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Top 7 Best Medical Aid in South Africa 2021

Studies have shown that about 9.4 million South Africans use Medical Aid. With the most medical aid members being in Tshwane. You might wonder why so many South Africans use medical aid!

The reason is that government hospitals do not always offer the best care and with private hospitals being excellent, they are incredibly expensive.

Many private hospitals ask for cash upfront if you do not have Medical Aid. If you’re in an emergency situation, private hospitals will stabilise you by law, but then transport you to a government hospital, if you do not have medical aid. That is why it is a good idea to have a medical aid plan if you want the best medical care in South Africa.

The question needs to be asked though, which medical aid plans are the best in South Africa?

There are so many medical aid plans to choose from, keep reading for the top 7 best medical aid plans in South Africa.

Discovery Medical Aid

# Discovery Medical Aid

Discovery has the largest amount of beneficiaries by far. Currently, discovery has just under 2.8 million beneficiaries. You might wonder why so many South Africans choose Discovery medical aid plans. Here is why:

  • Discovery offers 27 different types of medical aid plans and over 7 scheme categories.
  • You receive Vitality Rewards, which can help you earn discounts on gym memberships, movie tickets and so many other things. You can even receive discovery miles, which can help you buy plane tickets for when you travel.
  • No limits for hospital cover on any Discovery Medical aid schemes. 
  • You can go to any private hospital on most medical aid schemes.
  • You also receive access to screening and prevention benefits that help you test to detect any serious illness that might be lurking.
  • Discovery also offers day to day benefits once your savings have been depleted.
  • Prices range from R839 – R6 541
Bonitas Medical Aid

# Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas medical aid comes in second to Discovery with 8.3% of the total market share in South Africa. Bonitas has 731,500 beneficiaries. This is why so many South Africans choose Bonitas medical aid plans.

  • Bonitas offers a managed care programme, that helps you manage chronic illnesses such as HIV, Cancer and mental health problems.
  • Offering 13 plans, across 9 different schemes.
  • They offer cover for 27 to 60 different chronic conditions and they deliver your medication for free.
  • If you have 4 or more children, they will receive free medical cover. So you just have to pay for your first 3 children.
  • Prices range between R1 009 – R6 438
Momentum Medical Aid

# Momentum Medical Aid

Many South Africans are really happy with Momentum Health. Momentum health is the third-largest medical aid in South Africa, with 284,400 clients. Momentum also offers a variety of options. You can choose between state, open and network hospitals. 

  • You have the choice of 33 plans with 6 different scheme categories.
  • There is no yearly limit when it comes to hospitalization.
  • Momentum also offers a rewards programme
  • They cover between 26 and 62 chronic illnesses
  • Prices range between R401 – R8 342
BestMed Medical Aid

# BestMed Medical Aid

Best Med has been a medical aid provider for the past 52 years in South Africa. They have about 200 000 beneficiaries. Many South Africans choose BestMed aid for the following reasons.

  • BestMed is self-administrated. This means that more of your money goes towards benefits and not towards admin.
  • There are no self-payment gaps.
  • BestMed has fewer co-payments in comparison to other medical aid schemes.
  • They also tailor-make corporate solutions, which is great, because they understand that every corporate has different needs.
  • Offer 11 plans across 3 different schemes.
  • Prices range between R1 335 – R7 330
MediHelp Medical Aid

# MediHelp Medical Aid

MediHelp has just under 200 000 beneficiaries. This is a great medical aid scheme.  Their website is easy to use and they offer awesome customer service. 

  • MediHelp offers 7 plans across 4 scheme categories
  • They offer a maternity plan
  • They offer full cover for over 270 PMBs and 26 other chronic illnesses
  • No limit for hospital cover
  • They offer unlimited cover for emergencies and trauma
  • If you have Prime options, you only have to pay for your first 2 children, and the rest are covered for free.
  • MediHelp also has an emergency app.
  • Prices range between R1 448 – R4 698
Fedhealth Medical Aid

# Fedhealth Medical Aid

Fedhealth has amazingly been around since 1936. How is that for a long legacy? Fedhealth also offers a variety of options for its members at affordable prices.

  • Offering all cover in the hospital
  • They also have the option for network hospitals and doctors
  • They cover 25 chronic conditions
  • You can also choose added benefits, like specialised medication and Day to day cover. 
  • Prices range between R1 611 – R3 031
Medshield Medical Aid

# Medshield Medical Aid

Medshield has merged with Oxygen Medical Aid. They have approximately 110 000 members. Medshield has been around since 1968, making Medshield one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy medical aid plans in South Africa. Medshild has also received a global credit rating of AA-.

  • Offering a free programme for those with HIV/AIDS.
  • They also offer an oncology programme for cancer patients
  • They also offer their members free access to emergency services.
  • Their prices are affordable and they offer a medical aid plan for everyone.

These medical aid schemes have been rated as the top medical aid schemes provider in South Africa. There are many other medical aid schemes in South Africa, but these above-mentioned are medical aid companies. They have the best ratings and the longest track record in the country. So you can be sure that you will receive the best customer service, and payouts if you use any of these medical aid schemes.

It would be a good idea to compare prices for each scheme and then see which medical scheme would suit you best. It’s important to have medical aid in South Africa. Sadly in the news lately there have been a few horror stories of how people were refused care at government hospitals. If you want the best health care for you and your family, make sure to have a look at these awesome medical aid plans.

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