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Best Private Schools in Johannesburg

Education is a fundamental aspect of every child’s life. Therefore, sending your kid to the best private schools in Johannesburg can be extremely valuable. Fortunately, Johannesburg has a variety of premier schools that offer excellent education.

Did you know that your child’s learning environment can have a substantial impact on their morale and academic performance? Therefore, investing in your child’s education can be rather fruitful. Johannesburg is one of the top cities in South Africa for your children to attend school.

Best Private School in Johannesburg:

Best Private School in Johannesburg

1.      Crawford College, Sandton, Johannesburg

It’s safe to say that Crawford College is one of the most sought after schools in South Africa. The institute boasts of being one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. Furthermore, the school offers the best in education and sporting facilities.

The student body consists of a diverse group of learners. Thus, allowing students to learn about different cultures and beliefs.

Crawford College also offers 20 different subjects in its curriculum. Students can choose to pursue any of these subjects based on their interests. All subjects offered are through the Independent Examination Board. Furthermore, students can participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

Crawford College boasts of having some of the best facilities in the country. This includes a drama center, arts, and design studio, science and tech laboratories, and more. In addition, students can also use the heated pool and, music practice rooms.

Annual fees range between R144, 690-R164, 470, depending on the grade. 

2.      Redhill Private School, Sandton

Redhill School is a non-denominational private school operating for nearly 110 years. Summit Road is home to the high school and preparatory schools, while West Road North is home to the pre-preparatory.

Frequent staff workshops, solid teacher-student interactions, and a low teacher-to-student ratio have contributed to continuous 100% pass marks for the last 30 years. Redhill strives to ensure that students and staff have a balanced academic lifestyle.

Redhill is popular for being a ‘family-friendly’ school. All grades are perfect, from pre-prep to matric. Redhill builds strong relationships with students and parents by servicing entire families. Teachers are encouraged in developing strong relationships with their pupils. As a result, students can benefit from this no matter where they are.

Additionally, parents can make use of the aftercare and holiday care for younger students. Redhill offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities for all students.

Redhill school fees range between R90, 000 and R175, 000 per annum.

3.      St Peter’s Boys School

St Peter’s Boys School is an Anglican primary school for boys in grades 0 through 7. In a 2012 IQAA reported that the school was one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. Furthermore, the report boasted the school’s safety, academic, extracurricular standards, and management.

Football, swimming, and rock climbing are available at St Peter’s. Technology also plays a huge part in the curriculum at St Peter’s School. Furthermore, senior students’ music examinations are evaluated by the Royal School of Music (London).

Students can also meet professionals in fields of interest. This includes speech therapists, neurodevelopment, and much more.

St Peter’s is an excellent school that emphasizes academic and athletic achievement. In addition, the school is the only accredited Thinking School in South Africa.

The core values at St Peter’s are mutual respect, courtesy, and open communication.

Parents can expect to pay anywhere between R100, 000- R133, 000 per annum. This price is determined by the grade. 

4.      Reddam House- Best private schools in Johannesburg

Private School in Johannesburg

Reddam House is a Cambridge-aligned international school with a Cambridge-aligned curriculum.

The school sits on the grounds of the old Kensington golf club in Bedfordview. It is one of Johannesburg’s most prestigious private schools.

Moreover, there are two departments within the Reddam institution: Early Learning and Preparatory School.

Students can enjoy using the beautiful playgrounds, rugby fields, and a swimming pool while on campus. Reddam House provides learners with plenty of opportunities to think outside the box. Teachers encourage their students to push their academic boundaries. As a result, this mindset helps students succeed.

School fees range between R92, 000- R141, 000 depending on the grade.

5.      St Stithians College

This prestigious school is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. Furthermore, St Stithians College offers students a unique and holistic learning experience. The campus is set on 105 hectares of land and is completely eco-friendly.

