Updated 11.10.2022

CashBuild Loans – How it Works

CashBuild is one of the leading home improvement stores in South Africa. They understand that building or renovating your dream home can be pricey. Fortunately, they’ve teamed up with a bank to provide loans for those looking to remodel their homes, sometimes known as a building loan. In this article, we discuss how CashBuild credit works and why it might be a great option.

Taking out a personal loan for home improvement

Just about every person has a visualization of what their dream home looks like. Whether it is picket fences or polished porcelain tiles, it all comes at a price. Saving money to build or renovate your home might take a long time.

For many people, saving additional money each month from their salary can be challenging. There are numerous expenses each month and saving might not be an option. For this reason, Cashbuild credit might just be the way forward for those looking to renovate.

This building loan option is perfect for those looking to swiftly build their dream homes.

Why build on credit?

There are numerous reasons why building on credit is ideal for consumers. Firstly, building material is expensive. To purchase everything in one go might take a knock on consumer’s personal bank accounts. Furthermore, the entire process of building is extremely stressful!

To reduce the stress, consumers can apply for a Cashbuild loan. This will allow them to have more financial flexibility. Furthermore, they can repay the loan over a period of time, instead of splurging a huge sum in one go.

Building on credit can reduce financial pressure and allow consumers to actually enjoy the project. A home renovation can also increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell. 

How does CashBuild credit work?

There are so many costs that one needs to take into consideration when building or remodeling. Some of the costs include building material, hiring a contractor, and paying for labor.

With CashBuild credit, consumers are able to get cash instantly to help ease the burden. CashBuild credit offers customers credit to purchase all their building material in-store.

Consumers will be required to first apply for the loan and get approved before buying on credit.

How to apply for CashBuild loans

The application process is quick and efficient. Clients are required to apply in store if they are interested in applying for a loan. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You will need to earn a net income of at least R3500 monthly. This payment will need to be reflected on your bank statement. Furthermore, if you’re a pensioner, you will need a pensioner remittance upon applying.
  • You will need to bring in your South African ID or smart card
  • Lastly, you will need to bring three-month bank statement. The bank statement will also need to be stamped for approval. If you bank with African Bank, ABSA or Standard Bank Cashbuild will put this together for you.
  • It will also help if you already have a good credit record and credit score.

Benefits of taking out CashBuild Loans

There are several advantages to taking out a loan with CashBuild. Firstly, it is a reputable bank and secondly, they are accredited for providing financial services.

Furthermore, they give consumers the freedom to choose the terms of the loan agreement. Consumers have the option to pay the loan off within 6-72 months. This is completely dependent on what works for the consumer.

Clients can enjoy a hassle-free loan application process. All loans and paperwork will be handled in-store for extra convenience. Cashbuild offers a minimum loan amount of R2000 and a maximum borrowing amount of R300, 000.

Requirements for applying for CashBuild loans

The requirements are pretty straightforward and similar to any other personal loan. Clients need to be over 18 in order to apply for a loan through CashBuild. They will also need to have proof of income and be employed or have a pensioner’s remittance available.

Lastly, the final requirement is that consumers need to have a good credit history. The bank usually runs an ITC check to see what people’s credit profiles look like. This helps them decide whether or not an individual is eligible for a home improvement loan.

What can CashBuild loans be used for?

The CashBuild loan can be used for any building material that you require in-store. Unfortunately, this loan cannot be used in other stores or for other things. They will articulate this when processing the application.

The entire point of this loan is to help consumers purchase the items they need to build their homes. The funds can be used for any stock that CashBuild retails.


In order to apply for any loan, you will need to be able to afford the repayments from the monthly income. Luckily, there is an incredible way to do so. They offer clients the opportunity to view what they can and cannot afford.

This incredible tool, also known as a loan calculator does everything you need. You can enter the amount of money you would like to borrow. Next, you can enter the repayment term (6 months- 72 months). The calculator will automatically work out how much you will need to pay each month. Furthermore, it will also calculate the total payback amount. It should be noted that these calculators generally work with an example interest rate.

Interest rates are completely dependent on each individual’s credit scores. The better the credit rating a person has, the lower the interest rate.

Furthermore, clients can opt to add-on insurance for R8.07 a month. This amount will be added to the monthly repayment. Alternatively, clients can arrange their own credit insurance. The reason that insurance is required is for events in which a client is unable to repay the loan. This includes death, temporary or permanent disability, or inability to earn.

Advantages of buying from CashBuild

CashBuild is a well renowned retailer of building and construction material. They have everything a consumer needs to remodel their homes under one roof. The establishment is known for its quality equipment and great prices.

Furthermore, they offer clients a loyalty card, known as VIC. They believe that their Very Important Customers deserve special savings. Clients can apply for their loyalty cards in-store and save when purchasing all their materials.

Some of the benefits of having a VIC loyalty card include:

  • Get acknowledged with the VIC card
  • Save on purchases through the rebate system
  • Get monthly feedback on VIC status and progressive targets

CashBuild Card

CashBuild also offers cards that are very much like debit cards. Money can be deposited into a CashBuild card, allowing consumers to purchase building material.

Applying for a CashBuild card is a lot simpler than applying for a loan. All clients will require is a cellphone number and a South African ID. They will then need to provide this information to a representative at one of the stores nationwide.

Clients will then receive their CashBuild cards. Once received, they will need to create a PIN code for safety and security purposes. This PIN code will be used whenever purchasing items, depositing money or requesting a refund.

Furthermore, clients will have access to their accounts and will be able to view their balances. Consumers have the option to view all these details in-store or online.

Customers are urged not to share their PIN codes with anyone. If a card has been lost or stolen, clients will immediately need to call or visit the nearest CashBuild Store.

CashBuild Contact details

If you would like more information you can visit the nearest CashBuild branch or call them on 011 248 1500. Alternatively, customers can visit the website at


After much research, it’s agreeable to say that CashBuild building loans are very convenient. These loans are ideal for those looking to build or renovate their homes. Furthermore, CashBuild loans allow people to achieve greater things.

Firstly, the loan repayment terms are excellent. They allow consumers to choose the time frame in which they would like to settle the loan. Consumers can choose to repay anywhere between 6-72 months, based on their preference. Secondly, interest is drastically reduced if clients choose to settle sooner, rather than later. The entire process just works.

Lastly, CashBuild also implemented a card system that is available to all of its customers. This allows one to deposit money into the card and use it in-store. This process is a lot simpler than taking out a loan. However, a lump sum of cash won’t be readily available unless the client deposits money into the card.

With that being said, CashBuild is certainly an innovative retailer. Their finance options make it a whole lot easier for the general consumer to get what they need.

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