DebtBusters – Debt Counselling & Consolidation

How Does DebtBusters Work?

Debtbusters provides debt management services and counselling to South Africans. Helping to reduce interest rates, save money and prevent homes and vehicles being repossessed. It is part of the Intelligent Debt Management Group (IDM Group). They have been helping thousands of individuals saved millions in interest rates and fees since 2007.

What Services do DebtBusters Offer?

  • Debt Counselling
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Insolvency
Debt Counselling Debt Management Debt Consolidation Insolvency
Avoids having to sell my house to release any equity X X X
Stops interest building up X
Creditors are obliged to help X X
The arrangement runs for a fixed period X X X
Creditors should stop chasing me X X X X
It avoids the stigma of personal bankruptcy X X X
The people that arrange it have to be qualified and licensed X X
Will it be on my credit record? X X
If so for how long? Until debt is repaid 3 – 10 years
How much do DebtBusters charge? R3,000 + 5% monthly R1,500 1% of the loan R20,000