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ABSA Online Banking – How to Open – Features and Benefits

ABSA online banking is a quick and easy way for you to bank. It allows you to manage all your accounts online and transact using an internet-enabled device from any location. All you need is a reliable and safe internet connection.

How to Open or Register ABSA Online Banking

The registration process of ABSA online banking is quite straightforward. However, you must be a registered member of ABSA bank with an ATM card. Follow this process to open an ABSA online banking account.

  1. Go to the ABSA website and find the home page
  2. Find the Logon area and click on it. It is on the site’s top right area
  3. Click register. This will direct you to ABSA’s online registration page
  4. Fill in your details on the registration page. Also, ensure to key in the code on your screen, and click next
  5. Key in your ATM card number as well as your ATM pin and click next
  6. Choose your preferred account to be charged. Key in your current email address and choose your title
  7. Read the Personal Client Agreement and understand before clicking next
  8. Load the ABSA Online Security Information Section and choose a strong five-digit pin. Confirm your selected pin and click register
  9. Confirm SureCheck as the final step of the ABSA online banking registration process

As a safety measure, ensure that you log out of your ABSA online banking account when you finish using your ABSA online banking account.

Features of ABSA Online Banking

Online banking allows you to perform banking tasks at the comfort of your home or while on transit. Unlike traditional banking, you do not need to visit the bank physically.

Before opening an online banking account, it is prudent for you to learn about your specific online bank’s features to know the services available to you. Here are the features of ABSA online banking.

  • Viewing your account details
  • Downloading, printing and viewing your bank statements
  • Downloading, printing and viewing your proof of payment
  • Funds transfer between two of your ABSA accounts or other ABSA accounts or accounts in other banks
  • Viewing all your credit card statements
  • Linking your accounts, both additional bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • Completing foreign exchange transactions
  • Paying utility bills
  • Communicate with ABSA through email
  • Unrestricted access to your ABSA accounts from any location
How do I do internet banking with Absa?
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Benefits of ABSA Online Banking

ABSA online banking affords you the convenience of transacting without visiting a physical bank. Other than this, you can:

  • Control and update your online banking profile
  • Keep track of your investments and bank savings
  • Request for your online security data and information
  • Pay traffic fines
  • Get and view stamped statements
  • Stop or reverse debit orders
  • Link as many as ninety-nine bank accounts to your ABSA online account
  • Apply for investment, savings, personal, and unit trust accounts and transact using these accounts once they are approved

How to Bank Securely Online

Like all online transactions, you have to take precautionary measures while using your ABSA online banking. Online banking security ensures the safety of your bank accounts, bank data, and money. Fortunately, ABSA has an elaborate online banking security system that protects you as you use your online accounts. The bank uses account passwords and PIN numbers to secure your online accounts. When you feel insecure or forget your PIN, you should reset it to guarantee your account’s security. Follow these steps to reset your ABSA bank account and transact securely online:

  1. Visit the ABSA website home page
  2. Locate the “Logon” option on the top right of your device’s screen and click it
  3. When the Login page loads, press the “reset pin” option
  4. Key in your user number, access account number, and the captcha code in the box below
  5. Ensure all the details are correct and click next
  6. A verification request will be sent to the registered device. Accept or confirm the request
  7. Key in your passwords
  8. Key in your 16-digit ATM card number, the correct ATM PIN, and click next
  9. Create a new 5-digit PIN, and confirm
  10. Click next to complete the PIN reset process

How to Make Online Payments

To make online payments with your ABSA online account, you need to:

  1. Visit the ABSA website home page and find the login option on the top right section of the page
  2. Login to your ABSA online banking account
  3. Find the CashSend option on top of your screen and click it
  4. Choose the CashSend beneficiaries option
  5. Press the CashSend to a new beneficiary
  6. A verification request will be sent to your registered gadget. Accept it
  7. Key in the correct CashSend details and the beneficiary information, and click next
  8. Verify your CashSend information and press confirm
  9. Check your registered device for a verification request, and accept it to complete the CashSend transaction
  10. Press done

All the CashSend transactions are limited to a maximum of R3000 and a minimum of R20 a day. This limit applies to both once-off beneficiaries and existing ones. More importantly, the validity of the CashSend payment holds for 30 days. In addition to this, you can control all the unredeemed CashSend transactions on ABSA online banking.

How to Buy Prepaid Online

To buy prepaid online, you need to:

  1. Load the ABSA website homepage and press on Logon option located on the top right area of the page
  2. Key in your login details to access your ABSA online account
  3. Find the Buy tab and press it for a drop-down to appear
  4. Choose the prepaid electricity option on the drop-down
  5. Select buy for someone new
  6. A verification request will be sent to the registered device. Accept it
  7. Key in the correct meter number, and press search
  8. Complete the remaining purchase details and press next
  9. Go through the prepaid electricity information, and press confirm
  10. A verification request will be sent to your device
  11. Accept the verification request to complete the prepaid purchase. Your token should show on the screen
  12. Press done

You should be able to register for ABSA online banking, buy prepaid online and transact through your ABSA online bank without visiting your bank’s physical premises. Besides these, you can complete other banking transactions on ABSA online banking.


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