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Best Boarding Schools in KZN

Boarding schools in KZN are some of the best schools in South Africa.

KZN province has standard boarding facilities and accommodations that will aid your child’s concentration for better learning. 

The best boarding school in KZN strives to create a safe environment away from home for every learner.

Many of the boarding schools in KZN have well-developed educational facilities that support quality learning under the four pillars of student training. These pillars are:

Boarding Schools in KZN


KZN has some of the best boarding schools that focus student training on self-discipline. The combined activities provided by the schools help the learner to stay on track, do what is right, and motivate and control themselves at most times.


Some of these boarding schools instill integrity in learners. This combined with self-discipline preserves honesty with strong moral principles. This practice has helped to build the nation, as leaders with integrity are nurtured right from childhood.


Self-confidence enhances trust in self-abilities, capabilities, and strengths.

Social Relationship

Interactions between students from different backgrounds and social classes create a friendly environment that enables ease of learning.

Best Boarding Schools in Kwazulu-Natal South Africa 

Based on the four pillars of student training, here are the boarding schools that will nurture an all-around student in KZN.

Inkamana High School 

Inkamana high school is one of the top boarding schools in KZN. It is recognized as a historic secondary school that offers high-quality, English-medium learning opportunities to learners.

Established back in 1924 as a leading independent secondary school, Inkamana high school is located at the heart of Zululand. It has since become one of the best high schools in KZN that complements its academics with engaging activities.

Learners at Inkamana high school are nurtured to become well-rounded individuals with integrity and self-discipline at the center of their behavior. They are also instilled with knowledge and skills that are required to succeed later in life.

The school comes with well-structured boarding amenities that encourage sound learning and professional teaching staff who are highly motivated, diligent, and committed to teaching students. Their boarding house can accommodate up to 200 boys and 200 girls. They charge R 17500 boarding fees per student.

Michael House 

Michael House is a senior boarding school for boys in KZN, South Africa. It was established back in 1896 with its core principle being innate respect for various individuals.

The school’s mission is to live their lives as per the Christian values of integrity, compassion, courage, and humility in service to our community and country.

At Michael House boarding school, academic pursuits and special emphasis on teaching programs that support students’ differences are prioritized. 

This top boarding school in KZN has structured learning programs that provide learners with quality education in a Christian environment to prepare learners to succeed in their future academic studies. 

Michael House has ten boarding houses with each boarding house accommodating at least 70 boys in the dormitories of four- to twelve-year-old boys, and in single and double rooms for the senior students.

Hilton College 

Hilton College has 7 boarding houses. Each house can accommodate about 70 to 80 students ranging from grade 12 down to grade 8.

The boarding houses meet the recommended standards of boarding houses with facilities. Each dormitory is overseen by a housemaster and an assistant housemaster, both residing under the same roof to help in monitoring the learners as well as to ensure their comfort and safety. They strive to make each house a warm community with much energy to ensure that every resident stays happy, confident, and motivated, eliminating cases of depression and bullying.

Today, Hilton College is ranked among the best boarding schools in KZN South Africa. It prides itself in providing excellent quality education, and a secure learning environment where all learners are given equal and sufficient opportunities to scale up to their full potential.

Epworth School 

Epworth is among the best boarding schools to be considered in KZN. The school admits all learners from various backgrounds, providing them with equal opportunity for quality education.

Epworth boarding school takes pride in preparing learners to become respectable leaders through self-discipline, compassion, courage, respect, and integrity by offering a rich and wide education for both girls and boys.

At Epworth School, education is deemed to be a gift to become knowledgeable and better humans, and as such, should be taken to heart with utmost diligence and dedication.

Glenwood High School 

Glenwood high school is a public boarding school for boys located in Durban in the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa. 

This English medium school was established back in 1910 as a traditional boys’ secondary school committed to the best practice for learners in all aspects of school activities while also instilling values in the boys to help guide them through the path of finding their purpose in the society and nation at large. 

Glenwood high school is among the few KZN public schools with a boarding arrangement. The boarding establishment was started around 1935 with boarding facilities to accommodate learners who chose to have their secondary education away from home. The boarding house takes pride in self-discipline, honesty, and accountability instilled in the learners. Each boy is encouraged to be accountable for his life and to take up the challenges of growing into men of noble character. By doing so, they will be building onto the foundations of the institution by bringing it honor through good actions and deeds.

Durban Girls’ High School 

Durban Girls’ high school is ranked top best boarding school for girls in KZN and South Africa at large. Located in Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, this boarding school has earned its place among the best boarding schools in the country due to its academic excellence, structured programs, and activities that aid better learning in a conducive environment.

Your boarding school choice is very critical in your child’s development. Choosing the best can help make them better learners and future leaders.


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