Updated 07.10.2021

Woolworths Gold Credit Card – Get 2% Cashback

Woolworths first started as a retail store which offers a wide range of consumer goods. Now, they also offer financial services, called Woolworths Financial Services, to new and existing customers. They offer store cards, credit cards, personal loans and insurance cover.

Woolworths Gold Credit Card

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is offered to new and existing customers who want to enjoy exclusive benefits offered by the store on affiliated companies and products. The card is marked with a Visa logo, meaning it can be used for purchases that accept payment from the said credit company.

Features and Benefits

Cardholders of the Woolworths Gold Credit Card can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get 2% of your expenses on Woolworths back through WRewards quarterly vouchers. Purchases from Woolies Engen garage are excluded from this rebate, though.
  • You can use your Woolworths Gold Credit Card to withdraw cash advances from any ATM that accepts Visa cards. Interest is charged starting from the withdrawal date up to the time the amount owed is paid.
  • If you’re under 75 years old, you can receive basic travel insurance coverage when you purchase an international airline ticket using your Woolworths Gold Credit Card.
  • You can choose how and when to repay the balance on your credit card. You can pay as small as R300 and spread the repayment period from a minimum of 6 months up to a lengthy 60 months.
  • You’re entitled to Woolworths Balance Protection Insurance program which covers your outstanding balance that’s not in arrears in case of death, diagnosis of a critical illness, retrenchment, and temporary or permanent disability.
  • Using your Woolworths Gold Credit Card on fuel purchases entitles you to receive a 1% rebate in the form of WRewards quarterly vouchers. You also get to enjoy waived transaction fees and interest-free repayments on fuel purchases for up to 55 days.
  • A variety of free and chargeable medical and legal assistance can be given to you and your immediate family members when travelling altogether outside your country of residence.
  • Up to 8 additional cards can be extended from your Woolworths Gold Credit Card at no extra charge. Purchases from these extension cards will contribute to earning your quarterly WRewards vouchers.
  • Lost card protection is given on both primary and secondary credit cards. You just have to notify Woolworths within 24 hours after the incident happened.
  • Up to 0.75% rebate given through WRewards quarterly vouchers for purchases made outside Woolworths.

As a Woolworths Gold Credit Card user, you automatically become a member of the WRewards program that gives out exclusive discounts and other bonuses. As a member, you’ll also rack up rewards points every time you use your card to purchase items.

Woolworths Gold Credit Card


To become a Woolworths Gold Credit Cardholder, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You should be at least 18 years of age
  • You have a valid ID number
  • You have an monthly income of at least R3 000 per month

When applying for the card, make sure you bring a valid, government-issued ID. Also, bring three of your latest payslips or three months’ worth of bank statements. As proof of residence, bring the latest (last 3 months) bills or bank statements wherein your current address is indicated.

Interest, Fees, and Repayment Information

Service fees vary from when you obtained your Woolworths Gold Credit Card. For those who got their card before May 1, 2017, you have to pay R37.32. For accounts that opened after this date, a fee of R50.43 is collected every end of the month.

Cash advances can be done over-the-counter or from ATM supported by ABSA. Fees range from R7 to R50, depending on the preferred mode of service.

Repayments can be done through various methods. Choose one from any of the following ways to repay your Woolworths credit card balance:

  • Any Woolworths store
  • Any ABSA Bank branch
  • Electronic transfer of funds
  • Debit Order

The minimum monthly repayment amount will depend on any one of the following computations, whichever yields the highest value:

  • Five percent (5%) of the balance
  • The sum of the interest, fees, and one percent (1%) of balance
  • If the balance is greater than R50, monthly repayment should be R50
  • The full balance if it amounts to less than R50

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How to Apply

You can contact Woolworths through the following communication channels.

Phone: 0861 50 20 20

Fax: 0861 50 20 06

Email: creditcard@wfs.co.za

You can also apply online through their website and answer the form there.