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Affinity Health Review

Finding the right health insurance cover for you and your family is no easy task. It takes a lot to establish which insurance coverage works best. If the cover cost is not affordable, then the insurance plan is not within most people’s reach. Affinity health cover seems to be one of those unique health insurance covers that work for most people in South Africa because it not only offers the services required but does so at an affordable rate. This article explores all there is to know about Affinity health. Keep reading to learn whether this is for you or not.

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Affinity Health Ranking

Based on affinity health reviews 2021, one feels that customers are happy. This remains one of the best service providers in the region as far as customer satisfaction goes. A look at comments online reveals that at least 75% of customers rated Affinity as a 5-star, with others giving it a four or 3-star rate. Very few low ratings and complaints show an overall appreciation of the service provider.

What seems to recur and attract positive reviews is the fact that the customer service is exceptional. Additionally, customers love that claims are processed quickly and that the authorization department is considered one of the most focused and satisfying. 

To appreciate this further, it is best to look at a sample of the comments by customers who appreciate the services offered at Affinity. Below are quoted remarks of satisfied customers who would highly recommend the services offered by the insurer.

“Thanks to authorizations at Affinity for making our experience very swift with service providers. And thanks Tracy H for providing information when we inquire.”

Happy with the plan I’ve chosen. It has everything I need, and all the info was clear and easy to understand. Also, I was truly impressed with Joshua Africa’s service. He was very pleasant and patiently answered all my questions.”

“Thank you for being very caring and helpful. The process of receiving the pre-authorization code was easy, and I appreciate your friendly, quick service.” 

“Had a chat with Leetonio Liebenberg regarding my account. He was very professional and called me back due to the slow system. Give that man a Bells. Awesome, awesome service. We need more Lees in this world.”

All issues are resolved promptly, leaving the customer happy and satisfied. Furthermore, the processing of claims is also quite fast, which means that customers access the highly-needed medical services in a timely fashion.

How Does Affinity Compare with Other Service Providers

Experts in the industry have compared different health insurance service providers, and most agree that Affinity is a notch higher than the rest. It is said that Affinity has a rating of 133% higher than the second-best provider. Affinity is ahead of the rest in the industry.

This has been further proven by the affinity health reviews hello peter findings. According to Hellopeter rankings of medical aid and health insurance companies, Affinity is the only company that ranked more than one. The trust index score also proves that Affinity is one of the most credible health insurance companies in South Africa. 

It is rated at 9.5, while the closest competitor is rated at 3.9, depicting an 83.5 percentage difference. Such findings are a real revelation of the position held by a health insurance company in South Africa.

But What does Affinity Offer?

Generally, Affinity is the home to affordable health insurance services. A look at affinity health brochure 2022 shows the different packages offered by the company. Some different plans and policies vary from day to day. For example, the insurer has plans that cater to the needs of children and those that work for senior citizens.

You can also access extra benefits (booster benefits) that enhance maximum payouts in case of accidents, ICU, and in cases where chronic medication is needed. In addition, customers who choose to work with Affinity have access to a network of hospitals and health service providers, including private hospitals. 

Most customers are likely to benefit from the fact that the company offers simple and affordable health insurance. 

What Affinity Covers?

Affinity Health offers a variety of plans and covers:

  • Day-to-Day Plan: This plan offers Unlimited Doctor visits, which are subject to primary healthcare referrals, Radiology and Pathology are unlimited when recommended by your network GP*, Post-hospital private home nursing to the value of R10,000.00 per year, Acute medication, Basic Dentistry, and Optometry, and Access to the nationwide network of medical professionals.
  • Hospital Plan: This plan covers hospitalization resulting from illness, major trauma, and accident, casualty room benefits, 24-Hour EMS, Sub-Acute hospitalization, Day Clinic Procedures, Maternity cover and diagnostic procedures, and serious Illness Cover. Customers also gain access to private hospitals.
  • Combined Plan: This comes with more benefits since the casualty treatment increases.
  • Junior Plan: This is a plan that targets children and helps improve kids’ health care.
  • Senior Plan: This plan targets the needs of senior citizens and hopes to support better life quality in old age.

Each of these plans covers different things. Get in touch to know what works for you and your family’s needs. 

Why Should You Choose Affinity?

There are many reasons why Affinity should be your ideal choice of health insurance. Some of the gains include:

  • A health insurance cover meets your needs, budget, and lifestyle. This is probably one of the most affordable health cover you will ever have.
  • A range of policies and plans to meet each person’s needs
  • It is a reliable health cover and a large network for efficient services.

Affinity health vs Discovery 

Affinity Health is an affordable health insurance provider, whereas Discovery is one of the affordable Medical aid service providers. The difference is that medical health insurance refers to a short-term insurance product that the Insurance Act regulates. 

Usually, it offers affordable options, varying from hospital cash plans & gap cover to primary healthcare & medical travel insurance. In most cases, claims on medical health insurance are paid as a lump sum fixed amount after treatment has been administered. The policyholder has to pay the service providers. 

On the other hand, medical aid is governed and regulated by the Medical Schemes Act and the Council for Medical Schemes. This is the kind of medical care plan that covers all options, from the basic hospital plans to the top-tier comprehensive plans. The law requires it to cater to the treatment and cover needs associated with a specific list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and chronic conditions.

In this kind of medical cover, the hospitals, health care providers, and specialists are directly reimbursed by the medical aid company or/on the member’s claim submission. Usually, medical aid tends to be more expensive compared to medical health insurance.

Which Hospitals Does Affinity Work With?

You certainly want to know which hospital to go to once you have this insurance. But, first, you must contact the customer care desk to know the correct Affinity health hospital list. Usually, the list of hospitals is generated based on your location.

You can also visit the website to find the right Affinity health GP list in your area. You must go to the website, click on the tab, and find the doctor or dentist. Alternatively, you can always contact Affinity and have the right GP talk to you. All the necessary diagnoses can be done via phone based on your symptoms, and the right medication will be prescribed. 

You get partial payment for the services if you have to see a GP, not in Affinity’s network. The consultation fee is paid upfront, and you can later claim R250 back from Affinity Health. 

What About the Pricing?

While all good things have been said about this health insurer, the biggest question remains on the pricing. What are Affinity health prices, and are they affordable?

Generally, Affinity seeks to bring quality medical care services at an affordable rate. This means that the service provider is focused on ensuring that customers can access affordable health insurance. This explains why there are several plans. 

Overall, though, Affinity offers all its health insurance services at a rate that will not break your bank. Compared to other service providers in its category, Affinity remains one of the most reliable and affordable service providers in the sector. By reaching out to them, please find out how much your health insurance cover will cost based on the specific plan you want.

What Do Employees Have to Say?

Besides customer reviews, a good company is known for its employee reviews. Affinity health employee reviews are revealing. The employees have more positive things to say about the company. The working environment seems to be one of the most supportive for them to execute their roles. 

Many also remark about the great salary/ remuneration and excellent company culture. Employees pride themselves on being punctual and dedicated to the company, which shows passion and commitment. Such traits only happen if the company they work for cares about them and supports their growth. 

Overall, Affinity Heath Insurance is a great company for everyone. Customers enjoy affordable medical covers and plans, while employees are satisfied.


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