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Bonitas Medical Aid Review

Bonitas Medical aid is a South African company offering medical aid products to members of the public. The company has built a reputation for over 40 years by adapting to market demands and providing medical aid that meet the needs of different classes of clients. Currently, Bonitas has more than 730 000 beneficiaries who receive affordable, high quality medical care courtesy of the company’s medical aid. Some of the benefits members of Bonitas medical aid enjoy are better rates, and access to reputable service providers. Read on as we review Bonitas medical aid to get a better understanding of what it is.

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Bonitas Medical Aid Plans 2022

You might be wondering whether Bonitas medical aid is one of the best medical aid in South Africa, or not. But shouldn’t you be asking yourself what makes a good medical aid instead? Typically, a good medical aid is characterised by flexibility, affordability, and ability to provide a wide variety of benefits to its members. In this section, we will review Bonitas medical aid plans 2022 for a better understanding of these products.

Bonitas offers four main plans, namely edge, hospital, traditional and savings. These plans begin at a monthly rate of R1338, and offer value for money through its rich benefits.

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Edge is one of the latest Bonitas medical options available to you. It is driven by intelligence, technology and innovation. When you go for this option, you will get day-to-day benefits such as layers of virtual care, unlimited GP consultations, access to a network of private hospitals, and optical & dental consultations. Here are the quotes under the Edge plan:

Edge Bonitas Medical Aid Quotes

There are two products under this plan;

Bonstart: This option is ideal for economically active individuals, living alone in larger metros, and have a strong urge to be successful. The products in this option start from R1338 per month. The benefits in this option include:

Wellness Benefits
  1. Benefit booster for R940 per family and can be used for out-of-hospital claims. It includes, 
  • GP and specialist consultations,
  • Acute and over-the-counter medicine, 
  • Biokineticist and physiotherapist consultations and treatment, 
  • Paramedical services such as dietician, speech and occupational therapy consultations and treatment, 
  • Alternative healthcare such as homeopathic consultations and treatment and acupuncture, Non-surgical procedures and tests e.g. wart removal, X-rays, Blood tests
  1. Wellness screening which includes blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio for 1 beneficiary
Out-of-Hospital Benefits
  • Unlimited Network GP consultations, R110 co-payment per visit. Pre-authorisation required from 6th visit.
  • Ultrasound and X-rays limited to R1 500 per family (Combined benefit with blood tests and acute medicine)
  • Blood tests limited to R1 500 per family
  • Over-the-counter medicine limited to R95 per event, R460 per family per year, 40% co-payment for non-DSP use. Subject to formulary use
In-Hospital Benefits
  • Access to hospital network
  • Unlimited hospital cover at BonStart Hospital Network
  • Unlimited GP and specialist consultations at 100% of the Bonitas Rate
  • Blood tests limited to R25 950 per family. X-rays unlimited, 100% of the Bonitas Rate
  • CT Scans and MRI available at R11 840 per family (R2 500 co-payment per scan, except PMB)
  • PMB only for internal and external prostheses
  • Mental health hospitalisation is available to PMB only at DSP
Additional benefits
  • Contraceptives per family is available at R1 070 at the DSP
  • International medical cover when you travel outside South Africa. You will receive up to R10 million cover. However, you must register for this benefit before leaving the country.

Bonstart Plus: this option is ideal for a young couple seeking to expand their family. The monthly contribution for this option starts from R1670. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get this plan include:

In-Hospital Benefits
  • Unlimited hospital cover at BonStart Hospital Network
  • Unlimited Gp and specialists consultation at 100% of the Bonitas Rate
  • Blood tests limited to R25 950 per family. X-rays unlimited, 100% of the Bonitas Rate
  • CT scans and MRI at R16 070 per family (R2 000 co-payment per scan, except PMB)
  • Internal and external prostheses available for PMB only
Out-of-Hospital Benefits
  • X-rays and ultrasound limited to R2 800 per family 
  • Over the counter medicine limited to R145 per event, R690 per family per year, 40% co-payment for non-DSP use. Subject to formulary use
  • Basic dentistry is limited to 1 consultation per beneficiary, R55 co-payment

You will also get child care, preventive care, wellness, and additional benefits if you choose to go with this option.


