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Best Fridge and Freezer Deals in South Africa

Like all modern conveniences, refrigerators make our lives easier and a little uncomplicated. These machines of different shapes and sizes help in keeping our foods fresh and cold. They are the reasons why we can enjoy a cold one. That is why this article aims to help you with choosing the Best Fridge and Freezer Deals in South Africa.

Before the age of refrigerators, people used varying cooking methods to preserve their food. Some preserved meat by smoking or salting it, while others lengthened the shelf life of vegetables via salting or pickling. The bottom line is that we do not have to go through all that rigorous processes. You only need to pop the food in the freezer, and you are good to go.

A refrigerator is one of the home appliances I tend to ignore of its importance, speaking from my experience. Can you imagine what was life was like before refrigerators? Perhaps, your grandparents or parents know how to live without one. But, personally, a refrigerator has become an everyday staple to me today. How does one look for the best deals for refrigerators, anyway? Look no further because we will teach you how to do that. Let us jump into it!

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Fridge and Freezer that fits your Budget

With a plethora of refrigerators to choose from, how can you pick the best deal? Whether it’s a bar fridge or something bigger, our editors turned the world upside down to bring you the best fridge and freezer deals in South Africa.

What should you look for in a fridge or freezer?

Refrigerators lag behind other home appliances when it comes to features. However, refrigerator manufacturers are still trying their best to include newer and more innovative features. In fact, some new features feel a little gimmicky. We will share with you how you can avoid these unnecessary features, so continue reading.

Samsung and LG lead the pack for innovations in refrigerators. These home appliances manufacturers tried to install large touch panels on the door of their fridges. Additionally, refrigerators from Samsung and LG come with Wi-Fi and Smart Assistants. These features make their fridge and freezers “smart”. But, what should you look for in a refrigerator?

Measure for Refrigerator Dimensions

The first thing you should consider before buying a fridge is to verify if it will fit! Modern kitchens use a standard layout. But, unlike other appliances, refrigerators do not have a standard size. Refrigerators come in different configurations. Some are smaller, while others are gigantic. That is why it is better if you measure the clearances. Most often than not, your kitchen already has a place for a refrigerator. Do not forget to check for height and width clearances.

Check its Door Clearance

Additionally, it is better if you can check if the doors open freely and without hindrance. Checking the door clearance will make it easier for you to grab something inside the fridge. And if it is an irreversible door, make sure that its door swings in the right direction.

Choose features that you only need

While all the glitz and glamour from a “smart” refrigerator are tempting, it is more significant to pick the one with the features you only need. Here are the three C’s (well, it is more like four) you need in your checklist: Capacity, Cooling Capabilities, and Cost.

1. Capacity

Another specification that you most probably already have in mind is the fridge’s capacity. If you have a huge family, you most likely have a lot of groceries to keep chilled. A decently sized and chunkier fridge is best-suited for you. However, if you are living alone or in a dorm, you should check out mini-fridges. But in most cases, a top or bottom freezer refrigerator should be enough.

2. Cooling Capabilities

This one is self-explanatory; the refrigerator you should be looking at should cool all the foods and drinks you place inside it at the right temperature. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? A refrigerator’s cooling capabilities also include efficiency. This efficiency helps with our third C, the cost.

3. Cost

Cost comprises of two things, cost of the refrigerator and cost to run it. You should find the balance between these two costs. Moreover, a fridge should give you the best value for the money and should eat less electricity. Also, I should warn you about uber budget refrigerators. While their upfront price is compelling, these cheap refrigerators may cost you more money in the long run.

Other Convenient Features

There are a lot of other convenient features a refrigerator may have. Like mentioned before, some feel like a gimmick while others feel like a necessity. Here are some of the convenient features I cannot live without. 

  • Ice and Water Dispenser

Modern refrigerators have ice and water dispensers situated in front of the machine. You can get a glass of cold water or ice without ever opening the refrigerator. This feature is not only convenient but may also save you money due to lesser frequent fridge door opening. If you decided to get one with this feature, I strongly recommend one with a built-in water filter.

  • Soft-closing doors

Have you ever slammed the refrigerator doors hard accidentally? I know we have at least done this once in our lifetime. In my case, I did this probably more times than I can remember. That is why it is a good thing that manufacturers invented soft-closing doors. 

Look at the Energy Efficiency

The main reason why you should consider junking your old refrigerator is to save electricity costs. The fridge’s energy efficiency is another indication of how much electricity it consumes over some time. The more efficient the fridge is, the less it consumes electricity. Refrigerator manufacturers often indicate their fridge’s energy efficiency on a yellow label. It will not only save you cash but also save the environment as a result.

