Updated 08.05.2021

Capitec Consolidation Loan

Capitec is the second major retail bank in South Africa, with 120,000 customers opening new accounts every month. They are able to maintain 500 retail branches all over South Africa, 3418  owned or partnership ATMs and the bank is comprised of 6.2 million customers in total. The bank’s goal is to simplify the customer’s banking experience with its all-inclusive banking solution called Global One

Get A Capitec Consolidation Loan Easily

Source: Capitec Bank

Capitec Loan Services

Customers can get credit from Capitec online. They can view an estimate calculation online or make use of the bank’s mobile app to apply. The maximum loan amount is R250000 with the lowest rate of 12.9%. Capitec plans out a personalized offer based on the customer’s affordability.

What is Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation loan is beneficial to individuals who are having difficulties paying off multiple debts from several lenders. Rather than dividing your payments to the creditors, you simply fused your payment in one setting — but your debts still remain separated. 

How Capitec Debt Consolidation Loan Works

The concept focuses on getting all these loans into a single payment with a lower interest rate and monthly payment. This will ease your financial management and get out of possible bankruptcy. 

Capitec Bank Debt Consolidation Loan Benefits

Whatever you spend your money on: home improvements, children’s education or second-hand car purchase – living better starts when you get credit for the right reasons.

Capitec’s personalized loan can give you the best offer based on your profile and your need, with lower fees and at the most ideal interest rate. Keep in mind that the term will affect your installments, so be sure that you’ll be able to pay back the monthly installments throughout the entire term.

Apply for Loan in 3 Easy Steps

Head on to Capitec’s online credit application and follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the amount you want and the best monthly instalment for your finances
  2. Provide your Personal Information (e.g. type of loan, employer’s name, the payment period, email address, SA ID number etc.)
  3. Get Your Results 
Loan amountsLoan periodsInterest rate (APR)
R5 000 to R250 00012 to 84 months12.90% to 27.90%