Updated 03.08.2022

Affordable Medical Aid under R1000

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to afford medical aid in South Africa. Numerous affordable medical aid under R1000 will take care of your needs efficiently. For instance, you can get income-based medical aid in South Africa for less than R500 for every principal member per month. Most of these plans offer great value with a wide range of attractive benefits and reliable cover when you need it most. However, it is important to note that for income-based medical aid, the membership cost paid is tied to the income generated by the members. Therefore, people in higher income brackets might not access cheaper medical aid in this category. Read on to learn more about affordable medical aid under R1000 in South Africa.

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How to Choose Affordable Medical Aid

Before getting down to affordable medical aid under R1000, it is prudent for you to learn how to choose affordable medical aid. Fortunately, the process involved is easy. First, you must define your needs based on what you would want from such a medical aid and the amount you can afford. You can then proceed to choose an aid once you have this information at hand.

Second, you need to study and understand the details of a plan. Most of these plans have common benefits like yearly flu vaccination, discount on basic dental procedures, and free preventative screening. There are other plans with unique benefits like free anesthesia and child illness benefits. However, you should know that many of these medical aids do not cover the full amount charged by dentists and anesthetists. And to ensure you get the best deal out of the plan, you should get medical aid that is flexible enough to allow you to see multiple doctors. As a matter of cause, find out if the plan has a waiting period and limitations.

Lastly, you have to consider what the plan covers. The amount payable per month is determined by what you suffer from. If you are a healthy individual with no existing condition, you will pay less premium than someone suffering from a chronic or terminal illness. 

Affordable Medical Aid Under R1000 in South Africa

Affordable medical aid ensures everyone accesses quality treatment without stressing over money. This is, regardless of suffering from chronic illnesses or needing specialized treatment such as physiotherapy or dialysis. Here are some affordable medical aid that’ll make it possible for you to access quality medication at favorable rates.

Momentum – Ingwe-Student Plan

The Momentum-Ingwe-Student plan is a cheap medical aid for students. You can access a limited in-patient benefit at one hundred percent of the medical aid scheme rate with a maximum limit of R1.19 million. Besides this, it offers a limited cover for PMBs at select service providers and a chronic cover for twenty-six PMBs. 

Students must pay six months in advance for this plan to be activated. Should you wish to pay more than this, the scheme allows students to pay a twelve-month advance – this is more appealing to willing students who wouldn’t want to undergo the renewal process once the six-month expires. Naturally, this plan best serves the needs of students with Visas or those looking for cheaper medical cover during their study period.

You can enjoy the benefits of this plan with a monthly premium of R407. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include dentistry, eye care, unlimited doctor visits, and visits to specialists. The cover also gives you free access to a chest X-ray for visa requirements. 

Momentum Health – Ingwe Option

This is part of momentum medical aid in collaboration with IngweWith this plan, you and your family get access to a fixed yearly limit and visits to any hospital. However, you can only visit private hospitals in the Ingwe network. If you want to pay the lowest premiums for this plan, you need to use state hospitals.

Generally, the Ingwe option is a medical plan offering inexpensive access to entry or basic level hospitalization cover without an overall yearly limit. You have a wide array of options when selecting hospitals ranging from private hospitals within the Ingwe network of hospitals to state hospitals for a more affordable monthly contribution. 

For day-to-day benefits and chronic treatment, like prescribed medicines or GP visits, you are only allowed to consult Ingwe Active Network providers or Ingwe Primary Care Network providers, depending on your provider choice.

Momentum medical aid has a good reputation in the market. It ranks third in the list of largest medical aid schemes in South Africa and the fifth largest medical insurance provider. It has 284 400 beneficiaries, representing 3.2% of the total market and 5.8% of the open sector. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from the scheme:

  • Six scheme categories with 33 plans
  • Unlimited overall yearly hospitalization
  • Covers up to 62 chronic conditions
  • Works with Momentum Multiply rewards program
  • Has a benefit for preventive care and screening
  • It offers more products such as HealthSaver for easier medical savings.

Fedhealth – Maxima Exec

Fedhealth – Maxima Exec is one of the most affordable Fedhealth medical aid plans. It offers affordable medical aid quotes to members. It targets established families and caters to all the needs of family members, from the young to the elderly. Through this comprehensive medical aid, members can access cheap health aid and benefit from its chronic disease cover. In addition, when you enroll, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • No visit limits to the Fedhealth Network GPs
  • A full week of take-home medication
  • No limit on private hospital cover
  • Access to female contraceptives like patches, rings, and oral pills
  • Up to one month of post-hospital care
  • At casualty, trauma treatment regardless of whether you are admitted or not. Nonetheless, there is an R570 co-payment charged per visit to all non-PMBs should you choose not to get direct admission to the hospital once you leave casualty.
  • Fixed rates on contract by FNS (Fedhealth Network Specialists)

Discovery Health – KeyCare Start

The Discovery Health – KayCare Start offers day-to-day cover and many clinical benefits at state-owned hospitals and network providers. It is income-based and cheap, ensuring all members pay for their premiums. In addition, its structure makes it ideal for entry-level clients.

With this plan, you will not be limited when seeking medical aid for medically correct GP consultants, basic dentistry, blood tests, X-rays, and eye care from KeyCare Networks. In addition, pregnant mothers and their babies are also covered in this plan. Essentially, you will receive a comprehensive cover for pre & postnatal care for your early childhood and maternity.

Medical Aid under R300

  • GetSavvi – this aid has four medical plans, including getting care plan, primary care plan, primary care plan +, and primary care plan 61+.
  • Elixi – the Elixi medical aid gives you access to medical care from private hospitals in South Africa. The medical aid has several plans you can buy into, including the blue, purple, gold, and black.
  • Episodic – this plan offers a flexible and affordable cover that allows you to pay for out-of-hospital medical costs. Should you get the episodic day-to-day cover, you can opt to add different options and build your quote.
  • Clientele – If you can’t afford a health plan or medical aid but still want protection against health emergencies and events that might demand huge sums of money to treat, you should consider getting Clientele medical aid. Unlike other plans, the Clientele cover avails money for you to settle your medical bills instead of taking care of the medical fees themselves.
  • Health 4 Me – thanks to the collaboration between Momentum and Blooming Financial Services, South Africans who earn less than R30,000 on a permanent basis can access quality health care through the Health 4 Me medical aid plan. Employees are treated in private hospitals and get other health perks in this plan.

If finding affordable medical aid was your problem, this list should put your worries to rest. You can compare more of these products in hippo medical aid to get a clear picture of medical aid quotes before buying any one of them.

Final Thoughts

South Africa is one of the African countries with a robust medical insurance sector. It offers a wide variety of products at an affordable rate, ensuring no one is left out. This list shows some of the medical aid plans you can buy into and protect yourself from medical emergencies. Get in touch with your insurance provider or personal financial advisor for an in-depth look at any one of these plans before becoming a member. Take full responsibility for your medical care by getting affordable medical aid in South Africa today.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant for general information only. It shouldn’t be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should take full responsibility for your actions if you choose to use information herein as the basis for your decision.