Tips of Experts on how to get the best deals for fridges and freezers

Deals for appliances are hard to come by. Our experts here at Money Today share their tips on how to get the best deals:

  • Avoid gimmicky features to save cash

Manufacturers tend to add unnecessary features to their refrigerators to make them stand out from the crowd. But how do you avoid these gimmicky and unnecessary features? Before going to the store, I suggest that you already have a list of all the features you need. Take note of the word, need. When you are in the store, you should stick to this list and your budget. Although it may be tempting to get the latest and greatest with all the “smart” features, remember that they are unnecessary.

  • Check the internet for frequent sale

Sales in online stores are frequent. Therefore, it is a must that you check online deals first before going to a physical store. 

  • Late spring is the best time to get a fridge or freezer

Usually, manufacturers introduce their new models in the market at the beginning of summer. Therefore, the best time to get a good deal on a decent fridge is late spring. Moreover, the Black Friday sale can be also worth your time.

  • Go for the highest energy efficiency that you can get for your budget

Our editors cannot stress this enough – energy efficiency is everything. I assume that you already have a budget in mind. I recommended that you go for the refrigerator with the highest energy efficiency and a decent amount of features. 

5+ Best Fridge and Freezer Deals in South Africa

Here are 5 of the best deals you can find in South Africa.

Hisense 95 L Chest Freezer White H125CF

Hisense 95 L Chest Freezer White H125CF
Hisense 95 L Chest Freezer White H125CF

Hisense South Africa | Current Price: R 2,199.00 | Savings: R 400.00 | Net Capacity: 95 L | Energy Efficiency Class: A | Annual Energy Consumption: 219 kWh / year | Freezer Compartment Star Rating: 4 star | Dimensions (W×D×H): 546 x 479 x 854 mm | Service Guarantee: 4 years

Let us start the list of the best refrigerator deals with the smallest and cheapest of the bunch – the Hisense 95 L Chest Freezer White H125CF. Despite being the least inexpensive, this Hisense chest freezer offers a solid value for only R 2,199.00. It has the Super Freeze functionality that makes freezing of food or drinks uber-fast. Additionally, this chest freezer can drop its temperature to at least -30℃ with the Super Freeze function. This exceedingly low temperature allows food to retain more vitamins and flavour.

The Hisense Chest Freezer H125CF also has an integrated My Fresh Choice Technology that lets you switch between freezer, fridge and chill modes. This flexibility is indeed a plus in our books. When it comes to emergencies, the food inside the unpowered Hisense chest freezer can stay frozen up to 135 hours after receiving no power. Lastly, cleaning this Hisense minibeast is effortless, thanks to its removable multi-sealed door design.

If you want a more spacious chest freezer, I recommend looking at its 198-Liter variant – the Hisense H245CF. The Hisense H245CF is also currently on sale at R 2,799.00, saving you around R 200.00.

KIC 314L Bottom Fridge / Freezer (KBF 635 WH)

KIC 314L Bottom Fridge / Freezer (KBF 635 WH)
KIC 314L Bottom Fridge / Freezer (KBF 635 WH)

KIC South Africa | Current Price: R 4,299.00 | Savings: R 1,000.00 | Net Capacity: 314 L | Energy Efficiency Class: A | Annual Energy Consumption: 358 kWh / year | Freezer Compartment Star Rating: 4 star | Dimensions (HxWxD): 1740 x 600 x 618 mm | Service Guarantee: 2 years

Next up our list is a bottom freezer refrigerator – the KIC 314L Bottom Fridge / Freezer (KBF 635 WH). This KIC two-door refrigerator has a spacious 314-litre net capacity, perfect for a decently large family. Its door offers a big balcony for better storage options. Not only that, but it can also accommodate 2-litre and 2.5-litre bottles. Furthermore, it has multiple levels of compartments for both the fridge and freezer areas.

Unlike some refrigerators in the market, the KIC refrigerator boasts about its silent cooling. This time around, KIC used a unique dampening material to reduce the sound this refrigerator makes. Since we are already in the realm of materials, KIC also included an anti-bacterial seal to prevent dirt accumulations on the fridge gaskets. This seal avoids the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, thus, improving overall hygiene.

Need more storage capacity? Then, I advise you get the KIC model name KBF 639 ME with 344 litres of storage for only R 700.00 more. This bottom freezer refrigerator has a lengthier service guarantee of 5 years, which is worth the additional R 700.00.

LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ)

LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ)
LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ)

LG South Africa | Current Price: R 9,999.00 | Savings: R 2,000.00 | Net Capacity: 374 L | Energy Efficiency Class: A++ | Annual Energy Consumption: 256 kWh / year | Freezer Compartment Star Rating: 4 star | Dimensions (HxWxD): 1860 x 595 x 682 mm | Service Guarantee: 10 Year Warranty On Linear Compressor

When it comes to precise temperature control, you can lean on trusted refrigerator manufacturers like LG. And the best deal for a mid-range refrigerator is the LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ). This premium feeling and high-end looking refrigerator has temperature control with margins up to ±1.0℃ and ±0.5℃ for big temperature and precise temperature fluctuation, respectively. Moreover, LG’s DoorCooling+ technology guarantees up to 32% faster and even cooling versus conventional refrigerators.

