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Best Suburbs in Johannesburg

What are the best suburbs in Johannesburg?

South Africa has some of the best cities, suburbs and areas to live in. Johannesburg is one of these with beautiful suburbs and neighborhoods you want to know of. Below are some of the best suburbs in Johannesburg that you should consider. Generally, Johannesburg is an excellent place for its variety of lifestyles. 

Suburbs in Johannesburg

It is more of a cosmopolitan lifestyle as it has different populations worldwide. Johannesburg is loaded with business hubs, restaurants, and recreational centers. It caters to various lifestyles and is certainly one of the best places to buy property in Johannesburg. Below are the top places you need to consider.


This is one of the best places to stay in Johannesburg as a young professional. However, you should be open to high expenses, especially in housing. You will be close to shopping centers, restaurants, commercial centers, and nightlife.

Usually, the property sale cost comes at an average of R 1,750,000. Common attractions include Monte Casino Bird Park, Sandton City Shopping, Nelson Mandela Square, Croc City Crocodile, and Reptile Park. 


Linden is a great suburb near Sandton. Despite this proximity, it is known for its unique charm and character, stemming from the region’s rich history. It is known to have excellent options for families and solo living. Revelers will love its lively nightlife and new pubs and restaurants that seem to mushroom very often.

On average, expect to pay R2,068,000 for most properties. Some common attractions here include the Emmarentia Dam and the Johannesburg Botanical Garden.


Bryanston is another great suburb close to Sandton if you want something near. It allows for easy access to businesses and also accommodates peaceful living. It is known for its street-lined streets, which promote nature and an overall quiet life.  If you have medical concerns and wonder which areas in Johannesburg have the best facilities, you are on the right track.

Averagely, properties are sold at R2,160,000. Popular attractions in the suburb include Bryanston Country Club, Bryanston shopping center, and the Bryanston Organic and nature market. Anyone who enjoys eating healthy natural foods and living in a peaceful environment will surely appreciate being here.


You can stay at Rosebank if you are more concerned about family living. It is one of the highest-rated areas with the best schools. Most properties also cater to family needs with spacious and family-friendly homes. The attractions in these locations also appear family-oriented, considering the Johannesburg Zoo.

Most properties on sale average R2,400. Common attractions include Irma Stern Museum, Johannesburg Zoo, Rosebank Sunday Market, and Amani Spa. Families will always have something to do and engage themselves in at any given time.


If you are into nightlife and partying and want somewhere in Johannesburg that supports this kind of lifestyle, then Parkhurst is an excellent location. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and captivating sceneries. Parkhurst is also family-friendly because of the numerous family homes in the leafy districts. Common attractions include Delkat Park and Verity Park, perfect for kids. Most of the properties on sale average a cost of R3,075,000.


This is another great suburb with numerous tree-lined streets. If the beauty is not attractive enough, the countless recreational activities in the suburb are worth it. Renting or buying property in this suburb is a plus as you enjoy the variety of attractions, including the Golden Harvest Park, Brightwater Commons Shopping Center, Adventure Golf, and the Waterfall Market. 


This may be a suburb in Johannesburg, but it is often considered an upmarket area with considerable access to health care centers, school systems, entertainment, and shopping centers. It comes with several secured estates and homes ranging in size and style. 

Besides getting variety, most of the property is affordable considering that properties for sale average at R1,200,000, slightly more affordable than most other suburbs in Johannesburg.

Most people will also want to know if there are decent places to visit. The different attractions in the area allow residents to have fun. They include Sunninghill Garden Park, Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, Rietfontein Nature Reserve, and Gold Reef City.


Midrand is a suburb in Johannesburg that offers a unique balance for people seeking affordability and proximity to the business district. The suburb is a growing region that can accommodate diverse individuals with varying budgets and lifestyles. 

It has several recreation facilities and attractions including the Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary, Fourways Farmers Market, Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, and the Birch Acres Mall. You can shop, interact with nature in the wild, or try various dishes at various restaurants.

Bed Ford View

This suburb suits people who enjoy quiet and tranquility. It is one of the most spacious properties you will ever come across and is known for its proximity to business hubs in Sandton. It is also near the OR Tambo International Airport, making its location more strategic for people who travel a lot or those who work there.

It also passes as a great investment in the Gauteng region, with properties ranging from R1,700,00. Some of the top attractions in this area include Gilooly’s Farm and Bedford Center. 


People feared or stayed away from places close to the city for a long time. However, Maboneng has successfully maintained its significance despite its proximity. It is often considered one of the most important urban rejuvenation centers. It is thieves due to affordable properties and safety standards. Dwellers also enjoy a high quality of life and great entertainment, especially at night.

Some common attractions that are great for everyone include the Arts on Main and the Joburg Mall.

Regardless of which suburb you choose to live in in Johannesburg, it is important to identify one that matches your needs and budget. With so many options, Johannesburg remains a great choice to consider settling in. Just be sure to settle for a suburb that is affordable and matches what you would want in a neighborhood. You can find what works for you with the many options available.


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