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Ackermans Account Guide

Ackermans is a South African online store offering women, kids and baby clothes at an affordable price. The online clothes retailer also provides financial solutions that assist clients in achieving their preferred lifestyle. These financial solutions include Lay-by, store credit cards, loans, money transfers, funeral cover, cellphone insurance, personal accident cover, and bill payments. This guide will unpack Ackermans services and let you know the finer details about one of South Africa’s top online retailers cum financial service providers.

Ackermans Account Guide
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How to Open an Account at Ackermans

The Ackermans account offers convenience to shoppers. It is easy to manage and gives you access to credit in times of need. You can apply for this account online or in-store or via SMS. Here are the processes of applying for the Ackermans account in the different forms of application.

Open Ackermans Account Via SMS

To apply via SMS, you will need to send your first name, surname, RSA ID number, and gross monthly income to 34413. You will be charged R2 for the SMS. When you send your personal information, you will automatically consent to process your information as enshrined in the Pepkor Group of Companies’ External Privacy Statement and accessible on the Privacy Policy. You can also apply for a credit limit quickly using USSD code – *130*602#.

Open Ackermans Account Online

You can apply for the Ackermans account online using your SA ID, proof of income, and cellphone number. To do this:

  • Go to the Ackermans account application page
  • Click proceed on the “Get an Ackermans Account” option
  • Key in your details, i.e., country of residence, ID document number, cell number, and click “proceed.”
  • Complete the process by keying-in accurate information

Open Ackermans Account In-store

You can apply for the Ackermans account in-store at all till points. If you apply in-store or through SMS, you will receive a call from an agent for account application processing. Therefore, to make the process quick, have the following requirement at hand at the time of application:

  • Rand value of your income and expenses
  • Spousal permission (if you are married in a community of property)
  • Name and contact number of your employer
  • Contact details of two people not living with you

If you missed an agent’s call, you need to contact the company at +27 (0)21 928 1072 to continue with the account application process. Additionally, the proof of income needed depends on your employment status. They include:

  • Permanent – Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months Bank Statements
  • On Contract – Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months Bank Statements
  • Self Employed – Latest 3 months Bank Statements
  • Domestic – Latest 3 months’ Payslips, latest 3 months Bank Statements or Employment Confirmation Form
  • Pensioner – Latest 3 months’ Bank Statements or other forms of proof
  • Grant Recipient – SASSA documentation

You can submit all these documents online or at a store near you or through email at

Ackermans Financial Solutions

As mentioned above, Ackermans offers a wide variety of financial solutions for everyday customers. These financial services have been uniquely curated to satisfy specific customer needs. Below is an in depth look at each of these solutions.

Bill Payments

Ackermans allows customers to pay for different bills at the shop at no cost. Some of the bills you can pay at the store include:

  • SABC and DSTV subscriptions
  • Municipal payments for major municipalities
  • Travel bills for Translux, Intercape, and City to City bus
  • Pay for your online orders e.g. Zando
  • Debt collectors, e.g. Nimble Collection Services and Creditworx

Store Credit Card

The store credit card, also known as Ackermans account card, allows you to make purchases at the Ackermans store on credit. It is a convenient alternative to individuals who opt for credit purchases or can’t afford to buy their clothes or other products in cash. With this card, you can purchase products in multiple stores, including Ackermans, Refinery, Shoe City, John Craig, and Dunns. In addition, a cardholder can choose to receive monthly statements through email or SMS.

Paying for your Ackermans credit card isn’t hard because of the different payment options available to you. You can pay using a debit order, wire transfer, in-store, or through Standard Bank and FNB branches.

If you fail to fulfil your credit repayment, you will be penalised and attract a poor credit rating. However, you can avoid this by contacting the Ackermans Card Collection by sending an email at or call Card Collections on 0860 992 222 (RSA) or +27 (0)21 928 1080 (International) to arrange for repayment.

You can also make a payment commitment at tenacityinc (Tenacity financial services manages the finance side of the credit programme) or through Ackermans Whatsapp Bot. Save the Ackermans Call Centre number, 0860 900 100, in your contact list to use the WhatsApp bot. Send “Hi” to this number and authenticate. After that, you should choose the “How to pay your account instalment” option then complete with the “Make payment arrangement.” This Whatsapp option is available to South Africans only.

You can easily apply for Ackermans credit card online or in-store, or through SMS. To apply via SMS, you need to send your details, i.e., first & surname, valid RSA ID number, and gross monthly earning, to 34413. If you choose to apply in-store, walk into an Ackermans shop and ask customer care to help you with the application process.

Money Transfers

Ackermans money transfer allows you to withdraw and send money across Ackermans stores. You can also send money anywhere in the country and abroad. To send money, you need a working mobile phone number and a valid ID. When you send money, it can be accessed and withdrawn through any of these outlets:

  • Western Union
  • Mama Money
  • ShopriteCheckers
  • Absa ATM
  • Shoprite uSave
  • Hello Paisa
  • Mukuru
  • Checkers


The Lay-by solution is ideal for people who do not have enough money at hand to buy all the products they need. Essentially, it allows you to secure all the products you wish to buy by paying a 10% down payment and completing the remaining amount in three months. You can easily monitor your balance by pressing *130*602#.


Through Capfin Loans, Ackermans can offer loans of up to R20000. The Ackermans loan has a reasonably easy application process and quick approval and transfer. Like any other loan, this loan facility has interest rates charges calculated based on your current credit rating. This is to protect consumers and improve the chances of loan repayment.

You can apply for this loan online through the Capfin Loans website or in-store. To repay the loan, you can choose to pay every month in the store or instalments through debit order. Here are some of the requirements you will have to provide to qualify for the Ackermans loans:

  • Your current cell phone number
  • 3 latest bank statements and payslips
  • Valid South African Smart ID or ID book
  • Proof of income

With this guide, you should be able to open an Ackerman account online, via SMS or in-store. You should also be able to use any of the financial solutions provided by Ackerman.


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