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Complete Guide to Bizportal

Bizportal is an online platform that seeks to address company registration difficulties. It does this by making it easy for you to register and access company registration-related services on one platform. The platform was developed by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to enhance the ease of conducting business in the country.

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How to Login to Bizportal

Do you have your CIPC login details? Do you use eservices CIPC such as CIPC company search and CIPC company registration regularly? If yes, you should have an easy time accessing the Bizportal.

Members of CIPC South Africa can log in to the Bizportal using their password and 13-digit South African ID number. If you do not have a CIPC account, you can register on the platform using your recognized South African ID number.

In the process, you might be asked a few personal questions relating to your marital status or your ID. This is to verify your details and guarantee it is you and not any other person trying to register on the platform.

Clients who do not have a South African ID number can also register on the platform using CIPC customer code. You can register for the CIPC customer code here. To log in to the Bizportal:

  • Load the Bizportal website on your browser
  • Type in your ID number
  • Key in your CIPC password to log in
  • If you do not have a South African ID, select “NO”
  • Type in your CIPC customer code. If you do not have one, click here to create one
  • Key in your CIPC password to log in

Services Offered by Bizportal

Bizportal offers an easy and convenient way for you to transact with CIPC. Through the CIPC Bizportal, CIPC collaborates with government organizations like UIF & Compensation, the private sector (banking institutions), and industry regulators.

As a result of this collaboration, Bizportal makes it easy for users to accomplish several tasks on the same platform without any paperwork. You can:

  • Register a company
  • Apply for B-BBEE, Compensation Fund, UIF, and Domain name
  • Start the bank account opening process

The platform also offers other useful services to anyone who wants to open a business in South Africa and those who would like to access government services to businesses. Here are the services offered by Bizportal.

Company Registration

You can register a company with or without a name. In the event you register a company without a company name, the company’s registration number becomes its name. This company may operate using a business/trade name or choose to apply for name reservation later in its years of operation.

It costs R125 to register both nonprofit and private companies without members. For the company registration to be successful, a nonprofit company must have a minimum of 3 directors, while a private company must have at least one director. A tax registration number is automatically generated for every successful registered company in the portal.

Name Reservations

If you wish to reserve a name for your company, you’ll have to propose 1 to 4 names in your application at R50. In the event your name reservation application does not succeed, you will need to re-apply by proposing 1 to 4 names at a new cost of R50.

Annual Returns

Companies and corporations doing business in South Africa are obligated to file yearly returns with CIPC at a given period in the year. This is regardless of the trading status – active or inactive – of a company. CIPC collects this information periodically and uses it to determine if a close corporation or company is carrying out business in the country. Failure to submit this information may result in deregistration.

According to the companies act, a company has a period of 30 days after its due filing date to become non-compliant. Close corporations, on the other hand, must file annual returns anytime between their first day of the anniversary month to the thereafter before becoming non-compliant with the Close Corporations Act.

Company Name Changes

You can also change your company’s name through Bizportal. However, you must successfully reserve a company name before applying for the name change. This service is available to all types of companies. But it is not available for co-operatives and close corporations. 

It costs R250 for a name change. However, this amount is waived if you do not have a company name (if you are using your company registration number with the name South Africa appended at the end of the number).

Company and Close Corporation Address Changes

The address is the physical location where a company or close corporation is located. It is where legal documents are served to the business. It is essential to update your address appropriately to avoid prosecution or fines.

Bizportal makes it easy for you to update your address. It is important to note that the address change of your company will be updated five days after the official date of lodgement. For close corporations, the updates will reflect any day from the date of lodgement.

Domain Name Registration for

CIPC has collaborated with ZACR and ZADNA to offer domain name registration for legally recognized close corporations, companies, and co-operatives. However, the domain registration service is only available for which costs R63.25. The amount payable goes to ZADNA, the body responsible for regulating domain names. Unfortunately, ZADNA can not use the virtual money available in your CIPC account. Therefore, you must use your debit or credit card to pay for the domain registration. 

On the same note, the entity does not provide web hosting services. You must transfer all the domains registered with ZADNA to a licensed registrar within 365 days. A list of accredited registrars will be availed to you once you register your domain name. 

Please note that all the domains registered in CIPC must be connected to a legally recognized company.

B-BBEE Certificates for Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME) 

EME with turnover between R0 & R10 000 000 can register for a B-BBEE certificate on Bizportal at no cost.

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Compensation Fund Registration

By law, close corporations and companies with a minimum of one employee working for twenty-four hours a month have to register for UIF and Compensation Fund. Fortunately, the application of both UF and Compensation Fund is free and is combined in a single form on Bizportal.

After submitting your UIF and Compensation Fund application, the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) will process and approve it. Bizportal sends your application directly to DEL for processing and approval. DEL then sends the registration number to Bizportal after processing your application.

You can use Bizportal to track your UIF and Compensation Fund application. If it is successful, your UIF and Compensation Fund registration numbers will be displayed in the “other” section. After completion of registration, contact both entities for declarations. Login to respective sites to submit your declarations.

SARS Services

Successful registration of companies automatically onboard the company to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). You can use the “Tax Registration” option on Bizportal to check your company’s tax number. You can also use the Bizprofile function to check your tax number.

SARS also has a Tax Compliance Status System (TCS) in place to enhance compliance and make it easy for taxpayers to manage their taxes. You can use the TSC system for:

  • Tender
  • Good standing
  • Emigration
  • Foreign Investment Allowance

Business Bank Account Opening

CIPC has worked with multiple banks to ensure flawless transactions under one roof. Some of the partners include:

  • Absa
  • Mercantile Bank [Capitec]
  • First National Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank
  • Sasfin Bank

After you successfully register a company, you can choose a bank from a list, and your company details will be forwarded to the bank for account creation. The bank will make a follow-up call to the customer to initiate the business bank account creation.

Google Business Services

You can also access google business services on Bizportal. These services will allow you to establish a name for your business online and stand out when your potential clients search for you online.


How do I check my CIPC company status?

– Open the CIPC website on your browser
– Sign in to the company website with your password and customer code
– Press “online transacting.”
– Press “additional services.”
– Press “customers” then “document status.”

What is Bizportal on CIPC?

Bizportal is an online platform created by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to provide company registration and associated services in one digital platform that is completely paperless.

How long does it take to register a company with Bizportal?

It takes 4 hours on average to register companies on Bizportal. This period also accounts for the time taken to reserve your company name. If you already have a business name, this period reduces to 5 minutes. Even so, the maximum registration time is 24 hours after your payment is received. 

Bizportal has made it easier for businesses to register and access company services in one location. You can access the CIPC company search on bizportal ltd.


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