Updated 12.01.2023

Car Tracker Prices South Africa (Updated 2023)

It is, without a doubt, important to install car tracking devices in South Africa. In a potentially life-threatening circumstance or when your car goes missing, you can use the GPS tracker to find the vehicle, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Businesses, big or small, also install trackers on their delivery vehicles. Businesspeople and regular consumers enjoy numerous benefits of installing car tracking devices.

Car Tracker
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There are numerous car tracking services and products in the South African market today. While some are more expensive and advanced, other basic car tracker versions are affordable. What you consider best depends on your needs and budget. This article lists the best car tracking companies in South Africa. 


Beame is a MiX Telematics brand on the road to becoming one of South Africa’s most popular wireless vehicle tracker and recovery devices. They are known to track and recover stolen vehicles quickly as they have a reliable network of recovery agents across the country. Their tracking device is completely wireless and can easily and quickly be installed into any vehicle, from a large track to a motorbike. The only thing you will be required to do is to replace the battery after three years. This is done at no additional charge.

Beame is approved by all major insurers in South Africa and recommended by several, including King Price and OUTsurance. It has about 250 fitment centers spread across the country, making it easier for every client to find and get to one without hassle. 

Beame’s Packages and Plans

Beame’s basic package offers:

  • A lifetime warranty on installation and replacements of the wireless car tracking device at no additional charges.
  • Quick installation as the Beame equipment is wireless and battery-powered.
  •  Jamming detection. In such cases, their control center will be automatically alerted.
  • It also provides a smartphone App that allows you to check the status of your car tracking device and report your stolen car, among other things.


Even though Ctrack is known for providing tracking services to a fleet of vehicles, they also provide personal car tracking and stolen car recovery. Their packages and plans range from basic insurance-focused plans to more comprehensive packages with multiple additional benefits.

Ctrack Secure Offers

  • Check the status of your car from any device.
  • Accident and rollover detection
  • Trip reports
  • No-go zones alerts
  • Battery system and tamper warning alerts
  • App called Ctrack detection.

Ctrack also offers a backup product with a stolen car response and an automatic health check. In addition, you may also opt-in to their value-added services such as:

  • SOS panic
  • Towing and roadside assistance
  • Emergency medical response
  • Legal and medical assistance
  • Medical transport with guaranteed hospital acceptance
  • Access to medical assistance hotlines and advice


Matrix provides reliable car tracking and recovery services for anyone looking to secure their car and have peace of mind. In addition, they offer impressive customer service, a pointer that their competent recovery personnel will ensure smooth and effective car tracking and recovery.

Matrix offers

  • 24 hours access to Matrix car recovery services
  • Vehicle positioning and pinpointing
  • Dedicated recovery units at your service
  • Stolen vehicle recovery and no extra costs
  • Ability to track your car even undercover and in basements.


Netstar is the pioneer of the car tracking industry in South Africa. It is a trusted brand that provides business, personal, and commercial car tracking and recovery services. They also offer a range of fleet tracking and management solutions and car insurance telematics.

Netstar takes pride in a 90% car recovery rate and provides one of the most affordable monthly plans on the South African market at R99 per month. In addition, they offer both simple and comprehensive service add-ons, which means that the client gets to choose what they need to suit their needs and budget.


With over 20 years in the car tracking industry, Tracker is a well-known stolen vehicle recovery company. Due to their well-deserved reputation, they have earned over a million car tracker subscribers. They deal with stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle telematics since they generate a host of data. You can easily get a tracker installation through an insurance provider, dealer, or your car’s original device manufacturer.

Tracker Basic Plan

  • Theft retrieval
  • Web and App access to monitor your vehicle’s location
  • A license reminder for both your car and driving licenses
  • A vehicle expense log
  • Trip logbook that enables you to log mileage for private and business needs

Advantages of Car Tracking in South Africa

Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy when you install a car tracker in South Africa.

Improves Workforce Productivity

Tracking devices allow managers to manage their staff and minimize idle time effectively, thus enhancing productivity.

Lowers Carbon Footprint

A tracking device provides information on the shortest route to take for quicker delivery. This not only reduces fuel consumption but saves mother earth too. As a result, carbon emission into the environment is reduced.

Helps Secure your Assets

Investing in car tracking devices will help protect your car from theft. In case of theft, it will be much easier to locate your car and recover it.

Improves Communication

Since your car tracking device logs data on your car’s whereabouts, you don’t need to call the driver. This cuts down costs on phone bills as well as other administrative duties.

Saves Money

The reports generated by your car tracking device can be used to assess the performance and attendance of your employees. No more unnecessary overtime caused by the driver taking longer to deliver because they got lost. In turn, this reduces fuel costs and avoids unjust pay.

Improves Business Efficiency

Since your car tracker provides the most efficient route, you will likely spend less time on the road. As a result, the number of deliveries will increase significantly.

While looking after your investment is not always easy, enlisting the help of the best car tracking company in South Africa makes the task easier.