of the  Base Plan. It also includes oncology, sub-limits, tariff shortfalls, and co-payments among other gains. It begins from R180/month,

The price tables for the two covers differ based on age. Below are the specific details for each age.

Price Table for the Base Cover

< 18R19
18-39R134R69R27(For children up to 25 years)

Price Table for the Summit Cover

< 18R27
18-39R180R101R37(For children up to 25 years)

Accident Cover

This cover can start as little as R198 per month for adults and R110 per month for kids. It comes with buy-up options that provide higher limits and also give you access to private hospitals when in Medical Emergency resulting from illness. The cover includes financial, family, and legal counseling.

The Accident Cover comes with several plans under it. These include accident cover, heart attack and stroke cover, as well as medical emergency illness Buy-up.

The Dis-chem hospital accident cover will look after the family in case of any kind of accidental emergency, a stroke, or a heart attack. The premium begins from R198 per month for adults and R119 for kids.

The cover includes emergency casualty visits, accident hospitalization in private facilities, emergency stabilization, and ambulance services. Note that the extended accident cover offers a comprehensive cover which gives you greater levels of cover at a R228 per month rate for adults.

It is also possible to add the Medical Emergency Illness Buy-up plan at an extra R60/ month for adults and R36/ child/ month.

Also include the value added services for an extra R75 per month. Some of the gains that come with this include financial and legal counseling. You also get the extra Dis-chem reward programme.

Top benefits of the accident cover include:

  • Ambulance stabilization which includes 

a) Netcare 911 ambulance transportation

b.)Insured persons will be transported to a network hospital in the event of an accidental emergency, heart attack or stroke

c.)Unlimited stabilisations at the scene of the accident by Netcare 911

d.) All other medical emergencies due to illness will be transported to a state facility unless the buy-up option has been purchased

e.)Limited to road transport

  • Death and disability cover
  • Hospitalization for stroke and heart attack
  • Hospitalization for accidents

Buy Medical Cover for Someone Else

One of the easiest ways to support your loved ones is getting them the right medical cover. Choosing the right medical cover for your loved ones is a priority. 

This cover comes with several medical provisions including support home assistance staff for home care giving, medical insurance for family and friends, allowing access to private medical care affordably. However, note that such medical provision is available for members who are 18 years or more.

How does the medical cover work? Start by sharing the contact details with the qualified brokers. It is important that the person you are purchasing the medical cover for can access the call and join in. This is important since the policy is in their name.

Next, the qualified broker will take the policyholder through the options available. When you both settle on the right plan, the person you are buying the plan for should give their consent.

The final step is to provide the relevant bank details. The environment should be safe. You can then finalize the process of getting your loved one a medical cover.

Final Thoughts

The different medical covers and insurance plans offered by DisChem are meant to cater to the different needs of South African residents. Consider going through the different offers before selecting the most appropriate ones. The cover you finally settle for should match your needs and that of your family.


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