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Best Courier Companies in South Africa

Courier companies come in handy when you are planning to receive or send a package in South Africa. Having access to a cheap and reliable courier service is a necessity for many individuals and businesses. Whether you are looking to receive parcels, arrange delivery of stock, fulfill orders from an online store, or make special requests for logistics,  an efficient courier service is essential in your day-to-day life.

There are several courier companies in South Africa. As such, finding a reliable company in the crowded market may be an uphill task. In this article, we compile the best courier companies in South Africa based on reviews from customers as well as the size of the companies.

Here’s a list of the top courier companies in South Africa.  These shipping companies provide exceptional delivery services coupled with additional services such as parcel tracking and insurance. 

The Courier Guy 

Courier Guy was established in 2000 with one man, as the name suggests, and a motorbike. Today, the company has grown considerably to include multiple deliveries to routes all across South Africa. You may choose same-day economy delivery, same-day express delivery, overnight delivery, or standard air delivery, among other options.

Courier Guy is one of the top most reasonably priced courier companies in South Africa that offers cheap delivery services to large corporate clients, small businesses, and individual customers.

Fastway Couriers

Fastway couriers are among the top leading courier companies across South Africa. Serving over 250 regions, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, its sole objective is to reach a broader client base and satisfy their delivery needs. Since its depots are distributed well across South Africa, Fastway is an ideal courier company choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Fastway offers affordable services, wide-reaching networks, reliable parcel tracking, and efficient delivery services.


Globeflight couriers was established in 1998. It is a well-known courier company that provides a wide range of affordable logistics options, including delivery services such as express same-day deliveries and overnight deliveries.

Globeflight not only operates across South Africa, but it also provides international delivery services. This makes it your best option if you are looking for far-off destination shipment.

DHL Express 

DHL is among the best international courier companies in SA. They work to provide courier services between South Africa and the world at large. DHL Express is known for its outstanding, reliable, schedule, and affordable services. Their additional services such as parcel tracking make them ideal for business and personal deliveries.

Diamond Express 

Diamond Express is among the leading courier companies in Welkom, Kuruman, Upington, Kimberly, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. You may consider getting a medium to small-sized parcel delivered through Diamond Express as they will take care of the freight.

MDs Collivery 

MDs Collivery operates under the wings of MDS group. This courier company was established by Mr. Hugh Randall in 1991 to provide international and local courier services. Their delivery service is accompanied by an efficient parcel tracking system which makes them ideal for businesses as well as individuals.

Aerospeed Couriers 

Aerospeed is among the oldest courier companies in South Africa. It started operating in 1993 and has since been known for its efficient, customized express international and domestic delivery services. If you are looking for leading courier companies in Gauteng, then you may consider Aerospeed Couriers.

Door to Door 

Door to Door is a highly regarded delivery company in South Africa. The courier company has received many remarkable reviews and testimonials from clients for its efficient deliveries as well as its affordable courier services. Door to Door provides a broad range of logistic options, among them international deliveries, standard/budget cargo, and overnight deliveries. This courier company also delivers personalized customer service upon request.


PostNet is among the top courier companies in South Africa. It is also one of the most established in the country as it has been operational for nearly three decades. PostNet has established over 390 franchised stores across South Africa, providing highly accessible and easy courier services. 

PostNet offers a broad range of logistics solutions, both locally and internationally. They serve various markets in SA.

Courier It 

Courier It is one of the leading courier companies for businesses in South Africa. This is due to the fact that it identifies the client’s needs and delivers according to specifications. They provide specialized express delivery services to both local and international markets. This company has more than 14 branches and 23 networking hubs within the country. This makes it easy for them to deliver packages all across the country efficiently. PostNet also provides a broad range of logistics options to various clientele around the country.

City Logistics 

City logistics provides extensive delivery networks around South Africa. This well-established courier company has more than 100,000 meters square of warehousing space, making it perfectly capable of fulfilling its customer’s large orders.

Known for its reliability, City Logistics provides a wide range of courier services, including warehousing, distribution, and linehaul solutions for business enterprises all around South Africa. They provide delivery vehicles of all sizes to meet the specified logistical requirements of practically any client or business.

Dawn Wing 

Dawn Wing is a DPD Laser Express Logistics Ltd division that is owned jointly by Geopost and the Laser Group Ltd. Dawn Wing is also among the most well-established courier companies in South Africa. They are known for their highly reliable and affordable courier services. 

Dawn Wing has a timetable that is specialized for orders of up to 30kgs. They serve individuals and businesses all around the country. Dawn Wing is also highly regarded for its use of technology to track and keep parcels safe. It has been rated as a leading logistics company in South Africa for 13 consecutive years.

RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers 

With over 2,800 well-trained personnel, 1,500 vehicles, and 40 branches in operation across South Africa, RAM Hand-to-Hand is ill-equipped to run its operations reliably and efficiently. They have invested in technology to manage their affairs and have never subcontracted delivery services, making them one of the top courier companies in South Africa.

Courier services clients come from various sectors of South Africa’s economy, including clothing retail brands, food and beverages business, etc. Most of these clients are online businesses that require shipping orders to customers.

Now that you know the top 10 courier services in South Africa, you need to know how to identify a service that best suits your needs. Here’s a list of the key factors to consider when looking for your potential courier company.

Speed of Delivery

The duration it takes for your clients to receive their orders from your courier company may have an impact on the reputation of your business, consequently increasing or decreasing your overall sales. The shorter the time, the happier your customers may be, and as a result, the more likely they are to purchase from you again.

Size and Weight Limitations

It is vital to note that the weight and size of your product may influence the courier company you choose. This is due to either the extra costs charged for delivering larger parcels or because some courier companies may not have the means to transport big and heavy products.

Proof of Delivery

It may be worthwhile to use a courier company that offers recorded delivery options or parcel tracking to ensure that the company is delivering to your full expectation. You may want to pick a courier company that provides proof of delivery.

Customer Service

It is important to consider the reputation of your chosen courier company. This may come in handy particularly when there is an issue with the shipment.

Cost of Value

If you are an online business owner, note that the costs of delivery for outsourcing shipping operations may add up fast. This is why you need to work out your costs of delivery against the value offered for your business. While most individuals and businesses consider price to be an important factor, it is however advisable not to key in your research for the best courier company on price alone as you may end up with a poor shipping experience.

Parcel Insurance

Accidents can happen to even the best courier companies, causing lateness in delivery or perhaps damaged goods. Courier insurance can help alleviate the worry of your goods being delivered not as expected.

Which Courier is Fast in South Africa?

Courier service speed depends on the client’s urgency, but most delivery companies try to fulfill orders on time. All in all, courier companies with agents on the field tend to provide the quickest courier services, such as The Courier Guy and Aerospeed couriers.

Which is the Best Courier Service?

While there are several top courier companies in South Africa, each one of them doing incredible work, DHL Express is considered the best courier company in South Africa, based on their customer reviews and testimonials.

This list includes some of the top leading courier services in South Africa. They have been picked based on their reliability, affordability, logistical networks, as well as their overall customer service. It is important that you choose your courier company wisely, as it can impact majorly on your overall operations.


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