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CarTrack Review

CarTrack is a fleet management software that makes it easy for you to stream operations, including job management, cost analysis, automation, and actionable insights. It is a car tracking system that comes in handy for most business operations.

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When it was Formed

Despite its tremendous growth, CarTrack is not an old player in the industry. However, an industry leader offers much-needed solutions for vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery. It was founded in 2004 and achieved impressive organic growth with massive footprints across 23 countries in Europe, Africa, Pacific Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Target Audience

CarTrack has no specific clientele. However, suppose you are an organization with several vehicles that you need monitored or tracked for one reason or another. In that case, you are an excellent candidate to work with CarTrack. CarTrack ensures that you are aware of every move your vehicles make. Thanks to the tracker, you can always tell where the car is at any given time. This allows you to make the right decisions regarding the driver handling the vehicle.

You can also make smart business choices based on your findings when the vehicle is on the road because you have monitored its every progress. So, potential customers likely to work with CarTrack include small and medium-sized businesses with a fleet of vehicles they need to monitor, freelance companies, enterprises, government, and nonprofits. The bottom line is that a potential client to work with CarTrack has a vehicle they need to be monitored.

Is There Any Preferred Language?

Seeing that CarTrack is available in many countries across the globe, one may wonder if they offer their services in different languages. Well, the CarTrack app supports English.

How it Works

Being a GPS tracker, CarTrack uses similar technology to cellular networks, the Global system for mobile communication (GMS). This means that the software on your phone, computer, or tablet will allow you to view the location of your vehicle in real-time as long as the tracker is installed on the car.

– How to Use the App

To enjoy the use of this app, you must download the app. Once you signup, CarTrack will send an email confirming that you have joined the community. This is your go-ahead to get the total value from the app. All you need to own is a smart device such as a smartphone. To understand this better, proceed as follows.

– Downloading the App

You can find the car track app on the Playstore of the App store. Visit both sites and type CarTrack. The app will either appear as CarTrack or CarTrack development team. Click on whatever comes up and install it. Once you download it, click on log in and enter your details as prompted. Note that details will be sent to you by CarTrack through an official welcome email. Once you sign in, you can choose the prompt of staying permanently logged by checking the stay logged in for good or choosing to log in every time you visit the site. The latter option is highly recommended because it does not compromise security. The problem with staying logged in is that you may not be in control of your mobile phone or device at all times. It can become a major issue if it gets in the hands of the wrong people who can monitor the progress of your vehicle and do something negative about it.

Viewing the Vehicles

The moment you log into the app, you get a clear view of where your vehicle may be at any particular time. All you have to do is click on the vehicle list icon to see where the icon is located. It is a great way to monitor the progress of your vehicle and get the much-needed peace of mind.

Besides, you can always take action whenever you notice that your vehicle has been moved. Contact the control room, who jump into action and initiate a recovery procedure. This way, you never lose your vehicle or the goods on transit, thus saving you business. Besides getting the exact location of your vehicle, you can also opt to monitor the general view of the area by clicking on the map icon.

Previous Trip Status

Besides the monitoring and exact location data, the app is also instrumental in getting feedback. You can review your last trip and gauge how you faired on the previous trip. Visit the trips icon and click on it to get all the information on the previous trip. The information includes the kilometers traveled as well as the duration is taken. It will also capture the driving performance in detail, pointing out acceleration, braking, and harsh turning, if any.

This is a perfect way to monitor your drivers and intervene in case of recklessness. You can get an overview of your driver’s behavior on the road. However, if you want a more detailed brief on this, you have to visit the reports icon, which gives daily, weekly, and monthly reports. This information is very important, especially when working with new drivers whose behavior you are unsure of.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic features that come with the app, you can maximize the benefits of this app by adding extra features. One example is the mobile happy button, and the carwatch add ons. Carwatch will take your monitoring to the next level as it ensures you get an immediate notification if the vehicle deviates from authorized movement. On the other hand, the mobile happy button gives you access to continuous emergency services 24 hours a day. These features are great since they help you enhance the safety of your vehicles.