The college is committed to ongoing staff development. This helps ensure that all students can excel in all aspects of learning. There is an equal focus on academic, sporting, and cultural activities at St Stithians College. Furthermore, students are encouraged to partake in community service through the curriculum.

Last but not least, St Stithians is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg.

Annual fees vary from around R78, 000- to R162, 000 per annum. This fee is based on the grade of the child.

6.      The Ridge School

The Ridge School is one of Johannesburg’s oldest English-medium boys’ preparatory schools. Furthermore, the school was founded in 1919. It is between Jan Smuts Avenue and Valley Road on 16 acres of the historic Westcliff Ridge.

The Ridge School has a strong sense of history while remaining rooted in its current modern surroundings. Furthermore, it is in its tenth decade of providing a holistic approach to education and life teachings to learners.

The school offers a high-quality, well-rounded educational system. In addition, this promotes self-esteem and encourages diversity. Their goal is to help develop self-assured students with great potential.

The forward-thinking, Christian-based attitude is dedicated to learning and community development.

School fees range between R121, 000- R158, 000 per annum.

7.      Brescia House School

Brescia House School is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. They have a strong reputation for producing well-mannered and well-rounded young ladies.

The school has a low student-to-teacher ratio, which assists teachers in recognizing students’ abilities. This is also an essential element to consider when honing a student’s specific skills. In addition, the learning center has amenities that support co-curricular activities, such as a swimming pool.

Tuition fees range between R85, 320- R139, 200 per year.

8.      Assumption Convent School- Best Private Schools in Johannesburg

The Assumption Convent School was founded in 1946.

For the past seventy years, the private college has delivered a respected and accessible Christian education to its students.

The school aspires to help students reach their greatest potential. Furthermore, educators strive to have a meaningful impact on their students’ lives. There are approximately 600 kids who attend this school. Each student receives extra attention, thus allowing them to succeed.

Parents can expect to pay anywhere between R84, 930- R110, 595 per annum.

9.      Roedean School, Johannesburg

Roedean is a century-old girls’ institution with a proud history. It began as a sister school to Brighton’s Roedean School.

Modern sporting facilities on campus include an indoor basketball court, a diving pool, and an astroturf field. Furthermore, they are well known for their water polo team.

Students can make use of the art, IT, and media center. In addition, Roedean has an extensive extra-curricular program. This program complements a high academic, athletic, and cultural reputation.

They also have a dedicated group of experienced teachers that are experts in their fields. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential.

School fees start range from R91, 947 to R176, 204 per year.

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10.  St David’s Marist Inanda

St David’s is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. There are roughly around 1100 students that attend the school.

The school’s majestic chapel hosts weekly mass for students and employees. With international rugby and cricket teams and mandated extracurricular sports, St David’s has a long sporting history. Rugby, cricket, hockey, water polo, and tennis are available. There are several community outreach programs available too.

St David’s has a large library, a heated swimming pool, and well-kept sports grounds. Each of the classrooms is well equipped too.

St David’s Marist Inanda has been a center of teaching and learning for more than 70 years. Academics, culture, leadership, service, and sports are well promoted for students. The school’s vision is for students to graduate with impeccable values.

Students also have the option to board on campus. This is especially convenient to students who reside further away.

It is estimated that school fees range from R81, 000 to R153, 000 per year.

11.  Holy Rosary Catholic School

The Irish Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary created a Catholic all-girls school. This well sought-after school is on the list of best private schools in Johannesburg.

Their school is one of the best in Joburg, transforming “today’s girls into tomorrow’s women”. Holy Rosary Catholic School has a pre-primary, primary, and secondary school.

Students are encouraged to attend religious education seminars, retreats, and holy masses. However, students of all faiths and cultures are welcome at the institute.

Apart from academics and spirituality, the Holy Rosary School boasts Johannesburg’s greatest athletic facilities. Students can participate in a wide variety of sports. This includes swimming, tennis, hockey, netball, rowing, and equestrian activities.

Fees range between R78, 000 and R128, 000 per year.

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