Updated 11.06.2023

Best Places to Buy Face Masks in South Africa

We are living in the times of a global pandemic. Most of us by now know someone who has had the virus, has the virus or has unfortunately passed away due to the Covid-19 virus.

WHO is working hard with various doctors and healthcare workers to come up with a vaccine for this virus that is taking over the world. We are not sure when the vaccine will be available to us. Until then, we have to wear face masks to help prevent us from giving the virus to other people.

Here are a few best places where you can buy your different face masks from.

Surgical masks

Dischem has a few different brands of surgical masks. The great thing about buying disposable surgical masks is that once you have used it, you can throw it away and know that the next time you place a mask on your face, it is nice and clean.

The online store, Takealot has got an array of surgical face masks that you can use. You can get different colours and one size fits all.

The nice thing about ordering from Takealot is that you will get your masks delivered to your house. You do not have to go out and get them. When money is a bit tight, Takelot is a great option for those of us who have Ebucks from FNB. You can spend your Ebucks to get your essential masks.

Cotton masks

Cotton masks are easy to find. Most stores have cotton masks on sale. All you need to do is ask someone for the mask section and choose a few.

People are using cotton masks because they are reusable. You wear your mask for the day and then you can wash it the next day. Make sure that your masks are properly dry before you place them on your face.

An example of a cotton mask can be found with the Foundation Face Mask at Cotton:on.

Cotton Foundation Face Mask

Foundation Face Mask from Cotton:On – R80.00

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Masks with vents

If you are looking for masks with vents, then I suggest going to a sports shop to get your masks. If you cannot find it at your local sports shop, you can buy the masks from Takealot as well.

These masks are easier to breathe with as they have the vent. The only downfall is that you are going to need to change the filters in the vents about once a month.

K95 masks

K95 masks are not suggested to be worn by anyone. The only people who should be wearing them are people who are using PPE for work purposes such as doctors and nurses.

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