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Best Gyms in South Africa

The best gyms in South Africa are furnished with top of the line fitness equipment anyone would want in a gym. This article looks into the best gyms in South Africa that you should consider going to anytime you are around.

best gyms in South Africa

Keeping fit regularly is a lifestyle that pays the highest health dividends. Whether you are doing it for the gram or for health reasons, hitting the gym is a great way to stay ahead of your health. However, the gym results you get are directly related to the gyms you visit since not every gym is made equal. Ideally, a good gym is one that:

  • Encourages physical activity
  • Offers a comfortable and safe workout environment
  • Has an enjoyable and pleasant environment that promotes socialization and recreation
  • High-quality gym equipment
  • Offers a wide array of training 
  • Hygienic and clean
  • It is open when you need to go to the gym
  • Affordable

7 Best Gyms in South Africa

This list comprises top gyms across South Africa, mainly in Johannesburg and Capetown. Visit any of them the next time you are in the respective cities.


Gym enthusiasts who throng CrossFit are easily identifiable by their well-built bodies. The gym is not only a facility but also a lifestyle and a fitness routine/regime. Most CrossFit gym workouts anchor on unique exercises that take advantage of full-range body movements. These workouts leverage weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and gymnastics to achieve your desired body goals. The workouts are brutal but the results compensate for the pain you’ll have to endure in the gym.

CrossFit is available in three locations across South Africa. These are:

  • Cape CrossFit/The Factory (Foreshore)
  • Cape CrossFit Southern Suburbs (Claremont)
  • Cape CrossFit 7130 (Somerset West)

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is the biggest gym franchise in South Africa with multiple branches in major cities. Each location is uniquely positioned to address the specific needs of people living in the particular neighborhood. Even so, all branches offer a variety of activities, including:

  • Squash and swimming classes
  • Gym classes

The franchise is children-friendly with junior care service and party options. 

In most locations, the gym is packed during rush hour. Therefore, it is prudent for you to hit the gym during a less busy period.

Arguably, the gym in Joburg is not cheap. You will have to pay an R645 initiation fee and a monthly subscription fee of R565. The gym offers discounts to people with given health insurance. Check if you qualify for any discounts with your particular health insurance. 

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness doesn’t compare to Virgin in terms of size. However, it is more affordable compared to Virgin. It has top-of-the-line facilities and thought-out classes geared toward delivering harmony and balance of mind, body, and soul in a fun way.

More specifically, Planet Fitness offers aqua, cycle, step, box, dance, HIIT, conditioning, Yoga, strength, core categories, and pilates.

Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale

Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale is an indoor gym with all the amenities you’d wish to have in a gym. As a fitness enthusiast, you can find the following fitness services here:

  • Spinning classes
  • Aerobics
  • Water aerobics
  • Weight training
  • An indoor running track
  • Squash courts
  • Mountain Bike track

The facility caters to the needs of different categories of people living in South Africa. It has a private female training area, general training area, indoor swimming pool, squash courts, tartan running track, CrossFit box, spinning studio, cardio training area, aerobics, and pilates studio. Other than this, the facility also houses a platinum bathroom, general bathroom, salon, day spa, deli, supplement, and clothing shop. 

Stature CT

Stature CT service has a personal touch to it. The gym has a group-based drilling that pushes trainees out of their comfort zone. While this might sound hard, it is fairly doable in practice. The training relies on technique with well-thought-out six-week cycles that promote functional movements and stimulates muscle activation. Working out in Stature CT is fun to newcomers as much as it is enjoyable to regulars. The gym has a dedicated team whose sole objective is to help clients meet their needs.

Sports Science Institute (SSISA)

Sports Science Institute hosts some of the best minds in South Africa. The facility has kept most of South Africa’s top athletes in their best shape. As such, it houses some of the best training equipment in the country. Other than state-of-the-art equipment, the facility has the best trainers to help you meet your training goals. With commitment, you are sure to get the best results from training at Sports Science Institute.

SSISA gym or fitness offers professionalism, safety, space, motivation, and energy. It keeps you interested enough to always go back for more exercise.


Sweat1000 will get you to lose the extra weight in no time. The name of the gym is symbolic with the prefix SWEAT representing Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training and the suffix 1000 representing the amount of calories you will lose in an hour of training in this gym.

Workout in this gym combines multiple training techniques including functional training, interval training, athletic training, core stability workout, and agility training. The instructors and trainers at Sweat1000 will push you to your limit, allowing your body to achieve its maximum fitness abilities in the 1-hour training session. Even though the training sessions are brutal, it delivers the results you need within your desired training period.

Final Thoughts

Gyms in South Africa have what you’d need in a functional fitness center. They have state-of-the-art facilities, a safe environment, gym programs tailored to your unique needs, and a community you can belong to as you embark on your fitness journey. However, not all these gyms are affordable by most people’s standards. You, therefore, need to find one that fits your budget while meeting your fitness needs. 

People Also Ask

Which is the biggest gym in South Africa?

Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale stand as the largest indoor gym in South Africa.

How much is gym per month in South Africa?

Most gyms charge a monthly fee starting from R330, and a joining fee of as low as R260.


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