Canceling CarTrack

It is possible to terminate your CarTrack subscription before it elapses. However, this will attract a cancellation fee or pay the contract balance, depending on which of the two options is lesser. The cancellation fee is R1 700.00. You will have to fill out a cancellation form, supplying basic numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and ID numbers. There are different cancellation categories, but you must choose the one that applies to your situation. Each category has specific guidelines and claims that you must adhere to. These are:

  1. Cancellation of contract for standard (cash) option of tracking unit. “I agree and understand that I need to give CarTrack 20 (twenty) days’ written notice of my intent to cancel the contract.”
  2. Cancellation of contract for minimum term option of tracking unit “I understand and agree I need to give CarTrack 20 (twenty) days’ written notice of my intent to cancel the contract. I understand that in the event of early cancellation, I will be liable for the balance of the contract due to CarTrack.”
  3. Cancellation of contract for standard (cash) option of camera solutions “I agree and understand that I need to give CarTrack 20 (twenty) days’ written notice of my intent to cancel the contract.”
  4. Cancellation of contract for minimum term option of camera solutions “I understand and agree I need to give CarTrack 20 (twenty) days’ written notice of my intent to cancel the contract. I understand that in the event of early cancellation, I will be liable for the balance of the contract due to CarTrack.”

Make sure to fill out the form correctly and choose an option that works best for you. CarTrack is a perfect way to manage a fleet and conveniently enjoy your business since you can monitor everything at a distance. Just be sure to know how this works and appreciate the consequences of breaking the agreement.

Customer Support and Training

Like every other great company, CarTrack supports its clients. You can reach out to the customer care desk for all your inquiries and complaints. Available platforms include online messaging. Note that this kind of support is available only during official business hours.

Besides the official customer care services, you can expect to get training from the company. This happens through different avenues. It can be in-person training, documentation, live online sessions, or even through videos. You get to understand how this service works to get the most out of it.


You can rest easy knowing that you can easily access CarTrack via your mobile device. Its services are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Product Features

By this point, you already know what CarTrack is and how it can be beneficial to your business or organization. But what exactly does this product feature? Generally, one would say that CarTrack offers Fleet management services. What many people may not know is what this fleet management entails. Below are the exact features you expect to get when choosing CarTrack for your fleet management.

  • Fuel Management: 
  • Tire Management
  • Motor Pool
  • Routing
  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Maintenance Management
  • Employee Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • VIN Lookup
  • Incident Reporting

Benefits of Using CarTrack Services

Once you enroll for CarTrack services, you can be sure that you will quickly realize how much you were missing. The services offered are meant to help you better manage your fleet and enjoy a more relaxed workday knowing that every resource belonging to the company is safely monitored. Te the fact that you can recover the vehicle in case something happens to it is also a great comfort for many. So why should you invest in CarTrack services?

  1. It makes task management easy: You can now seamlessly assign tasks to your fleet team and trust them to execute efficiently. You do not have to micromanage the drivers and another person because you know that every move is being monitored, and you can always review whenever you need to. The app is easy to use and assures you the perfect result that will help grow your business.
  2. It allows for automated fleet administration: This is one platform that simplifies everything for you as a business. You no longer have to struggle with keeping up with spreadsheets and outdated software. CarTrack allows you to manage your fleet from the same point, reducing all your paperwork trail and other monitoring strategies you may have used before. In addition to all these, you also benefit from the better task and team management. You will always have actionable insights that guide your decision-making process and help you develop better business management strategies because you are sure of the expected results.
  3. Safety improvement: Nothing assures the safety of your vehicle more than the fact that there are cameras and systems put in place to alert you in case something is off. You can easily alert the driver on the road to avoid certain risky situations because you are in a position to notice. Besides that, the company also offers driver safety and cargo security, thanks to the monitoring measures from the place. It is easy for CarTrack to respond immediately in case there is a problem. This way, products, and personnel are kept safe at all times.
  4. It is Great for Risk Management: If you are the kind of person who worries about business risks, especially when you have a fleet to manage, then having CarTrack installed on these vehicles is the best way to go. The sustainable fleet management services guaranteed by CarTrack will give you the peace of mind you need. What’s more, you will relax even more knowing that you still have a chance to recover the vehicle in case it is stolen.

Final Thoughts

CarTrack is one of the best inventions in fleet management. It is a convenient yet practical way to ensure your business is not affected by different risks while on transit. If you are interested in protecting your drivers, the cargo they are ferrying, as well as the vehicles they use, then using a good car tracker such as CarTrack is highly recommended. You can never go wrong with it. Just be sure to download and install the app on your mobile device. Signup and pay the expected fee, and you will be good to go.


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