Updated 05.06.2023

Cellphone Contracts No Credit Checks or Blacklisted 2023

Getting a cell phone on contract is difficult for anyone with a bad credit record or profile. But there are considerable options to explore for cellphone contracts for blacklisted. Mobile phone operators have partnered with various companies and online stores to make this possible. There are various things you will have to consider before you commit to a contract phone. No one wants a bad deal, one that they’ll end up regretting. This article provides useful tools to help you find a cell phone contract without a credit check. In addition to this, you will learn the right places for you to get the contracts in South Africa.

Cell Phone Contracts No Credit Checks
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How to Choose a Cell Phone Contract without a Credit Check

Before you decide on a contract, it is wise to find out what service they offer:

  1. Look at the monthly payment and confirm that you can afford it.
  2. Find out how long you will have to pay. Some contracts let you pay for as long as 36 months. Others last only 12 months.
  3. Considering the cost, make sure you are getting an overall good contract deal, one that you can afford without straining your financial muscles too much.

Then look at the cellphone plan, the data bundles, the SMS, and the airtime provided in the mobile contract. Normally, contract deals come with a cellphone and a SIM card. Some contracts provide a SIM card only or even a Wi-Fi router in some cases. The type of smartphone you choose is entirely up to you. The cellphones on offer start from budget-level smartphones like the Nokia C2 and Redmi 9C handsets. The best cellphones on offer are mid range smartphones like Oppo A53s and Samsung Galaxy A21s. You rarely get high-end smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with credit check free contracts.

The choice of the cellphone you want will depend on how much you can afford to pay every month. The best cellphones are high priced. Although the best cellphone contract is a matter of opinion, some pointers could help you choose. Ideally, you want good performance and a screen at the best price. Find out from online smartphone reviewers what the cellphone you want is like before deciding. Keep an eye out for any promotional mobile phone deals which might be out there. You will also likely to be more limited in terms of choice if selecting a deal without a credit check, for example there are not many 2 phone 1 contract deals for blacklisted customers.

The mobile phone operator provides the SIM you get on a contract. This means you will sign on with Vodacom, Intellicell, MTN, Cell C, or even Telkom mobile network. But the focus of your search should not be on airtime, SMS, and data bundles that come with the contract, which makes a choice more subjective. Depending on the need from your specific use case, you either want more data or more airtime, or more SMSs. Just make sure you choose a quality mobile phone network for your area.

If you use the internet a lot, you want to go for a contract that provides more data. However, if you call friends and family or workmates a lot, the best package is one that has more minutes of talk time. Lastly, if you send a lot of short messages, you will be keen to ensure you choose a deal that comes with a lot of SMSs.

Look at how payments can be made for the contract, depending on the service provider the payment methods might vary, usually the options are credit card, debit card, cash or EFT. 

You may also need to pay a security deposit, deposit amounts will vary depending on the carrier and your credit rating.

Requirements for a Cellphone Contract without a Credit Check

Although these kinds of cellphone contracts do not insist that a credit check be conducted, they will still need the following personal details from you:

  • Legally recognized name
  • Your South African ID
  • Current contact information
  • Your monthly salary (sometimes bank statements)

These details help them confirm whether or not you can pay the monthly installments for your contract.

Where to Find Cellphone Contracts for Blacklisted

Cellphone Contracts for Blacklisted

The following vendors provide a wide range of deals for cellphone contracts for blacklisted people and do not require credit check: has an offering called “Credit Friendly Deals” to people with a low credit rating or even those who have been blacklisted, regardless of their credit history. Their contract offers range from around R150 to R400 and lasts for 24 months. You can apply for the contract offers on Credit Friendly Deals directly from the website.


Intellicell has cell phone contract offers with monthly payments ranging from R150 to R350 for 24 months. All their devices use Vodacom. The company was founded in 2005 to provide an affordable offering to the millions of prepaid cellphone plans.” The prepaid plan did have a high upfront cost but provide a good alternative to the month contracts. have cellphones with contract payments going as high as R850 each month for 18 months. They have contract phones for blacklisted people with no minimum credit score and people with a credit status. The company also offers contracts with MTN, Telkom, and Cel C. To get these contracts, you have provide proof of employment for at least 6 months prior to your application.

Bfor Mobile

Bfor Mobile is a mobile phone vendor that started up in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal. Their vision is to respond to “the evolving needs of many South Africans wanting access to a mobile device” They offer cellphone contracts without doing a credit check. The deals they offer can be found on their website.

The cellphone contracts that come without credit checks cater to the needs of customers with a low credit rating or bad credit history. You might find yourself in need of a cellphone with few options open to you. When hard-pressed to use these contracts, it is a good thing that you find the option in the market.

Take the three major considerations into account before you settle on a contract. First, make sure you know what you can afford and whether it’s a good deal. Second, know what type of phone you want. Finally, know what package you want between one with the most data, airtime, or SMS offer. After deciding, the vendors that have been listed will help you get a cell phone contract that is suitable for you.

Although all the vendors offering cellphone contracts are compliant with RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act) regulations, it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t get duped into a bad deal. Always make sure that you read the contract fully and understand it before committing to it.