The traditional medical plan options give you set limits for each benefit such as dental benefit, optical benefit and GP benefit. Once you exhaust one category of benefits, you can access alternative benefits for the rest of the year. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy in this plan include:

  • Unlimited GP and specialists consultation at 100% of the Bonitas Rate
  • Blood test and X-rays
  • MRI and CT scan
  • Mental health hospitalisation
  • GP benefits and consultations

Traditional Bonitas Medical Aid Quotes

You can access different products in this plan, including:

  • Standard – this option offers comprehensive and dependable day-to-day benefits to its members. It starts from R4230
  • Standard select – with this option, you’ll access day-to-day benefits and hospital cover using a quality provider network. It starts from R 3822
  • Primary – this option offers hospital cover and day-to-day benefits. It starts from R2654
  • Primary select – you can get this option from R2322


This plan avails cash to use when sourcing for an out-of-hospital medication like dentistry, GP visits and optometry. It also provides in-hospital cover and extra maternity wellness and preventive care.

Savings Bonitas Medical Aid Quotes

  • BonFit select – starting from R2230
  • BonSave – you can get this plan from R2950
  • BonComplete – starting R4570
  • BonComprehensive – you can get this plan fromR8217
  • BonClassic – Starting from R5677


This plan takes care of your in-hospital planned and emergency procedures. It also offers extra benefits for wellness and preventive care.

Hospital Bonitas Medical Aid Quotes

  • Hospital standard – this plan starts from R2592
  • BonEssential – starting from R2033
  • BonEssential Select – it starts from R1784. However, you can get it 15% cheaper using quality network.


This is an entry level plan offering hospital cover and basic day-to-day benefits through a network of hospitals, doctors and medical providers.

Income Based Bonitas Medical Aid Quotes

  • BonCap – starting from R1274

Bonitas Medical Aid Care Programmes

Other than Bonitas medical options, the insurance provider offers medical aid care programmes for different classes of customers. This programmes include:

  • Disease management
  • Back and neck
  • Oncology management
  • Chronic medicine management
  • Dental wellness
  • Diabetes management
  • Hip and knee replacement
  • HIV/Aids
  • Mental health

Each of these programmes offer benefits based on the medical aid you have. Even so, they make it easy for you to manage your specific medical condition.

Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details

Should you want to contact the company, use this Bonitas medical aid contact details

Medical Emergency Services: Bonitas SOS

  • Call: 0860 555 505
  • Claims:
  • Authorisation:
  • Compliments/Complaints:

Pharmacy Direct Registration

  • Call: 0860027800
  • Please call me: 0836908934
  • Fax: 0866 1140 00/1/2
  • Email:
  • Web:

HIV/AIDS Programme

  • Call: 0860100646
  • Please call me: 0834109078
  • Fax: 0800600773
  • Email:
  • Web:

Optical Benefits (PPN)

  • Call: 0410650650
  • Email:
  • Web:

International Travel Benefit

  • Call: 0871354795
  • Email:

Hip and Knee Programme (JointCare)

  • Call: 0115683334
  • Web:

Hip and Knee Programme (ICPS)

  • Call: 0113272599
  • Web:

Mental Health Programme

  • Call: 0860106155
  • Email:

Diabetes Programme

  • Call: 0860002108
  • Email:

Dental Programme

  • Call: 0860336346
  • Fax: 0866770336
  • Email:
  • Claims:
  • Hospital authorisations:
  • Orthodontic and implant authorisations:
  • Crown and bridge authorisations:
  • Periodontal authorisations:

Oncology Management Programme (Cancer)

  • Call: 0860100572
  • Email:

Back and Neck Programme (DBC)

  • Call: 0860105104
  • Web:


  • Tel: 0860999121

Baby Bags

  • Tel: 0860999121

Wellness Odyssey

  • Web:

Bonitas Complaints

In case of any medical aid dispute, Bonitas is ready and able to offer lasting solutions. The company has set aside a dedicated line for complaints and disputes. Should you reach the company with complaints or queries, you need to get a reference number and record it for easier follow-up in future. You can reach the company through 0860 002 108 or email them at

Bonitas medical aid caters to everyone’s needs. These products are structured to offer medical solutions at an affordable price. You should be able to find a product that’s better suited to serve your needs, with the help of this review.


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