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Andile Ncube Bio – Age, Wife, Net Worth

Andile Ncube is a well-known and successful TV presenter from South Africa. He is also a sportscaster and host with significant experience working on TV since 2003. He worked for SABC1, where he served as a presenter on a music show. This happened early in his career, but he later went to SABC Sport, where he served as a presenter on several shows. He is known for hosting the X-Factor, South African edition.

Andile Ncube
Andile Ncube

Andile is known for both good and bad publicity. However, he remains excellent at what he does.

Andile Ncube Profile Summary

  • Name: Andile Ncube
  • Nickname/performance name: Andile Ncube
  • Occupation/ Career: Media personality
  • Age/ Date of birth: 4 October 1981 (41 Years Old)
  • Place of birth: Gauteng Province, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Social media: Instagram: @AndileNcube, Twitter: @AndileNcube, and Facebook: Andile Ncube

Andile Ncube Personal Information

Andile is a South African media personality that also doubles up as a host for reality shows. She is a native of Johannesburg, but he had a difficult childhood as his parents divorced when he was just 12 years old. He was thus raised by his mother, together with his two siblings.

However, Andile had bigger dreams which he had to realize despite having a difficult childhood.

He put a lot of hard work into his schooling after attending seven primary schools before moving to Pretoria Technikon / Polytech. This is where he pursued studies in media/journalism and went on to get into a career in both radio and TV. 

He later moved to the AFDA to pursue drama and film. This was the beginning of a thriving career where he worked in different positions as a media personality.

Andile Ncube Age

Andile was born in 1981, which makes her 41 years.

Career Details

Andile is undoubtedly one of the established TV personalities in South Africa. He got into this craft early since he started his first job as a student. At the time, SABC 1 allowed him to work as a host of a show called One. He was fortunate to receive mentorship from some of the big names in the industry, such as Phuti Khomo, Claire Mawisa, and Bianca LeGrange.

Over time, Andile turned out to be good at his job. He mastered his craft so well that he had to step down from the music show and move to become a sports presenter. He later hosted the Soccer 411 show on SABC Sport and Laduma TV Show.

Ncube continued to do so well and thrive since he went on to become a renowned executive producer. That was not all, as he became a FIFA host when he hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Andile has been doing so well over time that he went on to host other shows, including the Young, Famous and Africa, The Search E!, X-Factor, Zaziwa, Live AMP, and City Ses’la.

Ncube’s career continued to thrive even as a radio presenter. This is proven by his work at Metro FM, where he hosts a Sports show known as Sports Night Amplified with Andile Ncube. The show airs every weekday from 6 pm to 7 pm.

The presenter has also tried his luck at music and even went on to release 3 songs. These are Freestyle; I Am Not A DJ, and the Song For You. While he had the potential to thrive in this line of work. He chose to focus on the media line.

Ncube’s Salary and Net Worth

Andile is a big name in the South African media industry, especially in Sports broadcasting. This means that he earns a significant amount of money, and his monthly salary is estimated to be R165000 at SABC.

When calculated, this easily translates to an annual earning of about R1.9 million. Besides working in broadcasting, he also owns an advertising company and also works in brand promotion and acting. He has worked with large brands that contributed to his net worth, estimated to be $1 million.

Andile Ncube’s Relationships

Andile has had different relationships over the years. This could be because he is a public figure in the media industry. He was married to Ayanda Thabethe, who is his ex-wife now. Their marriage lasted only two years. The two had a low-key wedding.

The public does not know what caused their breakup, although there were speculations about Andile’s unfaithfulness. However, Ayanda insisted that she left because of unhappiness.

There have been rumors that he is now dating Pearl Modiadie, even though Modiadie came out to quash the claims. She confirmed being in a relationship, but Andile Ncube isn’t her boyfriend. Some of Andile’s exes include media personality, Katlego Danke

The reason for their breakup is yet to be known. He also dated Sebabatso, and their breakup was sudden when they came public in 2021 when they announced they were expecting a baby. It is, therefore, not known why they called it quits quickly.

Andile Ncube was suspected to have been involved with Zari at some point. This came after the Young, Famous & African, as the two seemed to have some sparks and chemistry.

Andile also confessed the possibility of being interested in Zari. Ncube also dated Rosette at some point. However, their relationship ended sourly as they aired their dirty laundry in public. However, they later made up and co-parented amicably.

Andile Ncube’s Family

Ncube was born into a family of two children. From his string of relationships, he got a daughter, Gabriella, with his ex Rosette Mogomotsi. He also has a son with Sebabatso Mothibi. The baby was born in 2020.

Andile Ncube has been involved in a number of controversies from his relationships. Being in the limelight has probably exposed him to a lot of scrutiny. However, he remains one of the best TV personalities in South Africa. His prowess in hosting is one of the best, especially in sport hosting. It is not surprising that he continues to thrive despite relationship and family challenges.


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