The LG 374L Silver Bottom Freezer (GC-B459NLHZ) features two specialized compartments for fruit & vegetables and meat, fish & vegetables. LG calls the fruit & vegies storage area Fresh Balancer. The Fresh Balancer technology regulates the humidity. As a result, it effectively retains moisture in fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, LG coined the compartment for meat, fish, and vegetables the Fresh Converter. In this area, this LG refrigerator allows you to choose the optimum temperature depending on the food placed inside. Lastly, the LG hands out a 10 Year Warranty On Linear Compressor for the GC-B459NLHZ.

Here are its cheaper alternative: Midea 295L Combi Fridge (HD-400WEN(D)-W1) and LG 301L Frost Free Fridge/Freezer (GC-F369NLJM). Both less inexpensive refrigerators have a water dispenser.

Samsung 520L Side-By-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser (RS52N3B13S8)

Samsung 520L Side-By-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser (RS52N3B13S8)
Samsung 520L Side-By-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser (RS52N3B13S8)

Samsung South Africa | Current Price: R 12,999.00 | Savings: R 4,000.00 | Net Capacity: 520 L | Energy Efficiency Class: A+ | Annual Energy Consumption: 439 kWh / year | Freezer Compartment Star Rating: 4 star | Dimensions (HxWxD): 1789 x 912 x 734 mm | Service Guarantee: 2 years

Let us continue to the big guns. Samsung, alongside LG, has been dominating the home appliance market for quite some time. It comes as no surprise because they manufacture splendid products that everyday people enjoy. In the refrigerator market, Samsung’s Side-By-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser (RS52N3B13S8) gives a lot of value for the buck.

The Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator sports a Digital Inverter Technology. This modern technology emits less noise and energy for long-lasting performance. Moreover, it offers seven (7) increasing levels of temperature adjustments. This Samsung refrigerator has a durable build with a 10-year warranty, like the LG’s.

Ice buildup in foods you store is also non-existent as it offers a No Frost technology. This technology assures longer freshness in fruits and vegetables. Additionally, defrosting this fridge is less frequent. Freezing is quick due to its robust freezing power. Thus, you can freeze ice cubes or ice cream in no time.

Although the Samsung Side-by-Side refrigerator has a spacious 520 litres in capacity, it still offers all-around cooling. Therefore, the food placed on the fridge corner has the same cooling as the one in the middle compartment. Lastly, it has fridge sections for dairy and wine.

LG 601L Side-by-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser (GC-J247SLLZ)

LG 601L Side-by-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser (GC-J247SLLZ) | Best Fridge and Freezer Deals in South Africa
LG 601L Side-by-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser (GC-J247SLLZ)

LG South Africa | Current Price: R 26,999.00 | Savings: R 5,000.00 | Net Capacity: 601 L | Energy Efficiency Class: A | Annual Energy Consumption: 419 kWh / year | Freezer Compartment Star Rating: 4 star | Dimensions (HxWxD): 1790 x 912 x 738 mm | Service Guarantee: 10 Year Warranty On Linear Compressor

Last, but not least, on our list is the LG 601L Side-by-Side Frost Free Fridge with Water and Ice Dispenser (GC-J247SLLZ). Although it is the most expensive of the bunch, you can get this top-notch refrigerator for only R 26,999.00 while saving R 5,000.00. LG is no stranger to the high-end refrigerator industry, and it is evident in this LG refrigerator.

Being the most expensive refrigerator, it also has the roomiest storage capacity of 601 litres. The first thing you will notice with the LG GC-J247SLLZ, aside from its gorgeous design, is its double-layered door system. This unique door system features a panel that opens with a touch of a button. Moreover, it prevents the escape of cold air, which can contribute to energy saving. Its clear panel lets you locate your favourite snack without having to search the shelves while the cold air escapes.

Like our previous pick from LG, the LG GC-J247SLLZ uses an Inverter Linear Compressor that consumes 32 per cent less energy. On top of that, LG backs this compressor with a lengthy 10-year warranty. In practice, this compressor performs with noise as low as 39 dB. Moreover, in LG fashion, the LG GC-J247SLLZ offers specialized compartments called the Moist Balance Crisper for fruits and vegetables.

Final Verdict

Refrigerators are expensive. That is why we advise you to consider them as investments because you will be using them for an extensive period. However, whenever you find a refrigerator deal, you should grab the chance to ditch your old refrigerator for a new one. Our editors gave you more than five picks that have the best deals right now in South Africa.

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