Updated 12.06.2021

Where to Buy CBD Oil Online in South Africa

In the past few years, the use of cannabidiol or CBD products has been trending as more people use it for medicinal purposes. Specially designed products like CBD oil for sleep, pain relief, mood enhancement, digestion problems, and stress relief are readily available in the market today.

Several countries have already implemented laws legalizing the controlled use of CBD. There are still some though that limit its use to professionals to avoid unmonitored consumption.

So, what’s the status of CBD in South Africa? Is it possible to buy CBD Oil Products in the country?

Let’s find it out.

Is CBD legal in South Africa?

Although CBD products are legal in South Africa, the Department of Health enforces a restriction on those available for public consumption. Those you find in the market should have a maximum daily dose of 20mg or less.

CBD products can’t also be advertised as a medicine that can treat specific conditions. They can only be promoted as general medication for relieving minor ailments.


Types of CBD Products

There are 3 main types of CBD products available in the market. Each has different effects and made for specific purposes.

  • Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain all the components found in industrial hemp where the final product is extracted from. Along with cannabidiol, minerals, vitamins, omegas, and THC components are all extracted and mixed with oil.

Since THC is included in full-spectrum CBD products, consuming them may introduce psychoactive effects. It creates the ‘entourage effect’ that vital in treating anxiety, addiction, depression, and epilepsy.

But hold your horses!

Not everyone is capable of consuming full-spectrum CBDs. Allergies and complications may arise when the body encounters some of the components that come with CBD. This leads to the development of pure CBDs known as CBD isolates.


  • CBD isolate

CBD isolate contains only pure CBD concentrations. Other hemp derivatives like fats, minerals, and vitamins that come from the raw material are removed in the extraction process.

The result is a pure CBD mixture that doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of the THC component.

CBD isolates are used for patients that have adverse reactions to THC.

If you’re an athlete, you can use CBD isolate products because they just contain pure cannabidiol.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD

CBD isolates are helpful for those with adverse reactions to THC, but you may not get the full advantage of full-spectrum CBDs. Removing the vitamins and minerals included in the extracts reduces (if not eliminate) the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD products.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils have all the components available in hemp extracts, minus the THC part. This means the psychoactive effect of consuming the oil is removed, but the beneficial effects found in full-spectrum CBDs are retained.

Doctors will recommend only a specific CBD product depending on your current condition. Although consumption of CBD generally poses low risks, the difference in body types can affect how the CBD oil components will react.


Where to Buy CBD Products

In South Africa, you can buy CBD products in general merchandise stores and local pharmacies. You need to present a medical prescription before you can purchase the product.

The easiest and most convenient way to purchase CBD products is through Clicks Pharmacy. It’s an online store that offers a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including CBD oils.

Currently, Clicks Pharmacy is selling CBD products from the following brands:

  • Rethink
  • ADCO
  • Elixinol
  • Releaf
  • Cannabex

CBD products can be consumed in different ways. It can be ingested directly, vaped, mixed with food, or introduced intravenously.

Clicks Pharmacy has CBD products in oil that can be mixed with food and drinks as a supplement. They also have capsules that can be digested just like an ordinary tablet.

CBD oils are usually available in different flavours to make them easier to ingest. Some are made plain so that they won’t interfere with the taste when you mix them with food or drinks.

Currently, there’s no CBD vape oil available in the store. Expect that there will be stocks soon of this type of CBD product, especially now that vaping CBD is gaining ground in South Africa.


Final Reminders

Although CBD products are relatively easy to obtain in the open market, you still must be responsible when consuming them. They can have minor side effects like diarrhea, fatigue, or reduced appetite. CBD products can also produce allergic reactions or have adverse effects when they’re taken in together with other medications.

Do not attempt to consume any CBD product without proper medical advice. Seek for a prescription from medical professionals first to make sure CBD products will give the intended results and not worsen your condition.

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