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Best Fibre Deals

Are you looking for the best fibre deals in 2022? First, you need to understand what fibre internet is and how it works.

Fibre transfers data at incredibly high speed via a fibre optic cable. As a result, upload and download speeds are boosted. The ability to receive and send data is achieved by cables running great distances underwater and across the land. These fibre optic cables carry most of the world’s data, making it possible for South Africans to stream video or load a website hosted anywhere around the world.

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How much speed you need depends on what you are after. For example, if you’re only looking to browse emails, check social media, listen to music, and make occasional voice calls, you only need about 10 Mbps. 

In 2022, the best fibre deals in South Africa will help you save money. The highly competitive fibre market is compelling internet service providers to provide various appealing packages for different customer demands. Consequently, the needs of low-income earners who require fast internet connections are also covered. Getting reliable fibre solutions in South Africa no longer need to be a big problem as you can take advantage of these alluring deals offered by internet service providers;


MWEB is one of the most popular internet service providers in South Africa. This is majorly due to its customer care services as well as its high-quality fibre internet. 

Here is a list of fibre companies that sell their products through MWEB:

Openserve Packages

  • 25/10Mb per second – R499pm
  • 25/25Mb per second – R599 pm
  • 50/25Mb per second – R689 pm
  • 50/50Mb per second – R749 pm
  • 100/50Mb per second – R889 pm
  • 200/100Mb per second – R1,049 pm
  • 50/250Mb per second R1, 279 pm

Link Layer

  • 50/50Mbps – R749 pm
  • 50/25Mbps – R659pm
  • 50/5Mbps – R659 pm
  • 30/30Mbps – R649 pm
  • 30/3Mbps – R599 pm
  • 25/25Mbps – R599 pm
  • 25Mbps – R589 pm
  • 25/10Mbps – R499 pm

Frog Foot Packages

  • 25/10Mbps – R499 pm
  • 30/3Mbps – R599 pm
  • 25/25Mbps – R599 pm
  • 30/30Mbps – R649 pm
  • 50/25Mbps – R689 pm
  • 50/50Mbps – R749 pm
  • 100/50Mbps – R889 pm
  • 100Mbps – R899 pm

LTE Packages (Sim + Router)

LTE doesn’t require installation, landlines, or technicians. You only need to plug your fibre cable into the LTE router, insert your sim card, and connect to the internet.

Telkom LTE packages

Telkom LTE packages cover every individual’s needs. The packages range from 40GB + 40GB night-time data at R274 pm to 300GB + 300GB night-time data at R874 pm. It covers both low-income and high-income earners.

MTN LTE Packages

MWEB also offers the best MTN LTE packages: The packages range from the uncapped 10Mbps at R499 pm to uncapped 25 Mbps at R799 pm.

Vodacom LTE Packages

  • 20/10 Mbps – R599 pm
  • 20/20 Mbps – R649 pm
  • 50/25 Mbps – R719 pm

MWEB also hosts several other companies that offer affordable fibre deals. These are:

  • Octel
  • Lightstruck
  • Evotel
  • Vuma Reach
  • Web Connect
  • TT Connect
  • FrogFoot Air
  • Link Africa
  • Century City Connect
  • MetroFibre


Afrihost is a significant player in South Africa’s IT sector. It continues to provide customer services that focus on creating a smooth internet experience. As a result, Afrihost customers can regularly access the internet with little to no interruptions due to its reliability, affordability, and great customer care. Here’s a list of the best Afrihost fibre deals in South Africa:

Openserve Deals

  • 25/10Mbps – R497 pm
  • 25/25Mbps – R597 pm
  • 200/100Mbps – R1 167 pm
  • 500/250 Mbps – R1 347 pm

Garden Route Fibre Network Packages

  • 10/10Mbps – R697 pm
  • 30/30Mbps – R827 pm
  • 100/100Mbps – R1 047 pm
  • 200/200Mbps – R1 147 pm

All Route Network Packages

  • 5/5Mbps – R627 pm
  • 10/10Mbps – R627 pm
  • 20/2Mbps – R727 pm
  • 100/100Mbps – R1 047
  • 200/20Mbps- R1 047
  • 200/200Mbps – R1 147

Afrihost fibre prices range from one ISP to another. They also provide fibre services on behalf of;

  • Baldwin Fibre
  • Clear Access
  • Century City Connect
  • Netstream
  • Vuma Reach
  • Connectivity Services
  • Mitsol
  • Link Africa
  • Link Layer
  • Lightstruck
  • DNATel
  • FibreSuburb Networks
  • Waterfall Access Networks
  • FrogFoot
  • TT Connect


Telkom is among the top ten best internet service providers in South Africa. They provide extensive coverage throughout the country. If you are looking for the best fibre deals, consider these:

Unlimited Home Lite

  • 25/5Mbps – R349 pm
  • 25/25Mbps – R449 pm
  • 50/50Mbps – R699 pm
  • 100/50Mbps – R899 pm
  • 200/100Mbps – R1 169 pm

Unlimited Home Premium

  • 25/25Mbps – R699 pm
  • 50/50Mbps R849 pm
  • 100/50Mbps R1 199 pm
  • 200/100Mbps – R 1 399 pm

Smart Broadband Wireless LTE

  • 20GB per month – R149 pm
  • 40GB – R199 pm
  • 250GB all hours – R749 pm
  • 250GB business hours – R399

Unlimited Home Lite (Uncapped DSL)

  • 5/5Mbps – R199 pm
  • 10/10Mbps – R299 pm
  • 20/20Mbps – R399 pm
  • 40/40Mbps – R499 pm


Vox is among the leading ICT companies in South Africa. They provide some of the best fibre deals with super-fast speeds. Vox fiber deals include:

Fibre to the Home

Fibre to the home prices starts from as low as R298 pm. The prices are determined by the speed and amount of MBs you need. This category consists of three packages:

  • Capped bundles
  • Basic uncapped bundles
  • Pro uncapped bundles

Fibre to the Business

Frogfoot provides quality Fibre to the business package under Vox. Their clients pay an R5500 once-off fee (VAT excluded) for their contracts that last 1 up to 3 years.

Openserve Uncapped DSL

  • 5Mbps – R275 pm
  • 10Mbps – R375 pm
  • 20Mbps – R575 pm
  • 40Mbps – R675 pm

Vox Capped DSL

  • 100Mbps – R49 pm
  • 250Mbps – R99 pm
  • 500Mbps – R149 pm
  • 7000Mbps – R899 pm
  • 9000Mbps – R899 pm

Vox also partners with these service providers:

  • Waterfall Access
  • MetroFibre Network
  • Link Africa
  • Netstream
  • Openserve
  • TT connect
  • Vodacom
  • Octel
  • Frogfoot
  • Evotel
  • Rise Telecoms
  • Vuma Reach

The best fibre deals in South Africa are from leading internet service providers. However, since fibre data amounts and speeds differ per package, you may need to understand your internet needs before choosing your ideal package and reliable ISP.


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