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Bamboo Globalization – Is It a Scam?

Bamboo Globalization was at the center of discussions in South Africa, at least on most online platforms. If Google searches are anything to go by, most South Africans were more interested in the Bamboo Globalization Login details. But what is Bamboo Globalization? Is it a legitimate site? 

Bamboo Globalization
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What is Bamboo Globalization?

Bamboo Globalization is an online platform/website claiming to provide a means for South Africans to earn quick cash by investing and performing simple online tasks. These tasks include referring friends to the platform and earning royalties per referral.

Essentially, you can make money in more than one way. One, you can earn a  referral bonus when the person you have referred to the website signs up on the platform. Second, you will make money when your referral orders products. And lastly, you can earn commissions on the platform.

The site has a scheme that claims to credit R150 to new members after successfully registering on the platform. The referees get an R5 bonus for every newly enrolled individual. Additionally, newly registered individuals are enrolled in the VIP program at no cost.

The platform also has levels determined by your balance. Individuals who would like to advance from one level to another, such as VIP 1 to VIP 5, can top up money to their account. Higher levels users get more missions to accomplish per day, and in turn have a higher earning potential than lower-level users.

Bamboo Globalization Sign Up

Signing up on the platform isn’t a hassle. Here is what you need to provide for you to sign up on the platform:

  • Your Names (first and last name)
  • Active e-mail address
  • Strong password. The password should have a minimum of 8 characters. These characters should feature at least one lowercase, one uppercase, one number, and special characters. 

To register, you need to:

  • Key in your names on their respective boxes
  • Write your email address
  • Put a strong password
  • Confirm your password

Why Should You Register

According to Bamboo Globalization, users must register for them to receive their login information. Once you register, you go to the login icon and key in your login details to gain access to your account. 

Please note, at the time of this publication Bamboo Globalization registration page or the official website was not available.

Bamboo Globalization Login

Bamboo Globalization login is simply the process of accessing your account. You key in your username and password then submit to gain access to your account. Individuals can get login details by registering on the platform first.

Once you log in to the platform, you can be able to perform a number of tasks including referring friends, earning commissions, and placing orders among others. However, at the time of this publication, the platform has not been readily available for some time now.

Is Bamboo Globalization a Scam or Legit – User Reviews

Customer experience and user reviews often provide the much-needed reviews to understand a product better. We will look at a couple of customer reviews to better understand whether Bamboo Globalization is legit or a scam.

Tera on Mybroadband

“What irks me the most is that with all the correct information that people are given, they still choose to take part in these schemes. They are suckers for punishment. It shouldn’t even be a question. This and all other similar platforms are scams.

You receive emails from Banks and even Grocery stores and Pharmacies that inform you of scams and how to avoid them. The Facebook crowd is way too gullible. There is no easy money in life. There are no shortcuts. Work, and get paid. Tried and tested for thousands of years.”

Shawn1937 on Mybroadband

“Bamboo is no scam and no full-on pyramid scam. Yes, they do assist a user who gains referrals with a small bonus. With this intent, they are targeting an audience who does not get or have money to invest.

You only need the invitation to log in. Guess what reference money is limited to R400.(R5 per person). This means you can have an infinite amount of ‘agents’ members who joined beneath, not a single one of them is required to put any money into Bamboo, you will only get R400 max. Nothing more. So how is this a full-on pyramid scam? 

People need to wake up. Phone Bamboo self and tell them you want to get your business active in the online advertisement business. That is what Bamboo does, provide a solution to generate traffic for your online adverts as a paying customer.

You can make the money as they claim without the need to have a single agent or referral beneath you. That is completely against the fundamentals of a pyramid scam.

It’s not easy money, if you don’t want to invest or spend money, you will wait more than 3 months before you can receive a payment, and then another 3 months.

On top of that Bamboo has gone to some lengths to prevent fraudsters and keeps implementing updates to its vitrification process to counter these fraudsters who find ways to cheat their system.

Bamboo cannot tumble if everyone stops investments all at once as their business is not dependent on investments or any form of financial input from the users who perform the online traffic duties(tasks).”

Khabo at Hellopeter

“Scammers!!! They lure people to invest and never pay back. I’m saying this because I invested and upon withdrawal, we were told that bamboo was hacked and they were off for some time. Now they want everyone who wants to withdraw to do verification which is good but all my life, I have never heard that verification is paid for and the worse part is that the verification amount is not the same, it depends on which level you are, the higher level you are, the more money required. The verification amount starts from R100 being VIP Free, R200 VIP1, R200 VIP2, etc ??”

Cindy C at Hellopeter

“Biggest scam. They come up with so many excuses why you can’t withdraw your money. People invest hard-earned money and even take out loans to upgrade to the next level and when it’s time to withdraw then the system crashed. Do not join bamboo”

Charles P at Hellopeter

“They are slow with replies. You invest but do not get payments from them. They want you to invest more to verify your identity. Why not verify the payment I did 2 months ago? I’m not getting any correct feedback from them. No responses by mail. They taking hard-earned cash and not paying on investment.”

Kobus W at Hellopeter

“Stay far away from them. I have invested R1000 in their investment fund for 7 days. They state it takes 72 hours for payments to reflect in your bank account. I have been waiting 9 days now and have been informed that it’s going to take another 15 days. Investment matured on 13 July 2021…. every time we reach the payment date they think up n new excuse that is going to take 7 to 15 days to rectify. It’s the 20th of July today… Still nothing… SCAM SCAM SCAM… STAY AWAY FROM BAMBOO! ”

Mphon N at Hellopeter

“This company claims they are directly affiliated with Naspers{naspers foundry} I emailed Naspers and they say they are Not in any way connected to the company and that their lawyers are working on legal steps… And urged me not to invest in that company as it was clearly a scam.”

From user feedback, it is apparent that Bamboo Globalization has a bad reputation in the market. Most South Africans report negative experiences from using the platform. It is wise to exercise caution when dealing with the website to avoid getting a raw deal in the long run.


What is Bamboo globalization?

Bamboo Globalization is a website in South Africa claiming to provide an opportunity for individuals to earn money online by investing, referring people, and earning commissions in return.

Is bamboo globalization legit or not?

According to a user, NO they are not legit. The displeased user expressed his frustration on Hellopeter where he said  Bamboo Globalization is a scam. The user claimed the site lures people to invest with them and then disappears when it is time to withdraw. 

Bamboo Globalization has attracted hate and love from South Africans in different measures. Unfortunately, most South Africans do not have good words to say about the platform. So is it a scam? Going by the user feedback, it is safe to assume it is a scam 


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