Updated 12.06.2021

Cheapest Uncapped Broadband Services in South Africa

Afrihost is the top DSL and Fibre Internet Service Provider in South Africa. It has been awarded as the best ISP of the year 2018 in terms of providing customer service and net speed. Recently Afrihost has launched a 5Mbps uncapped Pure DSL service in just R297 per month. It clearly shows that uncapped broadband service is now within anyone’s means in South Africa.

In the near past, nobody could afford unlimited and fast internet except business owners and richly endowed households. In 2009, it was a time when only 1GB of data through ADSL would cost approximately R70. ADSL customers were bound to use data up to 3GB per month. If you overstep the 3GB limit then you had to purchase ADSL data of 1GB at R70.

In September 2009, Afrihost took a revolutionary move and decreased the price of ADSL data to R29 per 1GB. Although the ISP market got a huge blow it did not cause a change in the overall cost of ADSL service. ADSL customers were still paying high prices for line rent and ADSL access. At that time Africa’s largest communication company Telkom was controlling the market situation. Due to these factors, broadband remained a luxury service of that time.

In 2010, Mweb launched Uncapped ADSL and became the first ISP to provide broadband connections at a flat rate with an unlimited data usage facility. It proved to be a turning point that made uncapped broadband affordable and initially, the price was R219 per month. Remarkably the residential customers now could have uncapped ADSL service as a whole at just R500 per month. It is also due to other factors and events that caused the decrease in uncapped broadband prices.

Those other factors can be mentioned which caused lowering down the prices of uncapped broadband. At First, a decrease in international bandwidth prices caused this to happen. Secondly, Open network peering without any cost was also a major factor for the decrease in prices. Thirdly, competition between other fibre network operators e.g. Frogfoot and Vumatel, made the prices decrease as a business strategy. Fourthly, a competition between ADSL and fibre started in terms of wireless and fixed products involving 4G and 5G services.

All those factors mentioned above not only made the prices down but also caused the broadband speed up. This resulted in a new wholesale Pure Connect product by Openserve i.e. naked ADSL. Customers were not enforced to get a line from Telkom to get broadband service from their ISP. Therefore, Openserve’s speed upgrades facilitation and Pure Connect service are the real causes behind Afrihost’s price cuts of uncapped DSL.

People who lack fibre service in the area are now attracted to DSL. Keeping in mind this whole scenario it is question-begging that what the cheapest uncapped broadband services in South Africa are. The answer lies in the overview of some prominent ISP products.

Afrihost’s DSL tech provides:

  • 05Mbps @ R279 per month
  • 10Mbps @ R397 per month
  • 20Mbps @ R597 per month
  • 40Mbps @ R697 per month

Find out more at Afrihost

Vodacom’s Wi-Fi tech provides:

  • 04Mbps @ R499 per month
  • 08Mbps @ R699 per month
  • 10Mbps @ R749 per month
  • 20Mbps @ R849 per month

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Telkom’s FTTH tech provides:

  • 25Mbps @ R399 per month
  • 50Mbps @ R699 per month
  • 100Mbps@R899 per month
  • 10Mbps @ R849 per month (LTE tech)

View broadband deals at Telkom

Rain’s 4G/5G tech provides:

  • 10Mbps @ R479 per month (4G)
  • 30Mbps @ R699 per month (5G)
  • 150Mbps@R999 per month (5G)

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