Updated 28.05.2021

BondPro Finance

Debt consolidation can be your greatest ally when you get to the realization that you are mismanaging your debt obligations. You might be trying your best to juggle multiple credit card payments but constantly overlook payments on one or two accounts. This then leads to a number of penalties and finance charges on your account.

Consolidating your debt gives you the chance not only to manage your payments better but to save money every month. For one, you stop missing payment due dates because you will now have only one account. Consolidation also lowers your monthly payment and gives you the chance to free up some extra funds in your budget.

BondPro gets you the help you need

Debt consolidation becomes an easy process with BondPro as they look at your financial situation as something that needs immediate action. Considered as a financial service provider, the company has years of experience in the financial sector particularly in helping consumers. This also goes without saying that the company is professional in nature.

One of the objectives of the company is to be able to reach out to as many South Africans as possible who are having debt problems. As such, BondPro is an exclusively online service company allowing them the flexibility of working online with customers. The rather small yet experienced company sets out to help South Africans understand debt consolidation better.

BondPro process for consolidating debts

The company is full of experienced professionals who will be responsible for analyzing your unique financial situation. This includes your total debt amount, the nature of each type of account, interest rates, lenders, and other details. This helps them and the company understand your situation and match you with a lender

The company will do all the legwork from analysis of your finances and debt, reaching out to lenders, and identifying the debt consolidation loan that comes with the lowest rate and as well as monthly payment. This is one of the reasons why consolidating debts is the choice of South Africans dealing with debt problems.

What type of loan is used by BondPro

In order to meet the ideal low-interest rate and manageable amount every month, the company works by providing secured loans. A secured loan allows the lender some assurance that they will not be on the wrong side of the deal. This is because there are times when people borrowing money without collateral simply stops making payments on their loans.

Secured loans give the lenders the authority to put a lien on a property or asset owned by the borrower. This lower the risk the lender takes on the loan and they can give out a lower interest rate. With a lower rate, it follows that the interest payment is lower. This brings down the whole amount every month.

It is important to note as well that BondPro will only use the amount you are approved for to repay your debt. This helps them ensure that you are using the amount wisely. It also helps you stay out of trouble. This is because if you used that money elsewhere, you now start paying on that loan on top of your existing debt.

Debt consolidation is a great repayment program that can help you take control of your financial life. If you want to know more about it, read it here.