Updated 25.04.2021

Old Mutual Consolidation Loans

Established in Cape Town in 1845, Old Mutual Group became South Africa’s first mutual life insurance company, providing steady financial security to its customers. They offer financial solutions to meet customer’s specific needs, be it from a small scale startup company or business institution. Currently, they serve branches across South Africa, the Rest of America and certain regions in the market.

Old Mutual Loan Services

The group grants personal loans and debt consolidation loans that are intended to meet the specific needs of every customer. All loan products are backed by Old Mutual Finance which is licensed financial services and legitimate credit providers.

What is Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidation plan is a new loan application that gives you the ability to pay your multiple debts into one single transaction. With this new loan, you have more favorable payoff terms that cover a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. 

How Old Mutual Debt Consolidation Loan Works

Old mutual secures a single admin fee in lieu of the varying payments you have from multiple creditors. The goal is to increase your chances of paying the full amount by granting lower monthly installments.

Old Mutual Debt Consolidation Loan Benefits

This saves you from further debt as you keep track of your payments every month. Additionally, Old Mutual is going to personalize a budget plan that fits you from cutting costs to saving money, in order to reach the desired payment amount.  Similarly, this is the best and surest way to improve your credit score. At the same time, peace of mind is just within reach because of a streamlined payment method.

Apply at Old Mutual Online

Get a personal loan of up to R200,000 with a repayment period of 7 years. Submit your application along with your requirements online.

Upon approval, you will obtain the money in a lump sum. Your repayments are fixed monthly amounts based on the loan amount, how much you can afford and the specified terms of your loan.

Try Old Mutual Loan Calculator

Choose a loan amount from R500 to R200,000 and get a quick view of your projected loan terms.