Updated 25.04.2021

Standard Bank Consolidation Loans

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is Africa’s biggest lender by assets, with a market cap of roughly R318 billion (USD23 billion). It was developed in 1863 and was famous in financing the diamond fields of Kimberley in 1867. They offer varying types of banking and related financial services across sub-Saharan Africa. Their entire business model is based on trust, integrity, and respect. 

Self-Service Banking

Standard Bank is working hard to be a digitally enabled universal financial services organization. They highlight a self-service banking feature on their official website where customers can securely do banking transactions on any digital channel or device they prefer. Customers can do banking anytime, anywhere, without worrying about monthly fees. 

Loan Services

Sometimes one simply can’t avoid unexpected payments, for emergency cases or personal reasons. Standard Bank offers Overdraft Loans, Revolving Loans and Personal Loans to anybody who is in need of financial support. Plus, there are no early termination fees if you want to pay off your loans right before the fixed date.

Why Consolidate your Loans?

First of all, debt consolidation means entering into a new loan agreement to pay off a number of smaller debts. All of these debts are merged into a solitary, now larger debt, with more favorable pay-off terms, such as friendlier interest rate or lower monthly payment for both.

Debt consolidation is the only answer to unmanageable debt payments. This will help customers keep up with their credit rating and fulfill their responsibilities with ease.

Consolidating your debt with a loan at Standard Bank

Get a personal loan of up to R300,000 so you can start managing your debts. Standard Bank will provide a debt counselor to help tailor a unique and simple payment agreement from all the involved creditors. Your loan is insured so you are covered in the event of death, disability or sudden cutbacks.

Apply for a Consolidation Loan

The online application is available 24/7 through Standard Bank’s official website. Standard Bank’s data is managed securely, so customers can feel free to fill in the application form without worrying about their own security. 

To find out if debt consolidation is the right solution for you, get in touch through our Debt Care Centre.

Try their Loan Simulator

Customers can determine their loan payments beforehand by simply typing in their desired loan amount and loan term in months. They are going to see the first date of payments along with its interest rates and fees. After reviewing the results, customers can ask if they qualify through a series of information requests. It’s pretty easy and quick.