Updated 30.05.2021

Apple Airtags and Purple iPhone 12 Prices Released

The pre-order facility at iStore for Apple’s Air Tags smart trackers is available in South Africa, and iPhone mini 12 and iPhone 12 are also obtainable now in the new stunning color option of purple.

New and well-built Apple iPhone 12 with aluminum flat-edge design and advanced features like dual-camera, Super Retina XDR display, A14 Bionic, Ceramic Shield front cover and, 5G.

To keep track of the personal stuff of every kind, AirTags are Apple’s first-ever power-efficient smart Bluetooth trackers. Apple AirTags can be attached to various important things of personal use e.g. briefcase, wallet, keys, backpacks, and other kinds of baggage. Once attached to some valuable item AirTags can be easily located with accuracy using the Find My app. In case of theft or misplacement of anything if AirTags are already attached then your iPhone detects location with precision and leads you to Apple’s AirTag with the help of Ultra-Wideband technology.

You can leave behind anything of your personal use at the gym or the office or the beach. You can open the Find My app through an iPad, iPhone, or Mac device and easily track down AirTag attached to the thing. There is a built-in speaker in the device and while searching you can make AirTag produce a sound if it lies hidden nearby i.e. under the bed or behind the couch. You just have to follow the sound and, amazingly, the search is over.

AirTag’s precision-finding Ultra Wideband tech is compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A secure Bluetooth signal is sent out by the AirTag that you can detect by any device using the Find My app. Then AirTag’s location is sent to iCloud through your device. Thus you can access and see the exact location on the map through the Find My app. The process is not only encrypted and anonymous that ultimately protects privacy but also efficient and simple.

Neither Apple Company nor anyone else could know where your AirTag is because AirTag never stores your history and location data. Your location data stays encrypted and the devices also stay anonymous which relay the location of AirTag. Your AirTag can be named and attached to items you want to protect. And you can get AirTag notifications on your device easily.

The pre-order offer for AirTags by iStore is R499 each. Buyers can save R100 upon the 4-pack purchase in just R1899. The prices of holders that attach AirTags to items are not included. You can buy them separately on prices i.e. R499 for AirTag Loop, R699 for AirTag Leather Key Ring, R799 for AirTag Leather Loop.

The Price of the purple iPhone 12 Mini starts at R13, 999, and the purple iPhone 12 at R16, 499 on iStore.

These prices exclude discounts for trade-ins but include free iCare Plus worth R1, 999.

Purple iPhone 12 Mini – 64GB price-R13, 999, 128GB price-R15, 999, 256GB price-R17, 999.

Purple iPhone 12 – 64GB price-R16, 499, 128GB price-R17, 999, 256GB price-R20, 499.

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